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  1. BillCusick

    Heathrow drone flier caught ? ...looks like the military equipment on the roof may have got a result.... Could be a copycat of course. What an word not allowed. Regards Bill
  2. Paul... These are autogen placement files - created with Autogen Annotator in the SDK. Take a peek at this site: They would normally be placed in the 'Texture' folder of the matching BGL folder - and they plot additional Autogen objects (houses, trees etc). Arno's FSDeveloper site is a treasure trove of data. You need to spend some time there in order to understand what is possible in FSX/P3d etc. Just keep a copy of the agn files, and place copies in whatever texture folder that a particular area of your scenery requires. In my local scenery for EGOW Woodvale for example, all my own agn files, created with Autogen Annotator, are in the UK scenery folder for my local area: 'D:\UK Scenery 4.4\2.4m Photo\texture' I have modified my own Gen-X installation since my original posting at the start of this thread - it now has a new listing based on the four texture types - 1.2m Photo/2.4 Photo/2.4m Night/4.8m Mesh. For example, I now have two major folders for my UK scenery - one for FSX/P3d 3.4, and a second for v4.4. This is required for my scenery edits in 64-bit. My local 64-bit bgls cannot be used for FSX/P3d v3.4, hence my two major listings. A few of the new folders have nearly 1000 agn and other textures. P3d appears to be a little faster in loading. Hope that helps. Arno is a sim hero IMO. His site should be in every simmers address book. Any questions, just ask. Regards Bil;l
  3. I've been looking around for a 38" with these specifications, but haven't come across this size with G-sync before. Then, yesterday - this one appeared at the top of the page in Google: Funny how that happens..... I like the look of this one - Vesa wall mount/G-sync etc, with a decent refresh rate. Might be pricey, though - we'll have to see. I'm prepared to wait....might be a few months. Regards Bill
  4. BillCusick

    P3d displays - & 2080 Ti systems noise

    Ray.. My last two systems were from Chillblast. I agree thay are an excellent company. When I'm ready, I'll probably go for one of their customised systems. I'm really not interested in bright lights or flashing colours - gives one migraine 🙂 I'm roughly 50cm from my current monitor. I can, if the new choice of display has a Vesa mount - move it back a few cms, with a wall mounting. If I can use it as a 'wider' display, and retain one of my current monitors for FS Commander, then I'll be happy. The wider display will be handy - I'm still dabbling in XML for scenery editing, and occasionally using assembler on my old system, using two displays for programming. I like having several docs open simultaneously - and I'm thinking that the curved screen will help with my 79 yr old eyes when viewing away from the centre of the screen.... I recall my successful assembler programming 3d clouds for FS5 - and Peter trying the code. Memories... Regards Bill
  5. BillCusick

    P3d displays - & 2080 Ti systems noise

    Hi jpf.. Thanks for your reply. That's the sort of info I need. I'm presuming that P3D will assume the native resolution of the display - I hope. That is why I asked re 'round gauges'. Regards Bill
  6. BillCusick

    P3d displays - & 2080 Ti systems noise

    Hi Doug.. Yes...I intend to go for a 5GHz system. That system I linked to may not be my final choice - I'm just curious why that system is maxed at 4.4 GHz, with such a polished chiller. I suspected that running that system at 5GHz might be noisy - else why limit it to 4.4GHz - a cheaper system was advertised at 5 GHz - with more or less the same components - except it did not have a coolant reservoir. Hence my question re fan noise.
  7. Ray... I've been following your posts re your Benq. I like your system. Thanks for your postings. I intend to replace my 6 year old system shortly, with a view to future proofing (whether that is at all possible with the rapid rate of advances in Flight sims). My current setup has my 3770K/970 feeding three monitors for GA flying. The 970 struggles with the FSL 'bus 😢 I'm looking at three monitors with a vertical resolution of 1600: Acer XR382CQKbmijqphuzx 21:9 Curved 3840 x 1600. Dell U3818DW 37.5" Curved IPS 21:9 3840 x 1600. LG 38WK95C-W Curved 3840 x 1600 I am very interested in how P3d interacts with all these differing resolutions - since my system is intended mainly for P3d. I'd love to have some detail of what resolutions P3d can run at - is it adaptable to all those lower pixel counts that appear below your cards list of resolutions - if so - what happens with, say, 3840 x 1600 ? Will all those virtual cockpits have round gauges ? Will P3d fill such a display ? Anyway, you get my drift. Postings regarding 21:9 monitors and P3d are rather rare. Do I stay with 16:9 (or 16:10) with a 'Very large' display. rather than a stretched display to replace two of my three screens ? Questions, questions. I have become used to displaying two full Explorer listings side by side. (Ok, not Explorer, but A43 file manager), and several jpg's or .avi files simultaneously, on my Dell 3011 at 2560 x 1600. From what I've read, the 21:9 format is ideal for video/films etc. However, it is data re P3d I'm keen to see. Black bands on each side viewing video etc will not bother me. I suspect that the 21:9 format will become 'normal' in the future ? Most frustrating. The data are rarer than hen's teeth.... ...and a most important question is - at what viewing distance is a 38" curved 21:9 display most comfortable at ? (especially for longish flights). I'm also VERY keen to get info re the noise produced where the 9900K/2080 TI are used. Again - no info. If anyone can assist - this is a possible type of system I'm thinking of: Do these custom chillers offer a 'quiet' solution ? or is it hype ? I'm really not bothered re system/GCU noise with P3d, but when editing video/word processing...noise, or lack of it, is rather important, especially in a quiet room. OK, the system will 'adapt' when not using graphics intensive tasks, but will such a system be quiet under those circumstances ? any info would be very welcome. Regards Bill
  8. BillCusick

    Curve Monitor

    Brilliant ! Thanks MarkH Yes, I usually check those 'full specs', but sadly many do not include that measurement. I have a shelf above my monitor, hence the requirement for vertical dimensions. Regards Bill
  9. BillCusick

    Curve Monitor

    Hi Phil. I would also like to see any info regarding P3d on a curved display. I'm currently 80cm (32") away from my Dell 3011 (Dell 3011 & GTX970), and I'm trying to find any info from P3d users using these displays. There isn't much. I am annoyed regarding much of the hype from sellers/manufacturers where there is absolutely no data regarding the vertical size (in height of the display - not resolution), all they appear to quote is the diagonal screen dimensions. I'd like to keep my current vertical size - many of those curved monitors I have seen appear to be much smaller vertically than my Dell. I'm looking at three models with a vertical resolution of 1600: Acer XR382CQKbmijqphuzx 37.5 Inch WQHD Curved 2300R Gaming Monitor 3840 x 1600. Dell U3818DW 37.5" Curved IPS 21:9 3840 x 1600. LG 38WK95C-W Curved 3840 x 1600 display I suppose I must accept that a wide view monitor (e.g 21:9 aspect ratio) at my current vertical resolution of 1600 would be much more expensive than those others that have less vertical resolution. I use this PC for other tasks - video editing, films, music etc. However P3d is my main interest. I am rather annoyed at monitor adverts - not one I've seen has the vertical screen measurement included in the spec. Is this because the widescreen (I'm thinking of 21:9 aspect ratio) verticals are much 'smaller' than the 16:10 spec ? Many also omit any mention of a standard wall mount fixture. Most annoying. ...and of course - I'd like to know whether P3d can use that native resolution, or has to 'drop down'. I intend to upgrade to a 9900K and 2080 TI in the near future. Regards Bill
  10. BillCusick

    Lest we forget, or need to evade this traffic

    ..and who are we to disagree with that ! I KNOW he is real - my whisky & mince pie always disappeared overnight when I was knee high... Regards Bill.
  11. BillCusick

    Lest we forget, or need to evade this traffic

    Thanks for that, John. That is proof that Santa exists. that running gifts total. Regards Bill
  12. BillCusick

    NYPD - a heartwarming tale...

    Now Doug... I'm a little unsure re 'Size Matters' re aviation topics - unless we are referring to the A380 ? Gotta be careful here... But...I think this story is a gem - considering what all the news is about nowadays... I found it a remarkable heartwarming tale. I am so delighted for this couple. I can only marvel at the response by the NYPD. Well done. Really nice to read items like this. Regards
  13. BillCusick

    NYPD - a heartwarming tale...

    This does have an 'aviation' theme ?.... I can only marvel at the trouble that NYPD took on this - bloody marvelous... A very pleasant 'heartwarming' tale - with a brilliant ending. I can only guess at how she felt when she heard the ring drop....and although it is not revealed - it looks very expensive. Nice. Regards Bill
  14. BillCusick

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    My favourites are: Mercy Mission: The Rescue of Flight 771 The Enola Gay A Thousand Heroes Top Gun Strategic Air Command My 'log' hours watching those films must add up to longer than Ernest Gann's total flying hours... Regards Bill