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  1. paulkemp


    If you look at the texture folders under each aircraft you will find unused liveries. There is a nice yellow Super Cub.
  2. paulkemp

    FSW aircraft from FSX help, Please?

    Its picky about fs9 planes a lot of which were sold as fsx. Try an fsx default plane using the .cfg from the download. The Goose or Beaver work really well. This is what I have in: E:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSW\SimObjects\Airplanes\DeHavilland_Beaver_DHC2 aircraft.cfg Taken from DehavillandBeaverDHC2_check.htm DehavillandBeaverDHC2_ref.htm DeHavilland_Beaver_DHC2.air model panel sound soundai Texture Texture.1 Texture.2
  3. paulkemp

    FSW aircraft from FSX help, Please?

    It could be the plane you ae trying. Fs9 planes or payware that relies on 32bit dlls don't work. Download from the library and try an fsx default plane. They definitely still work in the latest version
  4. paulkemp

    FSW aircraft from FSX help, Please?

    Open the aircraft.cfg with notepad you will see several sections like this [fltsim.0] title=Cessna Skyhawk 172SP Paint1 sim=Cessna172SP model= panel= sound= texture=1 kb_checklists=Cessna172SP_check kb_reference=Cessna172SP_ref atc_id=G-BAFM ui_manufacturer="Cessna" ui_type="C172SP Skyhawk" ui_variation=" Blue, Gold" ui_typerole="Single Engine Prop" ui_createdby="Microsoft Corporation" description="Cessna 172." add the following at the end of each ui_thumbnailfile="texture\thumbnail.jpg" ui_hangarfile="texture\thumbnail.jpg" ui_selectionfile="texture\thumbnail.jpg" ui_tilefile="texture\thumbnail.jpg" ui_info=333705325 you can change texture to texture.No where No is the number after texture= ui_thumbnailfile="texture.1\thumbnail.jpg" ui_hangarfile="texture.1\thumbnail.jpg" ui_selectionfile="texture.1\thumbnail.jpg" ui_tilefile="texture.1\thumbnail.jpg" (it makes the right thumbnail appear) but it's not essential. Look for this section [Reference Speeds] flaps_up_stall_speed = 53.0 //Knots True (KTAS) full_flaps_stall_speed = 48.0 //Knots True (KTAS) cruise_speed = 115.0 //Knots True (KTAS) max_indicated_speed = 163 //Red line (KIAS) add the following after it. [Other Reference] range = 400 ; nautical miles rate_of_climb = 960 ; feet per minute takeoff_distance = 500 ; 50ft obstacle ; landing_distance = 885 ; 50ft obstacle ; ceiling = 19000 ; feet fuel_capacity = 36 ; gallons short_desc ="@IDS_SHORT_DESC_PA18" [UI Strings] engine_desc ="1 Lycoming O-320, 150 hp" prop_desc ="Metal Design 74-DM-56" crew_pass ="1 + 1" short_desc ="@IDS_SHORT_DESC_PA18" fuel_consumption_at_cruise= 6 //Estimated [Fuel Defaults] //Default fuel levels per tank 0 is empty, 1 is full LeftMain = 1 RightMain = 1
  5. Have you tried creating an FSX folder with an empty text file called fsx.exe in it. Might work.
  6. paulkemp

    Scenery not found...when scenery compiles...

    I had the vfr airports vol 1-3 installed. They worked until the cold & dark update. I think the afcads have changed. Move all files with name containing af2 out of the uk2000 scenery folders and they work again.
  7. paulkemp

    FSX 32 bit aircraft and scenery in FSW

    I had the vfr airports vol 1-3 installed. They worked until the cold & dark update. I think the afcads have changed. Move all files containing af2 out of the uk2000 scenery folders and they work again.
  8. For anyone else with this question. The Amazon/Aerosoft DVD contains 8 discs of global scenery plus 3 Aerosoft airports.
  9. Hello, I fancy a go at X Plane but Amazon shows a single DVD box and the description says DVD ROM. I want the global scenery on DVD. Are there 2 versions or is their description poor? Thanks.
  10. Hello Pete, You can buy Volume 7 from Scotflight: Bit too quick off the mark there. I get page not found. Still you could e-mail them.
  11. paulkemp

    Where to buy Windows 7?

    Its quite long winded but I use Hyper V to run Windows XP. You can install stuff that wont run then mount the virtual drive and copy the files into your real Windows. Its all a bit trial & error though.
  12. Hello, Thanks for the help. Problem solved.
  13. I don't think I was very precise. I have vfr photographic scenery volume 3 version 1. It has 4 faulty files. They are only 120 mb in total. Could anyone with version 2 or 3 post the corresponding ones so I could try them. My email paulskemp at Thanks hopefully
  14. Thanks. These are fixes for later versions and Horizon have gone out of business. My only hope is someone with version 2 who will donate the files.
  15. Hello, I bought vfr photographic scenery on Amazon. It turned out to be version 1. 4 low res tiles do not display: v3-24-11753201.bgl v3-24-11754200.bgl v3-24-11756202.bgl v3-24-11756207.bgl I think the tiles from any subsequent version will replace them. If anyone would post them somewhere for me to try I would be very grateful. Thanks Paul Kemp.