xplane closing or BSOD when opening P2A from taskbar

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Hello Dave et.al..,

Yesterday I upgraded to 11.05r1 and have not finished a flight since then. Mostly xplane gives me that little box in the middle of the screen saying "xplane cannot continue, etc..." Today, I got a Blue Screen of Death saying stop code WORKER_INVALID.  That stop code has something to do with allocation of memory.

The trigger for all  these events in opening P2A from the taskbar where I had it minimized. I have worked this way ever since I started with P2A. When I wasn't using it, I minimized it to the taskbar. I found that I could still talk with it minimized. However, clicking the taskbar to put P2A back on screen is when I get in trouble. Mostly it works, but after flying a while I will click the taskbar and P2A doesn't open - I just see the little preview. At this point I know I am in trouble because a crash is certain. If I click again, boom.... I haven't tried leaving it alone for a while - I'll try that next. Yesterday, P2A opened for a while but the map was black. It responded sluggishly - and THEN xplane crashed. It is usually xplane that crashes. Today was the first BSOD. Something is very wrong and I'm hoping there is a simple solution......

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Sounds like the X-Plane version is causing the problem.

Have you reported the issue to Laminar?

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2 hours ago, Quijote said:

No, I shall do so at once.  (Once I figure out how.....)

OK, I reported it. BTW, I'm using AIRAC 7108. I saw that others have had problems with that, so I mention it.

I am going to return to VFRflight as my moving map and planner to see if the problem occurs with that program.

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