FSX: and FSX Steam edition sharing information

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Hello All

Is there any way of preventing FSX: and FSX Steam edition from sharing information?

I was under the impression that if FSX was in a separate folder this could not occur.

Please note, FSX-SE was installed 1st.

My FSX folder is located in C:\FSX

My Steam version is in the usual: -

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX

Both versions appear to share the Folder “Flight simulator X Files” which is in the Documents Folder.

I have also checked the Settings - Scenery Library in both versions (Available scenery area) and they are both the same. Which is wrong because two new Steam addon airports are also shown in FSX. Where they are not installed.

This results in problems due to each version containing different Airport addons and different Aircraft addons.

I have other issues that can wait for now.

Thank you, I hope somebody has a solution.


Based in the UK.

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You problem is probabky that you installed SE first...

wheb you install SE it actually checks to see if FSX was installed, and if so sets some things up differently. Otherwise many (if not all?) items have the same names as "classic" FSX.

WHen you install "classic" fsx, it just does its thing, not even aware that something like SE even exists...


if you're having issues I would tecommend uninstalling all and starting over

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Carlos is absolutely correct. When you installed FSX:SE, since it did not "see" FSX installed, it simply installed itself using precisely the same Registry entries as the boxed FSX would have created.

This is called a "stand-alone" installation, and allows all addons to behave just as though FSX:Box was installed.

If however you had installed FSX:Box first, FSX:SE would have created its own unique Registry entries, thus allowing for a "side-by-side" installation where the two sim versions are kept totally isolated from one another.

Unless you are a developer, there's actually no reason for you to have both essentially identical FSX sims installed anyway!

Nota Bene: If you do decide to "start over" I suggest that you do not install FSX:SE into the default path. There are many good reasons for installing it in a shorter path such as C:\FSXSE, or even on another drive entirely such as D:\FSXSE

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Thank you both for the reply.

I was under the impresion that FSX-SE should have been installed first. Can't remember where i saw that advice though.

Not sure if uninstalling FSX would cause problems with the registry and make matter worse, but some people I belive do use both.

I find it a lot quicker to open classic FSX sometimes for example to find the best way around an airport. However I could live without it.


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