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  1. @ZKOKQ - Not to put too fine a point upon it but your post has nothing to do with flight simulation or FSW and is com0letely off-topic.
  2. Well now that FSW has hit the buffers (pun intended) Aerosoft et al will probably be able to have a second go at it. They'll probably be able to negotiate a cheaper licence with better conditions e.g. lower payments until sales are above a certain number not to mention having the benefit of learning from what went wrong with both Flight! and FSW. Of course maybe they'll decide that selling add-ons aka DLC for higher prices to P3D users makes better business sense.
  3. In your dreams! Just keep coughing up your money for P3D every few years if you want FSX like compatibility along with the higher prices for add-ons (because it's professional) or dip your toe in X-Plane. Frankly I find neither of those alternatives particularly appealing.
  4. SamYeager

    Lack of Hardware support in FSW

    My recollection is slightly different in that I understood their view was that it shouldn't be necessary to purchase a third party product such as FSUIPC as it should be built into FSW and appropriately supported. Now I think it's clear that currently there is no equivalent easy to use frontend interface to SimConnect which provides the same functionality as FSUIPC in FSW. I share your hope that this is something that DTG will address sooner rather later.
  5. SamYeager

    No major Orbx projects for FSW in 2018?

    Hmm... Orbx is a business and therefore in it for the dosh. FSX/P3D are the cash cows. From what I understand AF2 is pretty much photoreal scenery which perhaps means less man power is needed to work on it and can be produced faster? XP is getting more popular and is already released, JV has talked about XP before and back tracked. FSW is still in early access, unlikely to be released for at least another six months at a guess, SDK still in flux and likely shares a lot of customers with the cash cows. I can understand Orbx putting FSW on the back burner until they get a better feel for whether or not FSW will be a money maker for them.
  6. SamYeager

    A more user-friendly version of fseconomy (or something new) for FSW?

    AIUI DTG have both the FSX & Flight code. Because they were already familiar with the FSX code from modifying it for FSX-SE they then went with the FSX code when developing FSW. When the advantages of the Flight code were pointed out to DTG it appears DTG decided they were so far down the road using the FSX code that switching to using the Flight code would cause an unacceptable delay as well as causing a large amount of wasted work.
  7. SamYeager

    UPDATE 1.3.22392.0

    Free mission pack possibly?
  8. SamYeager

    FSW Update?

    Thanks for the update Cryss. Perhaps in future it may be worth tweaking the phasing of updates so that you're able to tell people what an update's purpose is.
  9. SamYeager

    FSW Update?

    For what? Why is so difficult about saying "a hotfix to correct xyz"?
  10. So what in your opinion would move flight simulation technology forward? Please note that I'm not just talking about FSW here.
  11. SamYeager

    Current Development Focus - October 2017

    On the DTG FSW forum Cryss said this to a similar query:
  12. SamYeager

    Two New Tools Available For Flight Sim World

    So essentially they've unbundled the full version which can be bought for about £55 and supports multiple sims and are flogging these two bits for £25 which are presumably locked to FSW?
  13. SamYeager

    25% Off Fright Sim World

    I strongly suspect that's an intentional pun given the presence of "Halloween" in the artwork.
  14. SamYeager

    Current Development Focus - October 2017

    Interesting to see there are more comments on the Tools thread than on this one given the frequent requests (demands) for a roadmap. Personally I'm wondering what is meant by "near term". My working assumption is three to four months but it would be nice to know if that's DTG's assumption as well.
  15. SamYeager

    25% Off Fright Sim World

    If you're talking about an SDK for FSW then it's not been published to the general public just yet although Dovetail have confirmed that is their intention. Just as a FYI so that you're not disappointed with its absence.