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No error in Event Viewer, more than enough VAS available. 


Crashes after just over 3 hours.


All updated drivers/sceneries.



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I just published an update to the AVSIM CTD Guide and I have new suggestions for fixing most crashes and freezes on page 9 or 10.  Do you have FSUIPC installed (freeware or payware)?  If you crash after an over 3 hour flight, you should check the fsuipc.txt (log) in the Modules folder.  It will show you if you were in danger of running out of memory (VAS).  VAS varies throughout the flight.  At the beginning, you could barely have enough depending on the airport you are taking off from and other variables like the aircraft and weather.  Then, after takeoff, the VAS availability increases and will continue to rise and fall during the flight.  If you set up your sim to monitor VAS as I show in the AVSIM CTD Guide and you check the box to show a log as I suggest, you will see a readout of your VAS usage throughout the flight.  High settings will eat up VAS the fastest especially if you have eye-candy airports installed.  Any flight over 2 hours will create the possibility of running out of VAS.  For instance, it would be impossible for me to fly from FSDT Chicago to FlightBeam's Wash Dulles w/o running out of VAS or getting very low on VAS during the approach.  I would have between 200 - 500 MB's of VAS remaining if I had real world weather turned on and flying the PMDG 747 or 777 over MSE photoscenery.  The FSUIPC will be throwing warning sounds.  Absolutely and truly no enjoyment and I have documented these horror stories in the past.  It's the only reason I have gray hair.

When you say "more than enough VAS available", it scares me as that would be impossible and you are probably reading the amount of VAS usage wrong.  When you have unexplained crashes you could have a memory leak (lost of RAM) at the incoming airport or surrounding scenery but most likely it is a loss of VAS.  You can test whether it is a problem with your settings or a nasty tweak in your p3d.cfg by renaming the p3d.cfg to, restarting P3D and letting the config rebuild.  Make some very minor changes to your display settings to show your correct resolution but leave everything else at default.  Maybe turn on 15% of AI so you have some realism but do not touch any other setting.  Leave them at default.  Go fly the same route, accelerate or whatever to make it go faster as 3 hours is a long time.  You want to see whether you get the crash in the mostly default config.  Oh!  Make sure your display driver settings are set to the P3D default in the NI settings or in the Nvidia display driver settings (not sure what your graphics card is as you did not show any specs).

Best regards,


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