How to remove Orbx installed scenery?

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I've just moved to P3D v4 from an FSX-SE install. However, as I transition I'm keeping FSX installed, especially since some scenery misses some files it does install in FSX so it helps in moving it over. The trouble is that both P3D and FSX are now installed on a single 512 GB SSD, so space is fast running out as I install stuff into P3D.

I already see no reason to keep my Orbx regions installed in FSX, since these are already installed and working in P3D -- and they take up about 80 GB of space. My question is: how can I correctly remove these from FSX? I assume that if I just delete the relevant scenery entries and folders for the sceneries, that FTX Central might get upset, right?

Apologies if this has already been asked and answered, but I did a search and didn't turn up an answer.



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Hi James,

Open FTX Central, select FSX when asked to select a simulator, click on the product you wish to uninstall and select uninstall.


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Thanks! I feel very silly for not even having thought to look for an uninstall option in FTX Central...I guess I was thinking of a few years back when there was no good way to uninstall.


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That's the neat thing about the updated FTX Central--it does all the work for you when it comes to both install and uninstall Orbx products. A lot better than the "old days" just like you noted! I found it to be very simple when I left behind FSX for P3D.


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