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Concorde X error 1044

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Hi everyone! i'm having a Concorde X problem...

After about 2 minutes after Concorde X is done loading, a Error 1044 message pops up.

Concorde-X - Validation Error 1044: A problem was detected with your Concorde-X installation.

Contact Flight Sim Labs Support with your order ID for help.

I haven't contacted FSL, but i want to look through the forums to find how to fix this.

I have followed FightSimLab's Error 1044 fix, 

Quote, "

I get “Error 1044: A problem was detected with your Concorde-X installation.” – What’s wrong?

This is an issue found mostly on PCs running antivirus products which falsely recognize the eSellerate protection mechanism as malware. Make sure you temporarily REMOVE your antivirus product, then install the Concorde from scratch (uninstalling it first, if needed) by running as administrator. Then run the Concorde, and once it’s run successfully a couple times and you’re sure about it, reinstall the antivirus product.

Beware: It’s not enough to only disable the antivirus software – you need to REMOVE it entirely so the installation happens properly.

If you still experience issues after following these steps, try turning off your Internet connection and then running the Concorde-X. An error 0x80072EE7 dialog should pop up, suggesting that activation could not succeed as the machine could not connect to the network. You can then choose the option to activate manually, using the instructions that are shown in the dialog boxes that follow.

Should you still have issues or fail to use manual activation, please contact Flight Sim Labs support for help with this technical issue." End Quote

But i have Windows Defender, and i don't know how to get rid of it!!!

I have turned off all of Windows Defender's stuff like firewall, but it doesn't work.

I have exclusions, but i don't  know what files i'm supposed to exclude.

I have contacted Lefteris Kalamaras  (from FlightSimLabs Forums) about this issue and is still waiting for a response.

Just to note, i'm using FSX:SE and using Concorde X v1.32.

Known bugs about the installation:

After 3% on the loading screen (after i hit FLY NOW!) the game exits and goes to my desktop. The game didn't crash, but it went to my desktop. Then i go back into FSX. (im using full screen). It loads perfectly fine. But as said, after about 2 minutes, the game gives me a Error 1044 Validation Error, and then crashes the game.

I'm trying to find the solution, so i had turned to the forums.

Hopefully this issue an be solved for me. :]

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There ain't no product out there that's gonna make me "REMOVE" my antivirus software just to install

their software.  I would be very leery of this procedure.

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As it says, its something about your anti-virus blocking eSellerate and marking it as a virus.

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20 hours ago, Aaron Kim said:

I have turned off all of Windows Defender's stuff like firewall, but it doesn't work.

You should never ever turn off your firewall.  A friend of mine did that once and got malware within 16 seconds!

In Windows Defender you can exclude the FSX Folder from being scanned by Windows Defender.  You can also look in the Quarantine section of Windows Defender (open Windows Defender and click on the History tab) and see if a file or folder is quarantined.  If so, and it is eSellerate or a file connected to the ConcordeX, exclude it from being quarantined.

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