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Trying to get FSQuaility Austrian Airports in FSX

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I want to do some field hopping around Austria like I used to do in FS2004. I REALLY liked my Austrian Airports (FS2004 packages) from FSQuality.  I know they are not up to today's standards, but there were fields that are in no other addon packages. I installed them, but they don't work.  I have black Objects that flash textures when I pan the camera. I have taxiways coming and going and it appears I have more scenery than the airport really has.  (Maybe I have default scenery showing through?)  I used the FAS scanner to look for duplicate airport files, and it did not find one for LOWG (GRAZ) which is my test airport.

Details:  Running Windows 10, FSX-SE

I copied the Austrian Airports folder that contains the scenery and the texture folders into Addon scenery. In scenery library, I added the folder and used the "click in white space trick" to get it to show.    I clicked OK and it compiled the new scenery   At St Johann there is NO difference, only default scenery. At Graz, when I try "go to airport", every location (RW, gate, and parking) throws an error that at the current location, the plane will collide with an object. I go to another airport and slew to Graz and I see the black terminal with textures flashing in and out as I plan the camera.

I really would like to get these working for some relaxing field flying.  If I can figure it out, maybe I will install the old German VFR Fields too.  Any help is appreciated.


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The AVSIM FSX Configuration Guide is a good place to start in regards to getting the best out of FSX and your add-ons.  When you have DX10 Preview enabled, you will see the flickering, shimmering and flashing of textures especially on runways.  You also have to be wary that many of FS9 products have textures compatible for DX9 but not DX10.  There's a payware product called Addon_Converter that converts DX9 textures to DX10 on the fly but not permanently.  Just during a flight session.  Of course, if you have DX10 Preview enabled, you must get Steve's DX10 Fixer as it fixes the flickering, shimmering, and flashing textures (see our DX10 Forum or go to Steve's DX10 Fixer forum hosted here at AVSIM).  Hope this helps some.  You have a lot of issues.

Best regards,


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Thanks for the information Jim.  I have my configuration sorted and performing the best I have ever had since FS4. I have been through so many tweaking guides, I think I have what works best on my system for my style of flying.

I am running FSX in DX9 (not DX 10 preview mode).  Someone told me that a lot of old FS2004 sceneries simply won't work.  I was curious and posted here in case someone had got this particular product working. (FSQuality Austrian Airports)

"You have a lot of issues."  Me?  My Flight Sim is working great.

FSX-SE, Active Sky 2016->AS Cloud Art, Ground Environment Extreme 2, Ultimate Terrain 2, Scenery Tech LC (beneath UT Urban for rural areas not covered well by UTX), FS Genesis USA 10m Mesh, Ultimate Traffic Live, AI Smooth, EditVoicePack, REX Worldwide Airports, FSUIPC, WideFS, NavConnect, Little Nav Map, FSCommander 9.6, GTN 650/750, A2A 172 and 182.

I7 7700K, 16 GB RAM, GTX1080, 2 SSDs. Second machine is an I7 with 8 Gb of RAM, GTX1070

I have no problem with the new stuff.  I am just trying to get an old FS2004 scenery package to run. But it is starting to look like the polygon and vector stuff are not compatible. Still, I am hoping someone has found a way.

I have found a lot of the small Austrian airfields here and other places.  Still looking for St Johann. It was done so well in Austrian airports with hot air balloons taking off.  I rested there once in the middle of a long trip....   so peaceful.

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