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Hello again, I noticed that KSBA doesn't have approach or departure frequencies, read the manual, and changed Approach and Departure to 120.55. KSBA is my home airport so its cool that you put it in the manual. 

So the problem is that Center or Tower never gives me the correct frequency although Clearance Delivery gives me the correct one. When flying a short flight from KAVX to KSBA, Center recently gave me 125.40 for approach which is wrong, should be 120.55. I will try changing Approach to a different frequency to see if having Approach and Departure on the same frequency is the problem.

Edit: I just looked at the list for editing frequencies and I saw that there is App_Dep, should I have used this instead of having Approach and Departure on its own type?  

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When editing frequencies, avoid using the same frequencies for two different controllers. I would recommend setting Approach and Departure to different frequencies.

The frequencies will not always match the real world.  Just use the frequencies given in P2A or that you have edited there. 

In the current version, there is a bug that can assign bad frequencies.  This will be fixed in the next update.  So if 125.4 was given and didn't work, try another Approach Frequency from the list and see if it works. 

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