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  1. BillCusick

    Favorite Aviation Movies?

    My favourites are: Mercy Mission: The Rescue of Flight 771 The Enola Gay A Thousand Heroes Top Gun Strategic Air Command My 'log' hours watching those films must add up to longer than Ernest Gann's total flying hours... Regards Bill
  2. BillCusick

    Survived Yet Another Crash Landing;)

    Hey Phil..... May they continue ......nice to see you back here Best wishes, and regards Bill
  3. BillCusick

    AF 447

    Thanks for posting, Jim. Not the easiest speaker to follow - but what impeccable credentials ! I believe him. Love to have been a 'fly on the wall' at BEA when they saw this.... Regards Bill
  4. BillCusick

    Good flying books recommendations?

    Another good author - Brian Lecomber. His two books that I have, 'Talk Down' (Where our hero has to talk down a passenger in an Arrow over the UK) and 'Dead Weight' (A Carribean adventure) are brilliant. Down To A Sunless Sea' by David Graham is also one of my favourites - told by a 747 pilot in a 'Last 747 flight' searching for a landing strip after a nuclear war. A brilliant tale. 'Jetsteam' by Austin Ferguson, although a little dated by now, is a good read. I think that one was the source for the 'Airport' films. That good, original, now very dated, 'Flight into Danger' by John Castle & Arthur Hailey is also a good read. '90 Minutes At Entebbe' by William Stevenson, is a good read, although the aviation content is minimal, most of the action takes place on the ground. This was the story of Operation 'Thunderbolt', the Israeli rescue of hostages. Most of these books have been made into films. Regards Bill
  5. BillCusick

    I've got soul but I'm not a soldier

    We should place warnings at ALL international airports..... Alan WILL find you if you try.... Regards Bill
  6. BillCusick

    I feel the need...

    Haven't seen the script...but I reckon that the Paracels & the Spratleys will be 'rescued' by Cruise with NK's 'backup'... Regards Bill
  7. BillCusick

    I've got soul but I'm not a soldier

    Welcome back, Alan. Sorry to hear of your woes - hope you get yourself sorted. Hope to see a few more posts from you - they have been rather rare. Chin up. Best regards Bill
  8. BillCusick

    Live Streaming of "every inch" of Earth Coming Soon

    Bill - you've got to be careful.... This brought back memories. Around May/June 1960 I was ashore in Mobile, and I had been invited to a Radio Amateur (Convention ?) in the city by one of the Mobile shore to ship operators. It was a huge gathering - never been to one before. At this convention I got chatting to a chap in civvies, who I was told later was a 'biggie' in USAF satellite research circles. He actually told me - rather seriously - to 'Keep my bedroom curtains closed'. This was 1960 - and I didn't believe him.... I do now...🌍 Regards Bill
  9. I managed to download a pirated stinks. Does it work if you have a head cold ? Regards Bill
  10. BillCusick

    Southwest Accident

    These engine problems always remind me of United 232 in 1989 - when the 'flywheel' ? fatigue fracture wasn't found in time. The subsequent damage left the crew with no hydraulics. I seem to recall that the enquiry report stated that it was due to that inevitable 'human error' - where maintenance didn't pick up the extending fracture in time to prevent the accident. When seated nearest to an engine in flight, I always think of how many components on the aircraft, and especially engine components - have to work 100% of the time. Makes you think. Having seen how these fan blades are made/tested, I wonder whether this one might have been discovered prior to the incident, and the metal fatigue could have been seen prior to it occurring.. In a similar vein - what is behind this recent ETOPS ruling on the 787 with RR engines I wonder ? Regards Bill
  11. Thanks Richard ! gets a little noisy (& cold) at 200 kts with the windows open....... Regards Bill
  12. Looks a little iffy to me. If that wingtip 'touches' a swell at 112 mph (or should we use 'knots' ?) the ground effect wouldn't save it ? I'm pretty sure that the wing would suffer before any correction could be made. Like the hovercraft, I wonder what maximum swell it could 'fly' over....there must be a pretty low limit I imagine. Regards Bill
  13. Hi David. I wish you hadn't mentioned that - the sound effects are fantastic, but since then I've had to fly with both cockpit windows open....I haven't found how to close them.... Regards Bill
  14. BillCusick

    FSL for V4.2 Tomorrow

    I'm 54 years married to the same girl... She gets chocs & a card every Valentines Day, that's just once a year, (ok, birthdays also) but I get to fly the FSL 'bus EVERY DAY ! (I'm retired) Regards Bill