How to obtain licence to use orbx dvds to-digital cross grade service

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I have FTXCentral3 installed and most of my previous Orbx Airports and scenery are working well in it, however the DVDs I purchased from PCAviator during past years cannot be found in FTXCentral3 and I understand that my old DVD Licence must be changed into a digital licence that can be used in FTXCentral3 before they will function in TXCentral3.

The Orbx Scenery DVDs from PCaviator include:

FTX Australia SP3 on 13Jan2010

FTX NA Blue USA/Canada Pacific Northwest on 08Apr2010

FTX Milford Sound Airport Scenery Pack on 30May2016

FTX Warnervale Airport Scenery Pack on 30May2016

Relating to a previous post started by Twister1853 on 12November, 2016 regarding this matter I am searching for an answer about when this option is available and how to ensure these products can be enabled in FTXCentral3.

All replies will be greatly appreciated, 

Thanks , Red15

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Best bet  to  get  the right  response  is  to post  your  issue  is  in the ftx  forum,  you need  to register  first  though

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Orbx have been trying  to develop a migration tool to enable DVD licences to be changed to digital licences but this is apparently proving more difficult than expected according to various various posts on their forum. They have also indicated that there will be a charge for this once it becomes operational.


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Thanks Pete and Bill for your replies.

I have previously tried to find an answer through the Orbx support forum and I guess as Bill says the answer to the problem may not yet have been resolved. I'll wait and hope for an answer sometime in the future.


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