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Are there any recommended Realism Settings for P3DV4?

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Nothing "recommended" - it's an individual experience thing. However, from all the posts I've read the popular settings are:

  • Turn full realism on
  • Automixture off
  • autorudder off
  • crash detection off
  • engine stress causes damage off
  • collision causes crash off

Many people leave the crash detection on but it can really slow down your simming while it reloads.

The reasons for collision detection being off is mainly that every now and then there's an "invisible something" on a taxiway, etc that you might hit and have to start all over again.

If you are a complete beginner to flight sim's and just learning to fly, I'd turn the realism way down until you are comfortable.



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Thanks for the tips. I'm not a complete beginner. I'm returning to simming after several years, but I am new to P3D.

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some other settings to consider - the settings for flight characteristics (forgot how they are listed, but it has sliders for such things as torque etc.) A2A, the now missing RealAir group and some other top end publishers recommend all sliders to the right (except torque a bump or two back to the left) one other thing is setting the sensitivity for all your controllers to the far left (127 I believe it is) it's especially important on the axis' that you assign that way the full travel is recognized. For example if you use a slider for prop control and the setting is in the middle or 2/3 to the right you won't have complete prop control, it could just run from 10% to 90%. Same for throttle etc.

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