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  1. Hi All Pardon my ignorance, I'm struggling to solve this and it's probably a VERY easy fix. Anytime I fly in icing conditions with the A320 and CJ4 the aircraft ices up. Visible ice shows on the note/body of the aircraft. I turn on wing and engine anti-ice and it remains visible. Any ideas on what I am missing?
  2. Updating drivers did not resolve. I notice it's particularly bad on airport light poles. Any ideas all?
  3. I have this exact same issue. I have tried playing with graphic settings and nothing seems to make it go away. I see it, just like you in windows, or objects such as light towers with small lines/details. Hoping someone can have any suggestions on what to update/change?
  4. Hi All! Looking for some advice, settings wise as i have played around with a few things and i cannot figure it out. Certain parts of buildings are flickering within the sim. Seems to get better the closer i get any ideas on how to solve or what settings to play with? It mainly seems to show on airports with small details (fences, antennas, siding with lots of small details). I have settings set to ultra and my specs are: i7-7700 4.2ghz 16GB ram GTX1080ti Thanks in advance!!
  5. This looks awesome! Wondering if you will tackle the CN Tower. It looks blurry/melting with the photogramy. Nice job, though!
  6. No solution. I am unsure why my internet speeds completely degrade the moment the sim is launched and running. No sim running speed in the hundreds. Sim running speeds less that 25.
  7. I find that whenever i am not running MSFS my internet speeds jump back up to the mid 100s. This is even when it's in the main menu, my internet speeds die right down.
  8. 19.2 down 29.16 up. I pay for 360 so this may be the issue why I can't download.
  9. I am currently unable to download EKCH from the marketplace. Tries to download up to 40.1/1.18GB and the download fails. I try to download again, no solve.
  10. I was able to purchase FlyTampa EKCH but cannot download. Download gets stuck at 12.10/1.81 GB and fails.
  11. I am having trouble downloading it now, stops at 12.10/1.18 GB and then fails. Any ideas?
  12. Hi All! I am trying to make a purchase through the marketplace for the first time. When I go to buy i am unable to complete the payment form as I am unable to change the billing country from US, is is greyed out and does not allow me to change it to my billing country. Any ideas? THanks!
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