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  1. As Jorg has explained quite a few times he's always on the lookout for better data. Some countries actively forbid the release of detailed data for what they perceive to be security reasons. In other countries there may not have been any commercial reason for a company to collect this data. Although not directly mentioned by Jorg I'm sure the issue of cost is a relevant factor. It's unlikely that MS will pay extortionate prices.
  2. Right at the very beginning of the announcement is this: It seems clear that any issues won't be fixed on the fly. On past form it's unlikely that only stuff that's game breaking would appear in a hotfix.,
  3. Not according to the mods on the MS forum although I accept it's unlikely that the mods have personal knowledge of the thinking behind the acquisition. I suspect, as mentioned above, that it's to help MS compete with Sony etc.
  4. For the vast majority of players it's not a game breaking bug which is no doubt why MS decided to release the patch. The suggest workaround seems to work for other players so it appears you are unfortunate. Yes it sucks for you but realistically MS aren't going to pull a patch because what appears to be a minute portion of the players has issues.
  5. In the FSElite video with Austin & Ben the question was raised about backward compatibility and Austin was very vociferous about that being a key item. I would assume the airports will be carried forward but whether improved assets will replace existing assets is another matter altogether. My guess is that unless an existing asset would cause issues it will probably require manual intervention by authors to upgrade assets but I make no claims to infallibility. 😉
  6. Even better, FSX required super powerful processors that almost nobody could afford. 👍 Those were the days! 😉
  7. IIRC we were told at initial release by MS that it was cheaper to buy any additional upgrades at the same time rather than upgrading later.
  8. There's been a thread on this subject raised for the latest Q&A for those that would like to vote for it. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/what-are-your-plans-for-the-marketplace/442493
  9. Not so far, however Jorg (MS) has stated that they intend to circle the globe twice improving the scenery which would cover various Asian countries. When this will happen, whether there will be mesh updates and if the improvements will be as good as World Updates previously released is unknown.
  10. ISTR the standard version only being around 70GB initially. Has it really grown that much since release considering MS/Asobo were supposed to have reduced the initial download size anyway?
  11. I believe that the only thing the PC won't get in SU5 that Xbox will is DX12 implementation.
  12. So have you removed all your Australian sceneries to see if that makes a difference?
  13. Flightsim.to is of no use to Xbox users and equally is of no use to users who don't hang around the MS forum or other forums such as this. Just because you and a few thousand other users know about that site doesn't mean that the majority of MFS users is aware of it, The better the experience that new users get the more likely that they may stay around for the long term.
  14. You did see the bit about SU4 release against that item? 😉
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