P2ATC Departure Questions

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Coming from the FSX world, when using the Default ATC, on Departure, ATC would vector you to intercept your first leg of flight plan, and then "Resume Own Navigation".  In P2ATC, the few departures I have done, it seemed like P2ATC is expecting you to start following your flight plan once you hit 1000 ft AGL flying runway heading... I was waiting for instruction and got scolded that I was off course, but no vectors were initially given.  P2ATC did give me vectors once I was off course.

Can someone please enlighten me?




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P2A does not give vectors on most departures.  If you don't have a SID assigned, which is what it sounds like, you will be told to "...maintain runway heading until above xxxx ft, then turn right to intercept course."  That is your clearance to turn at the specified altitude to intercept course.  Some SID departures will include vectors, but not all.



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Thanks Dave!

I don't believe there is a SID in the Flight Plan... Next flight once, I get to xxxx feet I will then turn to intercept course and see what happens.

Take care!


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