ATC Chatter files - questions about folder structure

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I am having a little bit trouble reading the User Guide and converting the recommendations to the conditions in europe.

If I have some airport specific TOWER chatter files for my home airport (Copenhagen, Kastrup, Denmark, EKCH)  is the right structure to put them in then:

1) ...\Pilot2ATC_200\Sounds\ATC_Chatter\EK\Twr

      or is it

2) ...\Pilot2ATC_200\Sounds\ATC_Chatter\EK\EKCH\Twr


The second question is:

Suppose I have chatter files for say 3 specific airports (e.g. EKCH, EKBI and ENBR) and I then store them according to your answer to the question above. Then I have some chatter files, that is "Europeen generic" or may be "Country generic", but not airport specific. Then I would like to have the 3 airport specific files to be used when I am in the vicinity of those 3 airports. If not in the neighborhood, then the country generic should be used and if no country specific files, then the "european" generic files to be used.

3) Is that possible and if yes can you provide me with the necessary folder structure?

Kind regards

Jannik Bo Larsen

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For each specific airport, you use option #2 above.  Put folders that correspond to airport "owned" controllers, so ClrDel,Gnd, Twr, App, Dep.

For each country, use option #1 above with all controller folders according to the User's Guide.

There is no structure above a Country, so a "European" folder would not only not be recognized, but would cause the folders under it to not be found.


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Thank's Dave for the answer. It helped a lot.

I have read some other topics in this forum all about ATC chatter. Some of them refers to liveatc.net and states, that you can download different kind of files to supplement whatever ATC chatter files you already have got.

I LiveATC i have found some local airports of my interest, but may be I am getting blind but I cannot se how I can download files to my pc to supplement the ATC files.

Can anybody help me how to get some files downloaded?

Kind Regards


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On the LiveATC.net main page, there is a link on the left side, half way down, called LiveATC ATC Audio Archives.

Go to that link, find what you want, click submit and it will bring up the recording.   At the top, you can right-click the link to download it.


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