Proper C185 Textures - Sunday's Flight

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After the fine flight with Gunter and friends flying around Yosemite on Sunday I asked myself.... "Self, why in the heck did the 5 or so different Comanches show up absolutely perfectly, with their proper paints?" This morning I took a look at the C185 & Comanche aircraft containers to see what was different. Lo and behold I do believe I have found it. Here it is - NOT ONE EXTERNAL PAINT FOR THE COMANCHE IS FOUND IN THE FALLBACK/MAIN "TEXTURE" FOLDER, WHEREAS, IN THE 185, THE BUGGER THAT WAS ALWAYS SHOWING UP (white/red - N8025K) IS IN THE MAIN "TEXTURE" FOLDER!  

If you want, here are some steps, which I hope, will alleviate the incorrect textures. 

  1. In Airplanes\Carenado C185F Tundra\ - create a new folder named "texture.N8025K".
  2. In Airplanes\Carenado C185F Tundra\texture\ - CUT (not copy) the following files & PASTE them in the newly created folder in step #1.

    texture.cfg - YES! any fallback should look no deeper than the the main texture folder. (Comanche doesn't have one)
    Care185Ffuse_A.bmp (or .dds)
    Care185Ffuse_B.bmp (or .dds)
    Care185Ffuse_C.bmp (or .dds)
    Care185Ffuse_D.bmp (or .dds)
    Care185Ffuse_E.bmp (or .dds)
    Care185Ffuse_F.bmp (or .dds)
    Care185Ffuse_G.bmp (or .dds)
  3. Open up Airplanes\Carenado C185F Tundra\Aircraft.cfg - In the very first paint section, [fltsim.0], change the current "texture" entry as shown below -
    OLD - texture=
    NEW - texture=N8025K
  4. Carenado, in their (the ones I have) texture.cfg(s) have the following entry - fallback.2=..\..\Cessna C185F\Texture
    Having this will still break the texture calling, going to an all white 185 from the non-tundra 185 instead of the tundra N8025K. Use Mike's provided, default style, texture.cfg in this post for all paint folders (overwrite) except the main texture folder, which shouldn't have one at all.  

That's it! Again, I hope this works. 
My hypothesis is this - Since we're dealing with textures turned up to the max size, detailed scenery & many different paints, what I believe is happening is that when a different paint is called as the aircraft shows up in view it takes a little more time than normal to "report" the texture loaded, therefore, the fallback system takes over, loading up it's deepest found textures - N8025K, the white/red bugger. (before the above mods, fingers crossed) The Comanche cannot do this because any exterior texture, in its own folder, is already the deepest fallback. Looking at other manufacturers (except Carenado) follow this same texture orientation, no exterior textures in main fallback folder.   

A couple shots from Sunday's flight, Thanks Gunter! Jeff too! for your detailed area descriptions - 




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