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7 monitors or more in FSX:SE

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Hi there, so far ive had a setup with a single PC running FSX:SE with 6 monitors no problem.


3 of them in Nvidia surround and the other three for pedestal, main panel and overhead.

i wanted to add a 7 th monitor for my dad with his own instruments and FSX keeps crashing every time i load a flight.


Connections are:

nvidia surround monitors 3x1680x1050 dvi-d to dp in main graphics card

Overhead panel 1680x1050 dvi-d to hdmi in main graphics card.


So that is 4 displays on 1 card


main panel 1680x1050 monitor vga  to  vga+dvi-i adapater tosecondary card

main panel 1680x1050 monitor dvi-d to dvi-d to secondary card

pedestal panel 1050x1680 ( yes portrait mode ) dvi-d to hdmi  to secondary card


3 displays on the other card


Windows runs perfectly.


At first i thought the problem was the portrait mode but it isnt, its the 7th monitor whichever it is. If i unplug any of the monitors FSX doesnt crash.


ANy ideas before i give up ?


I dont hink im ready to move to p3d and loose docked 2d panel ability.


Ive tried p3d before and sometimes i need 2d panels on top of each other and undocking these in P3d´s non true full screen doesnt support this feature.


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Some nagging memory is telling me that nvidia cards can only support four monitors in a 3+1 Surround setup. Might be worth checking that out. In other words, if you set up your secondary card like your primary card it should work. It should still let you do what you want.

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My primary card which is an nvidia is running 4 cards in 3+1 setup.


And the secondary card is running the other three displays.


Do you mean i should run the secondary card also in a suurround setup even though ive only connected three displays??


I dont think that is the issue though, xplane works fine and im sure p3d will work fine also.

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In this topic this guy claims a 5th monitor is not possible.


I can run fsx but when loading a flight it crashes even though fsx in settings detects fine all 5 displays numbered


Would be a shame if true. I really dont want to go p3d and start with the undocking stuff.

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After some testing  i disconnected one of the monitors, loaded the flight, changed to windowed mode and closed.


Connected the 5 th display ( 7th monitor ) and it does run in windowed mode.

But again running in windowed mode is like running P3D and i loose the ability of stacking 2d panels on top of each other 

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