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Hey guys, 

Sean here with another problem, I used to do only short-ish haul flights inFSX but now I have started doing longer flights such as Heathrow to Dubai. When approaching Dubai however I hear what I can assume is an FSUIPC noise but it sounds like a windows error noise and then the OOM error appears. This is really starting to annoy me now as it seems to happen every time after a six and a half hour flight. I have FlyTampa Dubai Rebooted installed but I used to be able to fly there no problem and this has started to occur recently. It also does the same when I am on approach to KJFK with New York City X installed.


My Specs Are;

i5 6500 @ 3.20GHz


GTX 1060 6GB 


Any help is appreciated 


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1 hour ago, seanlister said:

FSUIPC noise but it sounds like a windows error noise and then the OOM error appears.

The sounds you hear are correctly from the FSUIPC utility warning you that you are about to run out of memory (not RAM but VAS).  See the FSUIPC log in the FSX Modules folder.

The AVSIM CTD Guide has information about long flights and OOM's and VAS.  Essentially, the longer the flight the more likely an OOM if you have high settings, using a commercial airliner like one from PMDG, and you are landing at an airport that has a lot of eye-candy.  If you have AS16 or another weather program running, this will even enhance the crash.  With 32 bit applications like FSX-SE, Windows only gives the application 4 GB's of virtual address space (VAS).  When that runs out, you will have an OOM.  Only solution is to lower your fsx and display driver settings considerably and then maybe, maybe, you will be able to land successfully and finish the flight without an error.  This is one reason why many have moved to P3Dv4 and/or XP11 as they are both 64 bit applications and Windows gives you around 7 TB's of VAS and that's almost unlimited. 

Check out the AVSIM CTD Guide (link in my signature or on the right sidebar under Hot Topics.

Best regards,


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Hello Sean, welcome to AVSIM my friend!

Something I hope will benefit you.... In our hobby you'll find it exceptionally (amazingly really) rare when most any problem we might experience hasn't already been addressed on some flight sim web forum, so I usually perform an internet search for topics related to the issue before I create a new post. Certainly fine to create a new post and then wait for answers, but for my money it's much faster to search for the issue and get instant answers, but it's entirely one's choice as to which path to take, I offer this only as a means by which to help you resolve matters sooner rather than later.

As you might not have guessed by now, OOMs are something that has been written about quite extensively in numerous flight simulation forums for quite a number of years.  I'll save you a little time by sharing that the AVSIM CTD Guide has some excellent information as to why OOMs occur and what you can do to try to avoid them.  In the end, the only way to avoid them (within reason) is to move to a 64-bit based simulator like FLight Sim World, X-Plane or P3DV4.  Even though you'ore flying between two very memory intensive airports and using a payware aircraft, you can still do things which may help you to complete the flight without an OOM.  This is where the AVSIM CTD Guide will help.

My very best wishes to you!


NOTE:  Jim beat me to in replying, otherwise I wouldn't have done so.


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Jim Beat Me To Replying

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