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Payware reinstall hurdle is getting tiresome.

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Of course it's a hassle to re-install and re-register software. It's even a hassle to do that with freeware. I don't think that excuses anybody when they stoop to piracy. You buy a car, you have to go through the cost and hassle of filling it fuel and taking it to the garage periodically to keep it in good repair. Of course you don't HAVE to go through all of that hassle. You could just run your vehicle until it runs out of liquid, and then go steal another. (Note: this is me being facetious. I seriously do not reccommend this behaviour. This is my opinion only. This opinion may or may not co-incide with the official position of AVSIM on this topic, if any)Likewise, I think people who keep computers know that sooner or later they are going to have to spend some significant time and effort in upkeep. In some cases, you're going to have to make hard chocies with regard to DRM protection. I am sure most of us have stories of software gone completely wrong. In my capacity as an AVSIM reviewer, I've run into my share, and I am certain I am not unique here. Living in an environment where piracy is so common had to be difficult. You can start by doing the best that you can. There is a difference between software that you want versus what you need. If you need the software, then there has to be someone you can report to to talk about this issue: a superior officer, a manager, a priest/rabbi/imam/etc. If you just want it for the sake of owning more stuff, or are thinking of try-before-you-buy tactics, then there has to be a better way. It's a completely miserable feeling to have your hard work stolen by belly-crawler pirates, and having "normal everyday" folks who don't think they are doing any harm spreading the pirate's ill-gotten warez just sickens me even more. There's more to this issue than just dollars and cents. We can always make more money (and lose it), but something that gets stolen never becomes un-stolen.Well, I think I am done putting my high horse onto the soapbox in my ivory tower. You can't pirate that away from me, because, thank goodness, cliche is public domain. You can agree or not agree, but thanks for reading all of this anyways.Jeff ShylukAssistant Managing EditorSenior Staff ReviewerAVSIM
Jeff-I don't mind reinstalling or the hassle of reinstalling so much as being told after I have made a purchase that my window of download has vanished and I no longer have a right to get the software I purchased. Doesn't seem right to me-especially when I am saving the manufacture, boxing etc. by doing an internet download. Many of these same manufacturers provide bug updates but don't even bother an email to let me know. They didn't have a problem taking all my info (email, home address, and telephone number) when I purchased. Is it that hard to send an email out?...and what happened to computers making our lives simpler? Doesn't seem to be that way at all-at least lately. With 3 complete crashes and reinstalls of Vista this year alone-each time leaving a trail of purchased fs software useless due to the above complaints, and techs at Microsoft saying they have no clue to my problem even though many others have the same...something is just not right.I am pretty much sticking with Flight One for my future purchases as they are the best in all these depts. imho.I have reinstalled software I bought years ago with minimum hassle and great support. It usually takes me at most 30 minutes to install the 50 or so purchases I have made there. When a single title takes me over two hours I draw the line-at least for future purchases.


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Guest ziporama

In most cases, contacting the vendor for a new download is feasible although I'm now in the habit of systematically making a backup of the downloads after a horrid experience with a bad hard disk that ended up costing me some "extended download" cash for the privilege of redownloading a package I already had. As as told myself, never again. Speaking of which, I should run another of my yearly backups - I learn slow :)This said, I found most vendors are very understanding and helpful when you explain the situation, and they haven't seen your serial number pop up in a rapid share torrent somewhere... I am appalled at some e-commerce providers who have some harsh practices. Also, keep all your receipts and e-mails, preferably not on the system that crashed, you will need those if you need to recover a system.Etienne

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