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  1. I see the discussion thread for this update on MSFS forums has a number of pointed comments about the lack of info contained in these updates with a suggestion that perhaps they should move them to a monthly basis.
  2. In one of the FSExpo's interviews the lack of any mention of ATC changes was specifically mentioned and Jorg's reply was "No, I did not!". Jorg then went on to mention that there was plenty of time before release to start drip feeding functionality. My view is that there will be changes to ATC but whether this will be minor tweaks or a complete revamp and what the community's view of those changes will be is another matter altogether. I suspect there'll be some changes to those other topics you mentioned but not necessarily major.
  3. I must admit I just assumed that meant they would be showing a version with Sim 13 included but maybe you're correct.
  4. They've been talking about freeware stuff appearing in the market for ages. Yet to happen although the backlog in market approvals may have something to do with that.
  5. I see MS are going to be livestreaming their keynote address at FSExpo at 2200 UTC on Friday 23 June on their Twitch channel. Microsoft Flight Simulator at FlightSimExpo 2023
  6. To those all worried about the "delay" to AAU2 please note this from the blog page:-
  7. I suspect it's related to the processor power and the available memory. The A320 Ceo processor probably dates from the late 60s/early 70s if not earlier. I've no idea if they used a more recent processor for the A320 Neo. The G5000 probably has a more recent processor and more memory so is capable of more functions. All IMHO of course. Perhaps someone has more definitive info.
  8. Apart from the info provided by @teletom the only other info we have was in the SDK Q&A stream in November last year. I can't recall all the specifics but it was called the World Hub and only limited changes would be available. It's covered around 36:30 into the stream.
  9. The community video was a nice blast from the past. I wonder when it will be possible to replicate the ATC part in MSFS?
  10. As Jorg has explained quite a few times he's always on the lookout for better data. Some countries actively forbid the release of detailed data for what they perceive to be security reasons. In other countries there may not have been any commercial reason for a company to collect this data. Although not directly mentioned by Jorg I'm sure the issue of cost is a relevant factor. It's unlikely that MS will pay extortionate prices.
  11. Right at the very beginning of the announcement is this: It seems clear that any issues won't be fixed on the fly. On past form it's unlikely that only stuff that's game breaking would appear in a hotfix.,
  12. Not according to the mods on the MS forum although I accept it's unlikely that the mods have personal knowledge of the thinking behind the acquisition. I suspect, as mentioned above, that it's to help MS compete with Sony etc.
  13. For the vast majority of players it's not a game breaking bug which is no doubt why MS decided to release the patch. The suggest workaround seems to work for other players so it appears you are unfortunate. Yes it sucks for you but realistically MS aren't going to pull a patch because what appears to be a minute portion of the players has issues.
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