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I moved to PP3d v4 . I am using the latest FSUIPC5.1.2 and most recent LINDA update.3.0

I exclusively fly A2A Ga. 

Since the update, I notice that the notification that Linda is getting ready, and not to press any buttons, seem to take longer. That's not a big deal. 

The real problem is that while all my previous settings work, the response is extremely slow. What I mean is;  eg. when I press the button on my Saitek quadrant to switch from right to left fuel tank, it takes a full 3 seconds before the fuel selector moves.

I also use SpadNext..

Any advise on how to resolve this issue would be appreciated.



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Hi RT, t

The start up delay really occurs when there are multiple devices (joysticks) to connect to with the VRI Combo MCP panel being the slowest. Can you time from pressing new hotkey for Restart Lua Engine (CTRL+R) to the LINDA READY message being displayed?

All button pushes should be handled straight away with no delay. Do you have any non-Saitek devices and is there a delay when you press one of those buttons? Is SpadNext controlling all your Saitek devices? I know if I enable Saitek driver or Spad it interferes with LINDA operations. Please follow problem reporting thread instruments and email me your log files.


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11 hours ago, kama2004 said:

Hi Romeo_Tango,

Exactly the same problem. Any solution found on your side?

Do you have a problem? I have just tested LINDA 3.0.3/FSUIPC5 5.121b with the A182 under P3Dv4.1. I am running with Saitek Panels ticked and Radio and Multi Panel disabled in LINDA. I do not use any Spad or other software. There was no delay when operating the Fuel Selector.

If you have an issue please follow the Fault Diagnosis thread and send me the listed logs together with your A2A aircraft config-hid.lua file.

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Hi Scot,

I have a problem of delay definitively but my context is a bit different than Romeo_Tango; I'm using default Maule airplane, I have all Saitek panels (Radio, Switch, Multi) operating and a CH Yoke. It's a fresh install of P3D V4 with only FSUIPC, Linda and Chaseplane for camera handling. 

I will try this morning a fresh reinstall of Linda and a very simple test without copying back my aircraft specific modules to see if I get rid of the delay on the Default airplanes.

If unsuccessful, I will report the problem details ...... I have read the Fault diagnostic thread also and I will collect the required data as needed. 

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