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I am reposting what I started on HIFI forum( no joy on the interest there), hoping that I'm not the only one with this observations;

I would like to revisit concept of change for visibility in different locations.
The comparison would be to AS2012 where change of visibility relative to location, not altitude, or cloud entry, was controlled by FSUIPC and because of that, was highly adjustable to somebody's preference.
For some reason FSUIPC doesn't have that feature anymore heading to change her visibility controlled by AS2016. To me it happens almost instantly.
No matter what my settings are if I fly from one reported area of good viz. (10+)to let's say 7 mile visibility, that change happens in a second or 2, which is completely out of reality.
I have flown RLGA in S CAL KRNM area, as well as obviously commercial aircraft and observed how visibility changes - it happens very slowly, that you cannot quite notice it but it happens.
This is how I had it set up in AS2012, but I cannot do it in AS2016 anymore and it's highly disappointing.
Conceivably it is because of the in cloud visibility feature, yet it was already in AS2012, and did not interfere with location visibility change.

There is no such thing in real-life, as location visibility change within one second or even several seconds (at 120K speed).
When you fly from one area to another with different visibility numbers, you see haze in the distance, and then it very very very gradually happens, as it was in AS2012 (FSUIPC), since it was adjustable.
Trust me I tried every possible setting, and nothing changes that behavior.
I change low-level, high-level visibility and every possible visibility change that can be.
what am I missing.

(AS2016-ASCA FSX box DX10 fixer)

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Today I experienced another example of this terrible depiction of visibility change.
I was flying in the area off KTTD during the day, around 3000 AGL  in GA.
Local weather consists of many stations and they were reporting 6 - 7 visibility , to the N & E it was 10+.
And I experienced instantaneous visibility change from decent 25 - 30 down to 6 within less than a second it was horrifying.
For me it really kills immersion as this will never happen in real life unless you flew into a cloud.
I tested it many times entering the area as well as's leaving it to the east produced the same results almost instantaneous visibility change.
It must be something in my settings because nobody seems to respond, that means nobody else is experiencing these results
If so maybe experienced simer's will  direct me to the setting that I'm missing.


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Hi Mike,

I think this is the same topic I replied to on the HiFi offical forums so lets continue our discussion there. 


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