Order of Loading - and Lessons Learned

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Hello Dave and all,

I have a quick question: should I load P2A first, or xPlane? I ask because the other day 2 hours into a flight P2A became sluggish and finally closed with an out of memory message. I was able to reload it and reload the flight plan while the plane merrily flew on. But from the standpoint of memory management I'm wondering what load order is optimal..... I have 16GB to play with,

Secondly, I want to share something that I learned the hard way. When I first installed P2A, I thought that I needed to have Windows 10 Voice Recognition running. (Same as Cortana). So before starting a flight, I would say "start listening" and then load the program. Well, I had nothing but grief. Many times, trying to talk would open Microsoft help pages or all kinds of other bizarre effects. Finally Dave told me not to have Speech running in the background. That cured all my problems. So I share it here in the hopes that others can avoid this trap.

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Load order should not matter.

if you have 16GB of memory, you should not be running out of memory.  P2A loads data into memory to improve performance, but normally does not use more than 1.5GB. 

If you fly the same flight again, keep an eye on Memory usage in Task Manager and see what program is constantly growing and how big it gets.

If this happens again while enroute, you can restart P2A, File the Flight Plan, get on Center Frequency and make an initial call like "<CallSign> at FL 320".  You should get a squawk code and a radar contact call after you put in the squawk code.  Then the flight will proceed normally from there.


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