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  1. So have you removed all your Australian sceneries to see if that makes a difference?
  2. Flightsim.to is of no use to Xbox users and equally is of no use to users who don't hang around the MS forum or other forums such as this. Just because you and a few thousand other users know about that site doesn't mean that the majority of MFS users is aware of it, The better the experience that new users get the more likely that they may stay around for the long term.
  3. You did see the bit about SU4 release against that item? 😉
  4. Let me see if I've got this clear. An ILS approach which sends a user around the sky is "not perfect, but at least useable" but a RNAV approach where a user needs to manually ensure they get to the FAF at the correct altitude but then works as expected is "badly broken". Is that correct?
  5. In the early days after the initial release there was considerable pressure to provide a roadmap of when identified bugs would be fixed and keenly desired features would appear. Essentially MS were going to be criticised whichever decision they took. MS plumped for transparency and I'm sure were keenly aware they would get brickbats as a result.
  6. Some of us look at their main post on flightsimulator.com and seasons is there clearly there at #20 although the release date has slipped to 2022 as shown below so can we stop with this ridiculous bickering.
  7. Seems like a number of posters got out the wrong side of bed today. 😉 As far as the Xbox migration side of things is concerned I'm personally fairly positive. Asobo have already stated in the Q&A that they've found a number of instances where they can significantly optimise memory utilisation and that these optimisations will find their way back to the software running on PCs. The delay in letting us know what's happening in May and beyond, I believe probably reflects uncertainty as to whether certain developments can be achieved in the next few months. They don't want to signal the arrival of certain features and/or fixing particular bugs until they're confident they can be achieved successfully in the next few months. Equally this can be viewed as meaning that various features/big fixes may be further delayed. Shrugs. Nothing I do or say will have any effect on this so I'll just wait to see what happens without getting too stressed about it.
  8. LOL! Us punters were the ones who kept stamping our feet saying "Give us a roadmap now!". Damned if they do and damned if they don't.
  9. Getting back to the original thread - does the video seem ok?
  10. Whilst they never explicitly guaranteed the 11th MS/Asobo clearly said in the Feb 4 update that they anticipated it would release on the 11th so they were rather more specific than you state.
  11. You're welcome to only read the updates on a monthly basis. You'll also be able to take in the Q&A at the same time.
  12. Presumably you would have preferred them to release in several years time instead? Maybe never given all this additional learning time needs to be paid for and without sales the budget might have been too large. Talk about cutting your own throat!.
  13. Only in terms of photogrammetery updates, we know there is at least one POI in Scotland e.g. Forth rail bridge and I assume there are some in Wales and NI as well. DEM updates should be UK and Ireland wide.
  14. Arghh! Can we just drop the subject of supersonic speed for the time being especially since the last several pages of this thread have covered it extensively. Quite what it has to do with the Jan 14 Update is beyond me.
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