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Trouble with autopilot in the B-737

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Hello everyone,


For those that may not be following the BVI topic, I am totally blind, and I bought MCE to not only begin using it, but to help the FS++ team improve the BVI mode that was implemented some time ago, but was never really worked on in-depth because everybody continued to use Its your Plane, an addon that, while executing the functions of MCE pretty well, leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the Multi Crew. That, and it's not being developed or supported anymore, thus my attempts to make MCE better were born.

I've been attempting to take off and stay airborne with MCE and it's newly implemented PF3 voice commands. The PF3 implementation is pretty stellar, though one thing I wish MCE stored was the frequency PF3 uses. To get to clearance, I have to look at the frequency dat file that PF3 generates once you connect a plan, for easy access to them, and then go to the frequency. Then, I have to manually go to ground.

It would make things a lot easier if I can just say, "Going to Clearance" or "going to Delivery", which I can make aliases for, but the commands for those aliases to execute would be different depending on the frequency. It would mean not having to open up the dat file for reference and also not have to remember any frequencies.


Onto the crux of my issue though. I can takeoff and get airborne fine. I've figured out that, despite the FO dialing in the speeds I say, it doesn't really matter because the default B-737 autopilot is not honoring it, as scene in this video. I've tried with autopilot and auto-throttle off even, and while I can get pretty high, almost to cruise alt, the autopilot needs to come on and stay on without overspeeding.



I figured I'd make a new topic on this issue, since it's not a specific issue with MCE I don't think, but I'm still using MCE so any help would be greatly appreciated.



On a side note, since I'm thinking of trying MCE's implementation of GSX, does anyone know which default FSX airports GSX supports? I also realize that most people graduated from the default FSX aircraft, but I figure that until

1. MCE implements some kind of--not automatic, but assisted landing feature


2. I figure out how to manually land, I should stick to these aircraft for now.


Thanks all.



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Hello Orinks,

For your side note.

This is from FSDT website:

GSX works FOR FREE AT ALL FSDT AIRPORTS, because it greatly enhances the previous ParkMe™ feature, and it integrates perfectly with our airports.

Purchasing GSX, will enable to use it at ALL FSX Airports, both default and 3rd party, even those not released yet.


Best regards John

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