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  1. I have spend $1 so far and considering all the negativity I've read, its been suprisingly enjoyable, entertaining and lacking in game breaking bugs.
  2. Exact same thing, so I said a few choice words at the screen. The screen didn't respond BTW 🤔 Anyhow it's all done and for $1 on Xbox game pass I have nothing to complain about.
  3. As a matter of fact I am. I better take a look, could be entertaining 🤣 Cheers !!!
  4. Yeah you are right, this is AVSIM, just go back and look at the reaction after the release of every single flight sim. You will see a level of outrage that would make a sane person believe the world is about to end ( touch wood )
  5. I am more than happy, $1:00 on game pass is great value. If it isn't up to snuff, oh well, there is plenty of other stuff until it is.
  6. hmmmmm, sorry about that. It works for me ok ( just checked again ) and I'm on a crappy computer and even crapper internet line at the moment. No doubt the vid will appear on youtube eventually or the FSW website. Not much to report from the video, they mostly talked about the lighting adjustment and a few more minor adjustments. There was a bit of acrobatic flying that was kinda cool to watch. Maybe Cryss or Aimee could post it on YouTube ??
  7. Link to the video of the stream https://www.twitch.tv/videos/147098567 Starts about 11:00 in
  8. Not sure if it has been reported here already but the DTG Facebook page is reporting a live feed on 25th May.
  9. I also checked this morning ( library/tools) and its definitely not there at the moment. I check for a Steam update and re-started the Steam client and it's still absent. I saw somewhere that DTG thought it may be something to do with Windows 10 Insider Preview however I'm running Windows 10 Home.
  10. Yeah, interesting video. Puts perspective into the current situation. Thanks for posting.
  11. philphy42

    Fed Up

    This is exactly the type of "sniping" comment the OP is referring to and one which, if a little thought is put into the question could be turned into a positive. Like how about asking " where do I file a bug report regarding the brakes ?" I shake my head at the head at the negativity and and the almost gleefulness from a few but persistent voices that FSW is not the sim of their dreams. The same voices keep reiterating the same old tired negative arguments again and again and again. It's ok, we get that these people don't like FSW and probably never will. It's now time to either move on and give it a rest or try the constructive critisism approach - you will feel better for it. Even the Steam forums are more constructive than here, something that's quite amazing!
  12. I guess you don't mind others spending their dosh in order to prove it or not ? Somebody has to. Don't worry its cheaper than taking the wife out to dinner so I don't mind
  13. I would say that an SDK and mission editor are two separate things and ideally we would have access to both. The mission editor sounds interesting and it will be fun to share others missions, seeing what everyone else is up to. I think an open SDK or something like Plane Maker (XPlane) would also be great because who in flight simming doesn't have ambitions to build a plane, repaint something, build some scenery, tinkering with some flight parameters yadda yadda. Hopefully user developed freeware would be available in the Steam workshop.
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