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cowl flaps backwards?

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Of all one hundred aircraft I have when I push cowl flaps OPEN on my ELITE AVIONICS PANEL they open, and when I push close they close. Here they are marked backwards. Pulling out it says is CLOSED thus pushing in must be open.

The reason I suspect in my first 5 minutes of flying this aircraft along with noticing the Marker switch controls the ADF on the audio is, when I operate the cowl flaps as is labeled, pulling out which is labeled CLOSED should heat up the cylinders causing the qauge to increase in temperature. However it goes down in temperature. Vice versus in pushing in the cowl flaps which on the aircraft to there labeling would be " OPEN"  but the gauge increases noting that perhaps it is closed as most aircraft.

To simplify in all the dozens of my other aircraft out is OPEN and IN is CLOSED and the cylinder guage APPEARS to be operating as such.. THIS IS ONLY THE FIRST 5 MINUTES of flying this aircraft and perhaps I am wrong.

Now to throw in a compliment. I love the reflections in the quages that I think for a year or two you have been using them. It makes the A2a gauges seem like cartoons. Not to bag on A2a but your standard just makes it hard to look at DRAWING gauges. And the fluid movement reminds of PROJECT MAGENTA years ago when I first saw there gauges operate I was using FS9 and FSX did not exist. Very hard flying with such rigidity for so many years. A2a is not anywhere to this standard as I can see. I love my a2a aircraft but these are true statements. This is why I think flying IFR is so much easier in the Alabeo -Carenado aircraft is the qauges.   Thanks Keith

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