Approach Left Me High

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I'm very new to P2A so its possible I did something wrong.

Short IFR flight from EGGD direct to EGTE at FL080, all going very well and passed to Exeter Approach who told me to descend to FL050 and gave me vectors to the ILS 26 but did not give me any further descent to intercept the glidepath, at FL050 I was passed to Tower for landing ??

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When you were cleared for the approach, that includes clearance to fly the published altitudes, so in this case, to descend to 2200 feet at CF26.

However, it's possible that there was an issue in P2A.  If you can send me the log file, I can have a look and see what might have happened.  Log files are located in the Logs folder at:


where <UserName> is your PC user name

A new one is created each time you start P2A, so the most recent one may not always be the right one.



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