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  1. A walking stick works beautifully.... Regards Bill
  2. I wouldn't mind a stay on his island, either...😎 Oops...doesn't he have kids ? Perhaps not ... Regards Bill
  3. Hi Jim. Nice, but too curved for me. I also dislike the limited vertical resolution. I'm currently using the Dell 3011 at 1600 vertical res. I'd hate to drop down to 1440, even for a wideview. I'm waiting for the 38GL950G - at 3840 x 1600: https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-38GL950G-B-gaming-monitor - most annoyed at it being on sale over there in the US for a while now, (a few have been showing theirs off on the forums) and still no sign here in the UK yet - one of the largest online retailers over here cancelled my pre-order back in November quoting 'unavailable'... I've had no response from LG to my emails. Grrr. I cannot understand why in the US it is priced at $1800, and one retailer here is quoting pre-orders at £1799. The current exchange rate would indicate a fair UK price of £1350 ! Regards Bill
  4. Here's another old timer... My eldest daughter asked me a while ago what I had done during my lifetime.... I printed out my list of accomplishments for her... (Not in any particular order) I have been around the globe twice. I've been to over 48 countries. I was in Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis...(on 22nd October '62) I have been 'lost' in the Amazon jungle I have swam with porpoises - not far from the Barrier Reef - fascinating creatures.. especially the way they look at you...very intelligent. I have been in a hurricane that killed 12,500 people - and I was a little scared.. I have been down to the sea bed in a nuclear submarine I have been thrown around the sky in a helicopter - ..and filmed from it - in a gale - from the open door with my feet on the skids from 1000'.... I have been at the controls of a Cherokee at 3000' I have climbed up to the Statue of Christ The Redeemer, Rio (I also slept on Copacabana beach) I have been on the top of Table Mountain, Cape Town and I am still with the most beautiful girl in the world, who I married some 55 years ago..... ...and now I'm a little tired... Nice to be able to recall some of these events with some other 'old-timers' I've been simming since FS1, which I bought in '86. Still got the floppy... ..and one other old timer comes to mind - Norm Sternberg. Norm was a member of the Compuserve Forum when I was also a member - and Norm was telling us of his initials being on the lunar camera - now on the moon forever... I was going to say 'I am proud to have an acquaintance whose initials are on the moon - for eternity'. Does anyone know if Norm still around ? ..and a happy and prosperous New Year to you all ! Regards A tired Bill......now an octogenarian...
  5. Now Bob...keep it clean.... This thread is wandering....🤣 Regards Bill
  6. Hi Guys... I've decided to upgrade in the near future - I'm waiting for the LG 38GL950G to hit the shelves here in the UK first... I'm not too sure re GPU's though - what with 'Super' cards/Workstations and whatnot. My system will be primarily for P3d/Flight Sims. I have never seen anything comparing such high power graphics cards with the current RTX consumer series cards. Would there be much of a difference (e.g. with P3D) between, say, a 2080 TI 11GB and a RTX 5000 card ? I read wonderful things re these workstation Quadra graphics cards with their multi-lane GPUs and their rendering prowess. Anybody running P3d on such a card ? Or is a 2080 Ti the best bet ? I'm considering an Intel i9-9980XE or Intel i9 - 9900KS system (5ghz on all cores) with possibly an Asus ROG Rampage VI Extreme Encore. Decisions, decisions. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Regards Bill
  7. Wow ! I fly the 'real' (!) Red One from Just Flight in P3d 4.5.... I bet this 'Red One' had a difficult task keeping his eight colleagues in sync...they must have had a good internet connection ! Well done, team.👏 Regards Bill
  8. Thanks, Glenn - I've done that - n/r as yet. Most frustrating - I want to fly that bird in v4.5 ! Regards Bill Cusick
  9. Hi Guys... I realise that this is only a User to User forum - but I'm hoping that someone has access to PMDG who can help me.... "Welcome to the PMDG Support Portal! 'To submit a new ticket or view your previous tickets you must be registered and logged via the buttons in the upper right corner of the screen.' I cannot register - I am already on the system since 2017. My original email address in no longer available to me - and any replies addressed to me are not forwarded on. It is therefore of no use - any reply will not be accessible. I cannot change my login details I am trying to buy the NGXu for P3d v4.5 How can I get a confirmation email when my 'old' email address is no longer available to me ? How do I change it without logging in ? I cannot find any way to log in - my previous account details/username are no use - any confirmation email will go to an address which is inaccessible to me. Please, can someone help ? Is there a 'Contact us' link that I've missed ? How can I submit a support ticket without logging in ? Searching the portal does not answer my query 'change my email address'..... If anybody here has access to PMDG, I can send a private message with my current, working, email addy. I'm ready to give up.... Edit...I've also posted succesfully on their internal new forum. Hope somebody can assist. Thanks Regards Bill
  10. Hey, Simbol - steady on... I hope this 'flying' doesn't reduce your assistance to us mortals on these forums, your posts are very welcome...👏 Ha ! Many thanks for your valuable tips from time to time, even though on occasions you get quite some criticism. Regards Bill
  11. A pirate walked into a bar and the bartender said, "Hey, I haven't seen you in a while. What happened, you look terrible !" "What do you mean? I'm fine." "What about that wooden leg? You didn't have that before." "Well," said the pirate, "We were in a battle at sea and a cannon ball hit my leg but the Doc fixed me up, and I'm fine, really." "Oh yeah? Well, what about that hook? The last time I saw you, you had both hands." "We were in another battle and we boarded the enemy ship. I was in a sword fight and my hand was cut off but the Doc fixed me up with the hook, and I feel great, really." "Oh," said the bartender, "what about that eye patch ? The last time you were in here you had both eyes." "One day when we were at sea some parrots were flying over the ship. I looked up and one of them cr*pped in my eye." "You're kidding," said the bartender, "you couldn't have lost an eye just from some bird cr*p !" "Well, I really wasn't used to the hook yet." ...sorry. Couldn't resist.... Regards Bill
  12. Hey Noel.... When you were 10 yrs old I was half your age...work that one out... I'm still keeping the cells alive, well, trying to...and still programming scenery in XLM.......and then, now and again, finding that I did this routine three weeks ago...and now I'm repeating it, phrase by phrase ...duh...memory ? what memory ? ...and when the RW Grobs fly over my garden at 200' to R03 EGOW half a mile away, I am always tempted to look up at them, and then I fall over...backwards. ...and BTW, sorry to upset you, I dunno what LM has done with this HF2 release, but I have never, never, had such a smooth sim. No stutters. No micro pauses. Even the FSL 'bus is smooth at 13 fps..(!) I'm flying the JF Hawk at 450 kts, at 1500', over 32-bit UK photoscenery with my own XML created airfield and it is SMOOTH, no mini pauses, nothing. I am impressed.👏 On a i7-3770K/970 combo at 3.8MHz ? Blooming marvelous. Don't give up. I really think that the golden age of flight sims is here, or very near, at last. Regards Bill
  13. ...There should also be storage space at the rear of the seat for your DVT stockings....now that long haul is becoming longer.... regards Bill
  14. Hi Bill.. ...and when you fly....be careful.. https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/9912237/airbus-sensors-track-passengers-loo/ Regards... Another Bill
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