FSUIPC Analog Axis to Send Signal to Linda

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Hi All,

I have completed a control panel with potentiometers and switches using a Leo Bodner controller for the A2A Comanche. Using Linda and FSUIPC it is working ok.


But I have a linear pot (axis) that I planned to use to operate the fuel primer, after skimming over the FSUIPC Manual it wasn’t apparent to me how to do this.


I am able to use an axis to control flaps position using FSUIPC.


My goal is to move the pot the full extend position to full retract position and have FSUIPC send a signal to Linda to activate the fuel primer for each cycle of the pot.

Can this be done?

I presently activate the fuel primer with a switch.


Thanks for looking at this.



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Hi Rozel

As I am sure you are aware LINDA is good for dealing with discrete button pushes (on/off). All axes have to be handled by FSUIPC. I don't know of a way for FSUIPC to convert a position into a discrete event for LINDA to handle.

The only way I can suggest is to write a LUA function that monitors the primer state and then triggers the switch. This function would need to be placed in the aircraft's user.lua and inside a timer so that it is checked regularly (1Hz) or called by an event triggered by a change to a Lvar. 


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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your reply. I think using a switch is my answer. myself some head banging.


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