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  1. JannikBoLarsen

    VoxAtc 7.41 - Initial FL missing

    Hi Denis1807 and others! Did you get a solution to this problem. I fly FSX, PMDG B737 and VOXATC 7.41 I experience the same problem flying from ENBR (Flesland, Bergen) to EKCH (Kastrup, Copenhagen) in the PMDG B737-800. I have loaded into FSX a flightplan like ENBR TUXIL P603 ZOL AMSEV ROKAM L621 SVD EKCH When I call for clearance I get something like: SCANDINAVIAN 246 is cleared to Kastrup airport TUXIL 3C departure then as filed squawk 3022 In this situation I put altitude 16000 FT into the MCP because there is a fix OMEXI 15 miles before TUXIL with an altitude constraint of 16000 ABOVE. When I fly the departure, I get higher altitude assigned by the ATC when I come to OMEXI but I wonder whether this is a correct way (compared to the real world) of doing the procedure. I have also tried to fly out of EKCH to ENBR with the loaded flightplan i FSX like EKCH MIKSI P990 AAL L621 TUKMU L197 BADAB ENBR and got this clearance: SCANDINAVIAN 246 is cleared to Flesland airport MIKSI 2A departure then as filed squawk 3023 I did not yet fly this departure so I do not know what altitudes I might get assigned by ATC, but the MIKSI 2A departure has NO altitude constraints so in this case i do not know what altitude to set in the MCP initially. Comments and / or solutions would be appreciated! Kind Regards Jannik
  2. Hi! Just a minor bug in the V. Config -> Btns gui: When I define a PTT hotkey and enables it by setting a tickmark in the "Enable" everything works. But when I restart P2A and looks at the Config -> Btns in a new session, the tickmark is NOT shown but it is enabled anyway. It seems as if the tickmark are saved and reread in the new session, the only thing missing is to show it in the GUI. Kind regards Jannik
  3. JannikBoLarsen

    problems leaving en route altitude

    Hi Dave! Many thanks to your very useful answer. I have already tried to fly a couple of flights according to your recommendations and it seems that it is working the way you describe. Kind regards Jannik
  4. JannikBoLarsen

    problems leaving en route altitude

    Hi Dave! I tried yesterday to make a flight in order to get the logfile you asked for. Unfortunately (or may be fortunately) everything seems to work. I made a setup where I did reach the TOD calculated in P2A and keeping the en route flight level. Just before (< 2 miles) reaching the TOD I got a call from ATC saying the assigned STAR, transition and RWY, and a little later (probably just reaching the TOD) a command to start descend to some lower assigned altitude. So somehow the reaction from P2A seemed to work as expected. Now I have thought about what was different in the procedure compared to my older flights where I had the problems. One thing came to my mind. I fly the PMDG B737-800 NGX in FSX and make use of its FMC (FMC-PMDG). Normally, I update the FMC-PMDG with the (expected) STAR and transition some 120 miles BEFORE reaching the FMC-PMDG TOD. This normally makes just a small ajustment to the FMC-PMDG TOD. The next step I do is to add to the flight plan in P2A the STAR I get from the "Recommended STAR" in the pane I get when I press the STAR button in P2A. This I do in order to simulate a case, where the recommended STAR in P2A differs from the expected STAR in FMC-PMDG, but of course, in most cases they are the same just as in the real world flying. Then I try to "synchronise" the TOD in P2A (TOD-P2A) to be as near as possible to the same spot as FMC-PMDG TOD modifying the "descent rate" specified i P2D. The difference yesterday was, that I did NOT add the "Recommended STAR" to the P2A flightplan BEFORE reaching the TOD-P2A and that might be the difference that made it all work! I will try to investigate this a little deeper and since I only am able to make one flight max. a day, it might take some days before I can return with the findings here in the community. Since I am not a real world pilot, but only a simmer, I do hope you or somebody else can tell me what the real world sequence in the descend procedure is. What I try to simulate is the following: 1) modify FMC-PMDG with the expected STAR before reaching the FMC-PMDG TOD. 2) upon reaching the FMC-PMDG TOD call the ATC to get cleared for starting en route descent (I presume that the ATC will never call me to start the en route descent, he has many other things to deal with!) 3) during (the first part of) the descent EITHER get so near to the arrival airport, that I am able to get the ATIS and get information on runway-in-use and then if necessary update the FMC-PMDG STAR accordingly OR get a ATC call informing about an assigned STAR. 4) fly the assigned STAR and make a safe landing hoping the ATC do not come up with changes to the assigned STAR or RWY-IN-USE during the arrival phase. If that is a correct understanding of the real world sequence, do you have a recommended sequence on how to simulate that in the FSX-PMDG-P2A combination? Kind Regards Jannik
  5. Hi everyone! Hope you can help me with a problem. I have validated and filed a IFR flightplan and all is going well on the en route phase in FL340 (or any other flight level). When I get to the TOD I try to do one of the 2 following procedures: 1) before I reach TOD, I try to call ATC (Center) with <callsign> request enroute descent but I never get any response to that call 2) I keep my en route altitude beyond the TOD but never get (as I expect) a call from ATC to descend. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Kind Regards Jannik
  6. JannikBoLarsen

    ATC Chatter files - questions about folder structure

    Thank's Dave! That did the job!! KR Jannik
  7. JannikBoLarsen

    ATC Chatter files - questions about folder structure

    Thank's Dave for the answer. It helped a lot. I have read some other topics in this forum all about ATC chatter. Some of them refers to liveatc.net and states, that you can download different kind of files to supplement whatever ATC chatter files you already have got. I LiveATC i have found some local airports of my interest, but may be I am getting blind but I cannot se how I can download files to my pc to supplement the ATC files. Can anybody help me how to get some files downloaded? Kind Regards Jannik
  8. Hi! I am having a little bit trouble reading the User Guide and converting the recommendations to the conditions in europe. If I have some airport specific TOWER chatter files for my home airport (Copenhagen, Kastrup, Denmark, EKCH) is the right structure to put them in then: 1) ...\Pilot2ATC_200\Sounds\ATC_Chatter\EK\Twr or is it 2) ...\Pilot2ATC_200\Sounds\ATC_Chatter\EK\EKCH\Twr The second question is: Suppose I have chatter files for say 3 specific airports (e.g. EKCH, EKBI and ENBR) and I then store them according to your answer to the question above. Then I have some chatter files, that is "Europeen generic" or may be "Country generic", but not airport specific. Then I would like to have the 3 airport specific files to be used when I am in the vicinity of those 3 airports. If not in the neighborhood, then the country generic should be used and if no country specific files, then the "european" generic files to be used. 3) Is that possible and if yes can you provide me with the necessary folder structure? Kind regards Jannik Bo Larsen
  9. JannikBoLarsen

    P2A Problems with taxi maintenance

    Thank's guys for your informing answers. Since I am not a pilot myself, I find every information from RL connected to the flightsim very interesting. And every new day I work with and use the P2A I find it one of the most fantastic add-on's we simmers can get. KR Jannik
  10. JannikBoLarsen

    P2A Problems with taxi maintenance

    Hi Dave! Thank's for your quick reply - it helped a lot and I am now able to maintain taxiways without problem. Just one simple question: What are the difference / the end effect between "Hold_Short" type and "ILS_Hold_Short" type, when you specify a taxi point? Kind regards. Jannik
  11. Hi! I experience heavy problems using the Taxi Maintenance. At first it seems as if you work with some taxi point, it connects ALL taxi points and runways to the same path. I have tried to investigate it a bit further and I am convinced, that the problem comes from NOT "refreshing" the data in the taxi path to the left in the Taxi Maintenance screen. When I load the screen and type some ICAO code for a airport, it loads the taxi paths and points and all looks fine. When I then randomly select some taxi point, I get the Name, Type, Surface etc. in the "Taxi Path" as I should. But when I then select any other taxi point, the values in the Taxi Path does NOT change accordingly. If I then try to modify something and save the new layout, the information get corrupted, i.e. all taxi points and runway points get the same name!! My P2A runs on a WIN10 "client" connected to FSX:SE via WideClient I have experienced the problem in both V2.2.1.4 and V2.2.1.8. Kind Regards Jannik Bo Larsen
  12. JannikBoLarsen

    Chase Plane - Problems with New Update

    Hi! I also experience problems with the new update, but not the way you experience it. The problem I have got is that when I try to "fine tune" a camera preset, all the controls (pan, lateral, up, down etc) works fine, except for the zoom, that has no effect what so ever. My sim combinations are WIN10, FSX and PMDG 737-800 Kind regards Jannik
  13. JannikBoLarsen

    Problem switching between COM1 and COM2

    Hi Dave! Thank's for your quick reply. It actually put me on track to a solution. I went into the P2A Configuration -> P2A Setup and ticked "Reverse Com Channels". Now the Com1 and COM2 buttons i P2A works perfectly. Kind Regards Jannik
  14. Hi! Just downloaded this exciting product and are trying to get it work. I have a problem getting the COM1 and COM2 radios to switch. After start the first time the frequencies from COM2 were shown OK and setting new frequencies worked fine in FSX. But I am not able to shift to COM1. I use my mouse and have clicked on COM1 button like a crazy at least 1000 times. When I click and hold the mouse button down, it draws a white "box" around the button. When I release the mouse button it shifts to COM1 for a tiny fraction of a second and then returns to green light i COM2 and only showing COM2. And now to the funny part: Out of 1000 tries, i DID succeed in changing the display to COM1. But now it will not shift back to COM2. Does anyone have an idea of what I can do to make it work? Switching between NAV1 and NAV2 works very fine. I am running P2A on WIN10 on a client connected via WideClient to a WIN 10 server running FSX:SE. Everything else seems to work very fine. Kind regards Jannik Larsen
  15. JannikBoLarsen

    Pause function in FS2Crew

    Hi Bryan! Thanks' for your reply. Yes, I did mean a "Pause" independant of the FSX pause. This kind of function could be very nice to have. Of course when I get the routine, I presume I will be able to catch up with the necessary speed. The setting up of the CDU was only an example. I have some other places where I get stressed catching up the expectations. Thanks' for your suggestion on setting up the CDU before starting the Pre-flight event. I'll try to see if that work better for me. Kind regards Jannik