Time to Climb / Lower Altitude Ground Speed

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Evaluating P2A and like a lot about it, especially with the XP11 shortcomings.

However, I don't seem to see an easy way to plot out my altitudes on my climb out.  P2A seems to assume cruise altitude (and cruise speed) from the very first waypoint until TOD (and continues to assume cruise speed all the way down to 10,000 ft).  Changing speeds is a bit arduous due to the nature of the autofill that is programmed on the flightplan pane, and some waypoints won't allow a change in ground speed at all.  I can't find in the forum anything on this topic, so questions for anyone with experience/knowledge:

1. Is there a way for P2A to relate IAS and altitude with GS?

2. Is there no way to have a Top of Climb calculation similar to the TOD (for planning purposes- obviously ATC will do what they want)?

3. Is there anywhere to specify climb and decent speeds instead of only cruise speed?

4. Why am I able to change some waypoint speeds but not others?  Why am I not able to change plan altitudes of waypoints without restrictions?

In short, there doesn't seem to be much vertical or ETE planning ability, unless I'm missing something.  Any help/tips are appreciated!

- George

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Enhancements related to aircraft performance like you suggest are on the list for possible future enhancements.  As an ATC program, such detail planning was just not part of the original intent, but the planning capabilities have grown and going to the next level is on the list for possible futures. 

A lot of users do their planning on one of the dedicated Flight Planning web sites and then import the route into P2A using the FP Import button.  Then add the SIDS, STARs and Approaches before filing with ATC.

The reason you cannot change some of the waypoint's GS is that they are speed limits that are part of the SID or STAR...Of course, if the enhancements are made, then lower speeds will be permitted.

Hope this helped.


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Thank you for the reply, Dave.  I suspected what you wrote to be the case.  It seems I've stepped into the P2A world in the middle of its evolution.  Understanding the core element is ATC, the flight planning tools that have been included to date are very nice.  Glad more growth in that area is on the dream sheet.  Keep up the good work...it's a great companion to XP11.


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