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  1. I am using Austria Pro X HD and ORBX EU Airports. Is there anything I can do about misalignment between the airport scenery and the underlying photo real imagery? (At least the RW which is the real eyesore) What are my options besides "live with it." Can I make and exclusion polygon for the photoreal scenery in ADE? If so, can someone give the basic steps or point me to a discussion or tutorial? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks Dave, that stopped me from chasing a phantom problem. I focused on the airport bgl and GOT IT WOKRING! Yay. I researched the way FSX assigns runways and there are several factors. One factor is an AI plane approaching gets the nearest runway if it is open. (there are a lot of other factors, but on a calm day, this is a big one). With the LOWI default airport and the ORBX LOWI, the grass runways are set to NO for Primary and Secondary landing and take off, so, it is reasonable to think that this would over ride the direction of approach, but in airports with terrain, this does not seem to work well. The UTL jets were approaching from the West and RW08L Visual was assigned. Once I deleted the two grass runways in ADE, RW08R VISUAL was assigned and they over flew the airport. It seems that UTL Jets assigned "visual" never landed. (I think this conflicts with the IFR flight plan they had maybe?) I have no idea what was going on there, but.... My Fix: Do this at your own risk. I installed ORBX LOWI. I made a second airport file to go in the ORBX LOWI folder. I used ADE to open the Airport Placement BGL, deleted the grass runways and compiled it with a different name (the default ADEX ADE name it gives it.) I placed this file in the ORBX LOWI directory. I left the original, as you need it to load ORBX library objects around the airport that the ADE one will not. I tried this in the add-on scenery directory, but it excludes the libray objects (buildings) beneath it. When I put it in the ORBX LOWI folder, I get all the objects, without RW08C and RW08L. This does not affect the way the grass area looks because of the great textures in ORBX LOWI. NOW all traffic lands. Default and UTL AI arriving from the west approach at the right altitude and land RW08 (no more grass runway landings, no more high fly overs) In fact, IFR traffic fly down the high side of the valley (south side) descending out 6000ft and turn for short final at about 3000. For the orginal problem, I can't figure out why default AI was landing on the primary when arriving from the same direction, but the UTL AI behaved differently. It must have been in the flight planning. BUT, I have it working very nicely now, and just want to get back to flying. Thanks for everyone's help.
  3. Default jet and GA traffic land fine. Nice approach. UTL traffic flies over at 4000ft. I know it injects the traffic into the FSX AI engine, but something is different. I can figure it out. I go to Munich, and it works fine. Something to do with LOWI,
  4. Well I did not want to do that, but I did. After removing the grass runways, UTL traffic is assigned the paved runway, yet they overfly the airport at 4000ft and go missed, three times around and the disappear. Default AI lands just fine.
  5. Follow up: I listen to ATIS, and it Reports that RW08, RW08C, and RW08L in use when the runways are set to "NO" for Primary and Secondary landing and takeoff. That does not seem right.
  6. With a fresh FSX build (no scenery or module add-ons yet) I am installed Ultimate Traffic Live for some testing. I have come across and off situation and though I would fish some some thoughts. I did a fresh build to eliminate any add-ons from the equation. I am testing at LOWI. (No, I have not put ORBX LOWI back in yet.) UTL AI traffic arrives and departs on schedule. I am using the status boards to check the times. Departing traffic takes off from RW08R as expected. Arriving UTL AI Traffic, such as a 737-800, flies over the airport at about 4000ft, goes missed, and then circles all the way around and lands on the 2nd attempt. However, they land on RW08L. The short grass runway. They roll out through the hangar, fence and into the highway. Then they taxi to the gate. Strange... default AI traffic lands on RW08R. I a pretty sure there is something up with Ultimate Traffic Live. I used ADE to check the default LOWI airport and both RW08C and RW08L are marked NO for Primary take off and landing, and NO for Secondary take off and landing. Yet, they just keep landing on the short grass runway. Is there anything else I can do in ADE that would "disable AI from using the two grass runways? I am reluctant to remove them because I like landing on them once in a while. (But I will consider it). IF anyone is using Ultimate Traffic Live and wants to try this experiment, here are the specifics. Airport: LOWI Set the day of the week to Monday and the time to 13:50 local for a 14:05 arrival of the a Transavia 737-800.
  7. I got this sorted. First, the texture files was just that, a texture to add the David Clarke logo to the headset. To get the the headset on the pilot, there was an option in the settings for the the aircraft model. (duh)... I turned it on, I have the headset and new texture applied. Sorry for the noise. DM
  8. I use both ORBX FTX line of products and Austria Pro HD.I switch back and forth depending on the flying I am doing, and I like both. When using the ORBX Freeware Airport (LOGO) with Austria Pro HD, the underlying photoreal scenery shows in the airport area that is not tarmac. The alignment of the two products does not match that well, so the imagery of buildings and runway are where grass would normally be. Is there a way to prevent the photoreal imagery from showing in the airport scenery and just use the ground textures? maybe some sort of mask? I am new to photoreal, Dennis
  9. Thanks for the information Jim. I have my configuration sorted and performing the best I have ever had since FS4. I have been through so many tweaking guides, I think I have what works best on my system for my style of flying. I am running FSX in DX9 (not DX 10 preview mode). Someone told me that a lot of old FS2004 sceneries simply won't work. I was curious and posted here in case someone had got this particular product working. (FSQuality Austrian Airports) "You have a lot of issues." Me? My Flight Sim is working great. FSX-SE, Active Sky 2016->AS Cloud Art, Ground Environment Extreme 2, Ultimate Terrain 2, Scenery Tech LC (beneath UT Urban for rural areas not covered well by UTX), FS Genesis USA 10m Mesh, Ultimate Traffic Live, AI Smooth, EditVoicePack, REX Worldwide Airports, FSUIPC, WideFS, NavConnect, Little Nav Map, FSCommander 9.6, GTN 650/750, A2A 172 and 182. I7 7700K, 16 GB RAM, GTX1080, 2 SSDs. Second machine is an I7 with 8 Gb of RAM, GTX1070 I have no problem with the new stuff. I am just trying to get an old FS2004 scenery package to run. But it is starting to look like the polygon and vector stuff are not compatible. Still, I am hoping someone has found a way. I have found a lot of the small Austrian airfields here and other places. Still looking for St Johann. It was done so well in Austrian airports with hot air balloons taking off. I rested there once in the middle of a long trip.... so peaceful.
  10. I want to do some field hopping around Austria like I used to do in FS2004. I REALLY liked my Austrian Airports (FS2004 packages) from FSQuality. I know they are not up to today's standards, but there were fields that are in no other addon packages. I installed them, but they don't work. I have black Objects that flash textures when I pan the camera. I have taxiways coming and going and it appears I have more scenery than the airport really has. (Maybe I have default scenery showing through?) I used the FAS scanner to look for duplicate airport files, and it did not find one for LOWG (GRAZ) which is my test airport. Details: Running Windows 10, FSX-SE I copied the Austrian Airports folder that contains the scenery and the texture folders into Addon scenery. In scenery library, I added the folder and used the "click in white space trick" to get it to show. I clicked OK and it compiled the new scenery At St Johann there is NO difference, only default scenery. At Graz, when I try "go to airport", every location (RW, gate, and parking) throws an error that at the current location, the plane will collide with an object. I go to another airport and slew to Graz and I see the black terminal with textures flashing in and out as I plan the camera. I really would like to get these working for some relaxing field flying. If I can figure it out, maybe I will install the old German VFR Fields too. Any help is appreciated. Dennis
  11. After a long break from flight simming, I am back and building a dedicated machine setup. I got the hardware I wanted and all set there. (Intel 7700K, liquid cooling, 16 gigs of RAM, nvidia GTX 1080, SSDs). I am reading through the setup guide pinned here for config file optimization. Now I am getting the environment back to something like I had before during my virtual sightseeing flying around Europe. I am getting new versions of some of the add-ons as they have changed, and I am trying to get my head around them. First, I have FSX SE with Active Sky Next (ASN). I went with ASN because I eventually want to use the PMDG aircraft that use the WX RADAR that works with ASN. For Ground Textures and landclass, I am going to use Ground Environment 2.0 and Ultimate Terrain 2.0. (I used versions 1.0 last time) For Mesh Terrain, I was going to use FSGenesis (Do I still need this with the new versions of GEX and UTX? ) For Sky Environment, I want to use REX, but I am not sure which. product I need. Since I don't want to use the REX weather engine I am not sure if I need REX Essentials + Overdrive. Maybe Soft Clouds Texture Direct? Also, I am not sure the environment will be automatic based on WX if I am not using the REX weather engine. Will it work with Active Sky? The REX Support staff is off for the Holiday and I thought maybe someone here could help. Lastly, if this stack will work, is there a right order to the stack? Any help is appreciated. I so badly want to get in my A2A 172 and 182 and start flying, but I have to get the 'world' sorted out first. Dennis
  12. I downloaded the A2A 172 pilot headset mod from the library. I replaced the 'characters' (dds) file in the 172 main texture folder after renaming and moving the original. I still get the pilot without the headset. I tried changing to a different pilot and back. I tried rebooting. I don't know what else to do. Where could it be getting the original pilot (without the David Clarke headset? Does it cache this somewhere? Is there something else I have to do or get to make this work?