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  1. The glTF format seems to be indeed the the new format for all the Microsoft 3D products. According to MS statement: " Microsoft announced that they will be using glTF 2.0 as the 3D asset format across their product line, including Paint 3D...etc." So, the old .mdl format seems to be obsolete also. Now to support the existing FSX addon products, may be a model converter mdl to glTF will be part of the MSFS pack ? Very interesting to see how the new SDK will look like.
  2. Well, I can generate with Blender by exporting a file in Collada.dae format and using MCX converter from Arno to generate an mdl file which can be used in FSX for an .bgl file for a scenery. However this is not possible for an aircraft model. Also no animation is supported with this workaround. I don't think that a glTIF file will help. To support a aircraft model you need to interface the XML.def functions in FSX or the potential equivalent in MSFS. By now I have not seen any answer from ASOBO in this regard.
  3. My simple question regarding Blender is this: Will the new MSFS provide a Gamepack for Blender or a toolset for Blender which allows the use of Blender to develop models for aircraft, and the scenery. Or will GMAX still be the the toot for it ??
  4. Works to SignIn into Inside. The forum is something else. It is still not open for the public to add posts.
  5. May be this additional info to the above from Heimi may helpful. First of all the procedure from Heimis post works fine for me. 1. The first step to go to XBOX and Sign In and Sign Out is essential. With this Sign In you have activated your MS account password. Be aware you cannot readout this PSWD anywhere in your system. It is strictly protected by Microsoft !! You just need to know it, and if you forgot it or use a wrong PSWD your Sign In will fail for your FS2020 insider site. 2. Now go to you FS2020 insider home page and select Sign In . Your MS account data are auto generated in your pop up window. You do not need to type in anything. Just continue BUT DO NOT click the auto SignIn box. That works. If it fails, you need to reset your Microsoft account and start now again with the new account, and with the same procedure above. On XBOX you will get the info on how to reset your MS account. Hope this helps in addition. Dietmar
  6. I fully agree !!! This is a mandatory requirement in my opinion. At least GMAX should still be supported via the GAMEPACK or a equivalent. In case of Blender the corresponding tool set to adapt to FS2020 should be part of the new SDK also.
  7. Weather radar. That is a good one !!!
  8. OK, you are correct Bill ! I had something different in my mind and mixed it up. So skip item 7. Dietmar
  9. Here some more items on my wish list : 5. It should be possible to add NAV aids ( ILS,ADF,DME VOR ) for moving AI boats traffic ( Keyword: Carrier OPS ) by the developer. Along with the route plan for the AI object. Should be possible for addon ships also. 6. The current AI boat traffic is in conflict with the airport ground AI traffic. On my boats radar gauge I see boats and airport AI ground traffic. Needs just to be fixed I think. 7. To add a virtual cockpit ( VC ) to any standard model or addon model independently of the aircraft model. A entry in the aircraft.cfg should remove the current VC and allow to insert a different VC without affecting the aircraft model. 8. A Sim recorder function as a SDK tool would be very nice. It should be possible by the developer to add the recorded situation into the current flight in order to generate a formation flight of a number of aircraft ( military flight show for example ) . 9. Keep XML as a developer program language and also the ACE tool please ! 10. Keep GMAX supported or provide an equivalent tool as part of a new SDK. That's it from my end.
  10. 4. For images not only bmp formats should be supported. Formats being developed with vector graphics tools should be supported also. Dietmar
  11. Hi, I am a freeware developer an this is what I want to see on the new Sim: 1. AI air traffic: I like to make a flight plan for dedicated AI aircraft like any other selected FS aircraft in the Sim. This flight plan entries should be inserted in the FLT file also, same as the flight plan for the normal aircraft, so they are activated as soon as the flight is started by the sim. 2. AI boats traffic: Same function for dedicated ships like a carrier for example. 3. Droppable objects like external tanks or weapons should never be part of the FLT file !! To get them activated a normal gauge button should be used.
  12. Hi Jim,BINGO !! Problem fixed ! It was a corrupted installer package in the installer folder in Windows. The trouble was, that the package could not be identified with any name like ASG, Activesky etc.. The identification is unfortunatly a long, long, long packagenumber. So, no search at all could found this entry. Same situation in the registry. You need this number to locate it. I got this number when I looked into the log script in the Event List of the admin. services. A double click on that event showed me the number in the registry. From there I looked in the Installer Folder, clicked in the subfolder with the associated numbert and PENG! ASV, ASG etc. showed up. Delete on that, delete the registry entry and the problem was gone. So far the story. Installation now successfully completed and now ready to see how the weather looks like in FSX with ASV.Thanks for your support.Regards Dietmar
  13. Sorry Jim,NEGATIV. No HIFI related to ASG, just HIFITime etc. along with Audio Applications. I am quite sure that the registry is clean as far as ActiveSky is concerned. What me concerns is, not to get the MSICUU2started. On my second System it works but here , as I mentioned, I get the error that the Scripthost cannot be accessed. Don't know what to do with that. However, I do not believe that this has something to do with my ASV Installation problem.The Installation process is still recected with the error above. Dietmar
  14. Jim,Thanks for the quick reply.I executed MSICUU, however no ASV showed up. The Download from MSgives me MSICUU2 which I could not execute. It indicates "no access toScript Host" on my system. Dont know what that means in this contex.Any other idea ???Dietmar
  15. Dear Support-Guys,I just bought and downloaded the new 6.5 full version for FSX.When I run setup.exe I get the following error and the setup aborted:"Error 1714. The older version of ActiveSky Version 6.5 and ActiveSky Graphics cannot be removed.Contact your technical support group."So, I guess thats you.Some more info:I had previous FS9 with ASV6.0 on that system and tried to backup with ASV6.5 with no succsess. So, I decided to stop all attemts on that and moved everything ( FS9 plus all the rest incl. ASV6 to my second system in order to install FSX. After FSX install I bought ASV6.5 from SIMMARKET , downloaded, tried the setup and got the error.I cleaned everything in the registry, files etc.. Results on any search ASV, ActiveSky, ASG etc. with no results. The system seems absolut clean. However: Error 1714 . Somewere in the System seems a ASV flag set ?? What can I do to fix this ?Thanks for your supportDietmar
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