Disappearing nose wheel on gear-up (P3Dv4)

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So, new install on P3Dv4 - plane works (functionally) fine, so this is a minor issue that gave me some mild entertainment.

Upon raising the gear, the model for the front wheel (but not the rest of the gear structure, just the wheel itself) vanishes like magic.  If the gear is re-extended the missing wheel magically pops back into place once the gear reaches it's down and locked position. Usually my aircraft only lose wheels after I've ploughed them into the tarmac!

Off topic, I am loving the performance of the 737 on v4, it's a thing of beauty.

Screenshot linked below:

Screenshot on Dropbox

Relevant specs of system:

GeForce 1080Ti (on driver 384.76)

Intel i7-7700K

32GB DDR4 @ 3200MHz

Windows 8.1 64-bit (Also up to date)



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Off topic but I’m curious .. what graphical addons do you have and settings do you use with that setup? I have the exact same setup is why I’m curious.

Thanks in advance 


PS can report the same bug on my system, it is not only you.



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I've got a PTA preset in there that I found on a Reddit post (if interested I'll dig it out for you), along with OrbX Global, Trees, and OpenLC (Both)

It's running at 2560x1440, if you gimme 10-15 mins I'll update with actual settings and my prepar3d.cfg

I (sometimes) fly with OrbX England if I'm doing VFR, and that's about it for graphical addons/tweaks.  For the most part that's worked out pretty well in performance and eye candy although I'll probably install Vector once it's updated for v4.

Not much installed in the way of airports yet until I actually need to fly a specific route.

Dropbox folder of Settings Screenshots

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Added screenshots of settings
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I guess you elected to ignore the search function of the forum, posted 6 hours before yours in the correct forum that it belongs:


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