Fs9 kirk olssen's f-16 afterburner

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Does anyone here know how to install the afterburner effect for Kirk Olssen's f-16. I downloaded this f-16 from and there was no afterburner effect. I tried editing the aircraft.cfg (because I had another file usviper.rar") around the "lights" 

//Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing

light.7=3, 12.2, 2.48,  -1.4, fx_knavgre ,
light.5=3, 12.2, -2.48,  -1.4, fx_knavred ,
light.6=3, -5.9, 16.7,  0.7, fx_knavgre 
light.4=3, -5.9, -16.7,  0.7, fx_knavred 

light.2=3, 12.2, 2.48,  -1.4, fx_kbeacongreen ,
light.1=3, 12.2, -2.48,  -1.4, fx_kbeaconred ,

light.8=5, 15.0, 1.9,  -7.9, fx_kLVIPER ,
light.xx=5, 15.0, 1.9,  -5.9, fx_kLVIPER ,
light.10=5, 25.0, 1.9,  -5.9, fx_kLVIPER ,
light.9=6, -24.2,  0.0, 0.37, fx_klight.fx

light.11=2, -12.6, 3.4,  1.1, fx_knavwhi ,
light.12=2, -12.6, -3.4,  1.1, fx_knavwhi ,
light.13=2, -14.6, -0.6,  3.1, fx_kLVIPER ,
light.14=2, -14.6, 5.6,  3.1, fx_kLviper ,

light.3=1, -20.217,  0.0,  11.987, fx_kVbeacon ,
light.15= 4,  15.56,   0.00,  3.5, fx_kvclight ,

light.16=3, -19.1, 0.0,  3.3, fx_kbeaconwhite ,

light.xx=5, 17.0, 2.9,  -5.9, fx_kLVIPER ,
light.=xx5, 17.0, 2.9,  -5.9, fx_kLVIPER 

and added 


gauge00=DSBXML!DSBAburner,  1,1,1,1

from DSB's fs2004 eurofighter typhoon into the f-16. But it showed nothing in FS2004. If anyone here knows the way to install the afterburner effect for this baby I would appreciate it. Thanks guys !!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:

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I use these two files from avsim. The first one is for the afterburner and the second one is vapor effects you get when you do high speed turns.


I like those better than the DSB afterburner effect.

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Downloaded those files but find the process of installing them a bit daunting, plus I have an add-on panel / radar that has already installed its own gauges.  Its a shame that Kirk Olssen's F-16 can't be updated with a self-installer package of : good VC, better effects and sound.  The plane is superb even as is.

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Ok guys, I have both, files working thank you very much for your help ! :biggrin:

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