Need Advice on AI and ATC with P3D

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In order to keep down VAS to within manageable levels, I fly P3d within a very sterile setup as I only fly the PMDG 737-800, 777 or the A2A Commanche.  I use ORBX scenery but turn off scenery that's not relevant like EU England when flying PMDG at high Altitudes etc.

To keep P3D running smoothly I have the Default AI only turned up to 15% using either GA or Airline traffic depending on what I'm flying that day and don't have any 3rd Party ATC installed but can't stand to use the default ATC in Europe as its too American.

I'm now getting a bit bored with this environment and need to add some more AI like Ultimate Traffic 2 or My Traffic X, both of which I own for FSX.  I also need to get a third party ATC program that fits well in Europe, I've previously used Radar Contact within FSX buts that's now getting old without any new development.

Can anyone suggest how I can liven P3D up without degrading the performance too much, i.e. which AI and ATC addons are less performance restricting.


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I run with settings pretty much on very high or ultra, I use FTX Global & TEP with UT Live, ProATC X and get very good performance on an AMD 9590 and a GTX780. Take a look.....


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You should try PF3 as an ATC add-on. It is continually updated and supported.

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I'd definitely recommend installing your own AI using AIFP. The quality of the aircraft far outways what what is commercially available. Also, if you are concerned about performance, you can be selective as to what airlines you install. To be honest, I believe the default AI can be resource intensive so make sure you remove that first up. 

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