NVMe - for future-proofing, or don't bother?

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OK, getting to my final pre-build questions.  Still have a decision to make about storage.  Have read through a bunch of threads, here and elsewhere, about the merits of M2 NVMe drives vs. standard-issue SATA SSDs, and the arguments seem to be pretty convincing that the only benefit of the M2 NVMe's would be faster load times - there wouldn't be noticeable gains in P3D (or X-Plane?) performance.  My one remaining question is - is there any argument for going with the M2's for future-proofing, in case some future sim update takes advantage of the faster speeds and higher bandwidth? Or am I likely to have replaced the whole computer a couple of times before the M2's would make a difference?  I'd spend on future-proofing if there was strong reason to.  But if not... then not.

Related - I've always used one drive for the OS and another for the sim, if for no other reason than it makes it easier to switch to a bigger sim drive without reinstalling the OS.  Is that still the wisdom, or are you guys now putting everything on one drive?

As always, thanks in advance for any light you can shed.

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Thanks!  Was leaning that way, but I appreciate the reality check.  Most appreciated.

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