Crash to desktop when trying to access "LOAD" scenery

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I'm currently fighting with a new issue for me. My P3D v4 was working great until then.

I have the "Prepar3D Scenario" screen to show at every startup. If I click "Load..." I immediately receive "Are you sure you want to exit Prepar3D ?" YES/NO pop-up. If I reply YES, Prepar3D crashes to desktop. If I click "NO", Prepar3D loads with the "Prepar3D Scenario" window still on top of the regular Prepar3D progress bar and main window.

Inside Prepar3D, if I choose from the menu SCENARIO, then LOAD, P3D hangs and crash-to-desktop.

Remark :
- Prepar3D v4.0.28.21686 PRO (HF1 - Content only)
- When Crash-to-desktop, event viewer indicates KERNELBASE.DLL has faulty
- Windows 10 creators Update
- Antivirus deactivated for Prepar3D folders and process

Tests done so far : re-install nvidia driver, update nvidia driver, uninstall GeForce Experience (suspected Shadow Play), because of this thread http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=119319 I suspect a USB issue so I unpluged everything except the keyboard, change from mDP to HDMI my main monitor, de-activate all addons via exe.xml, dll.xml, addons, delete Prepar3D.cfg, delete \users\<MonNom>\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files, re-install HF1 Content.

Any help is welcome,
Thanks in advance,

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So you did NOT update HF1 Client?  That could be an issue. I'm guessing but perhaps the UPDATED CONTENT conflicts with the NON updated client?


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You mean I didn't update the CONTENT ? 

That's right I just updated the client. And it worked just fine two days until I encountered what I described. 

Oups ! My apologies. I wanted to write "HF1 Client" and not "HF1 Content". I have only updated the "HF1 Client"

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Problem solved.

I have the whole IVAO MTL library installed. If I wanted to speed up the loading of Prepar3D I used to rename the IVAO_MTL folder. Doing this in Prepar3D v4 HF1 makes the program crash to desktop.

I simply rename IVAO_MTL accordingly to the simobjects.cfg file to correct my problem. Now, if I want to avoid IVAO_MTL I have to modify simobjects.cfg (set ACTIVE to false).

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Glad you got it sorted!



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