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What is is like to have diarrhea in the cockpit?

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I don't know if any of you know of or follow any Quora posts, but the question in the title came to my attention in this morning's email. To be honest, it is not anything I'd even thought of before, but the answers that some active and retired fighter jocks was definitely an eye opener!

Here is an excerpt from one of the answers given, but expand the comments for even funnier stories!

During one of my early at-sea periods, we had an emergency pull-forward, where all the aircraft parked in the landing area were quickly unchained and moved forward in order to allow a plane to land. As a junior LSO, just learning the role, I raced up there to help wave the guy aboard, expecting a damaged bird, or at least a single-engine. But as he came in on a short straight-in, he called the ball, "203, Tomcat ball, 6.2, emergency, physiology." I didn't even hear it right, but some of the saltier paddles sprouted huge grins, "Roger ball, 10 knots, down the angle." BAM! Trap, over to parking, and shut down. Even before the chains were completely tied down, the canopy was coming up and the Radar Intercept Officer (RIO) in the back was leaping from the cockpit. They said that he almost made it to the head that's right inside the base of the island.

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Heck, Fr Bill...I always wondered how you'd deal with that problem. You can only sympathise..

Some of those tales, though, were a little too detailed (Too much data).

I started to feel a little unwell....:blush:



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Yeah, I'll admit it is a pretty crappy topic, but some of the buried comments and stories are rather hillarious!

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