SDK or Mission Editor?

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not being negative here at all, but want honest opinions about this.

and also not saying we might get both i just dont know lol

but i want to know how the community thinks about having an sdk versus a mission editor anyhow.

i for one in thinking about what made FSX so great, which is what they are building off of, and so far pretty good job...

i honestly would prefer an open SDK just like FSX so you have that option for modding or whatever, i mean missions are fun but i would rather have an SDK just like FSX.

consider how much community driven content was produced from FS2004 (FS9) A Century Of Flight alone. then add that to FSX.

with that in mind, consider that the more you have peoples attention and involvement, the more successful FSW will become, its a win win situation i think.

starting from an already hugely successful platform DTG needs to think about how and why it not only became successful (FSX,FS9,etc), but also what has kept it going thru the years.

in light of all this, lets try to keep what remains, from the freeware developer, to the PMDG and other top devs.




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I'm under the impression an SDK is forthcoming. Obviously they have developer tools they are sharing with third parties today and hopefully this will be opened up to all users by the time the product is released.

One question is which 3D modeling tools they will be providing exporters for. If it's just 3ds Max, that program costs a fortune and is just not affordable for many of us. A better option for hobbyists would be Blender or Maya LT.

It would be great if the FSW SDK compilers operate much like the ones for FSX/P3D, so existing developer tools can be adapted easily to support FSW. I'd be pretty surprised if this was not the case.

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I would say that an SDK and mission editor are two separate things and ideally we would have access to both.  The mission editor sounds interesting and it will be fun to share others missions, seeing what everyone else is up to.  I think an open SDK or something like Plane Maker (XPlane) would also be great because who in flight simming doesn't have ambitions  to build a plane, repaint something, build some scenery, tinkering with some flight parameters yadda yadda.  Hopefully user developed freeware would be available in the Steam workshop.

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