ATC "Rounds off" Frequency

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The controller when giving me the hand-off frequency seems to "round off" the frequency to the first decimal... e.g CYYZ Appr is 124.475, but the controller said 124.4 (and the Co-pilot entered that number).  I had to search for CYYZ Approach myself in the P2A app and select, and then it worked.  Is there a setting somewhere to have it go to 2 or 3 decimal places?  

That seems to be the cause of my other problem whereby P2A would seem to get confused on what airport I was landing it and give me an approach to a non-existent runway. I think what happened is the rounding error tuned me in to some other Tower/Approach and the app uses that to figure out what airport you are at.

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If you could email me the Log files for this flight it would help.

It is normal for 124.475 to be expressed as 124.47.  They are the same frequency.  But rounding to 124.4 is not correct and I have never seen it.

The log files are located at:


where <UserName> is your PC user name

Assuming you just had  the problem, then the most recent file would have this flight.  A new file is started every time P2A is started.



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Thanks Dave... sent you a Message via AVSIM messaging with log file pasted in.

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