Unnecessary Missed Approach

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While still learning P2A I'm only doing short flights to see what P2A can do.

Just completed a flight from EGGD to EGTE about 70 miles, all went well until on the Approach to ILS 08.  Tower informed me there was still an aircraft on the runway and to carry out a missed approach, I could see the aircraft was well clear of the runway and decided to land.  While taxying to my parking gate ATC was still giving me vectors for another Approach to ILS 08, even as I was stopping on my parking spot I was still receiving vectors ??

I have to admit I found this very disappointing that P2A couldn't tell I was on the ground.

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Not sure what went wrong.  If you send me the Log File, I can take a look.  Email the most recent one with this flight to admin @ .  They are located at:


where <UserName> is your PC user name

Right now, in that situation, Tower is supposed to tell you to contact approach.  If you ignore that instruction and land anyway, when you call "Clear of Active" it will get tower back on track.  



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One more thought:

If you're using the CoPilot, he will switch you to Approach Control right away and make the call for vectors.  You'll have to switch back to Tower to stop the vector commands and to make the Clear of Active call.


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