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  1. raymie

    Waco fuel flow gauge

    Thanks for the clarification--you may try to do an uninstall--reinstall and see what happens. I do not have the Waco installed at this time. Maybe someone else who does in FSX can be of further help.
  2. raymie

    Waco fuel flow gauge

    A little more information may be helpful in helping you with your problem--which aircraft? What flight sim-- FSX or P3D?
  3. A patch has been made available for this problem. If you send Bill (aka "Whamil77) a "PM" I'm sure he will send it to you.
  4. raymie

    best small jets for P3D ?

    If you have not done so, please seriously consider adding this mod to your Phenom 300 (if you have F1's GTN 750)--send Bert a "PM" and he can send you that mod. Two other biz jets from Carenado to consider are: The Cessna 525 A Citation CJ2 with the GTN 750 mod available for it and the Cessna S 550 Citation II (Carenado's updated version includes the GTN 750 option). I believe all three of these Carenado options are "single pilot" biz jets.
  5. raymie

    best small jets for P3D ?

    The Xtreme Prototypes Lear Jet is a Model 25. However, as mentioned previously, it is a great addon all the way around--model, textures etc. Another bizjet to consider is the Flysimware Lear Jet 35A. The textures are not up to Carenado standards, however it is a great addon if you're looking for a bizjet with a longer range than the Model 25 LJ. I have both of these aircraft and enjoy them. Hope this helps!
  6. Are you using the "Blackhawk" modification v. 1.0 by Whamill77? If so, you might try posting your "Spool Up" problem under the "Blackhawk B350i V. 1.0 by Whamil77" thread, Apparently no one else seems to have this issue as you do. That could be the reason for no responses. Hope you're able to resolve this if you have not already. If your problem persists and you're using the "Stock" version, you may try a uninstall and then reinstall. Wish I could be of more help.
  7. No, I do not use an Auto Start window--after I select the modified B200 from the aircraft menu and the sim is loaded at the airport I have selected, the aircraft engines are already running along with all of the aircraft electrical systems (avionics, flight instruments lights etc.). In other words, it is "Ready to Taxi".That's what I mean by a "live cockpit". Do I need to first load a "Default" Aircraft at my selected airport of departure, shut down all systems including the engines so I now have a "Cold and Dark" cockpit, then go into the select aircraft menu and select the modified B200? That is what I do for each A2A aircraft I have. I can try loading the modified B200 that way and see if it eliminates the problem I have experienced. I just finished another flight with this aircraft. I do not toggle the Autofeather switch at all, this eliminates the left engine prop lever from feathering at lower power settings. Again thanks and hope this answers your question, Raymie
  8. Bill, Just finished a short flight--started with a "live" cockpit setting and did nothing with the Autofeather--no test nor usage. All went fine when time came to reduce power settings for approach and final. Must confess, this was a different outcome than prior flights. With or without the usage of Autofeather on prior flights, I still experienced left engine prop lever going into full feather position. Maybe this will help your investigation into this matter. Apparently no one else is having this problem as I searched previous mod posts and could not find any reports on this issue.
  9. Thanks for your time and effort in tracking down this problem. I will try what you suggested.
  10. Thank you for replying to my post on this issue. I am enjoying your mod for this King Air very much and hope this problem can be resolved. It takes place whether the "Auto-feather" switch is engaged or not.
  11. I am currently experiencing an interesting problem with the left engine prop lever. I looked to see if anyone else has reported this--but apparently I am the only one. Maybe I am missing something here. My problem is this: --When reducing the throttle levers to the point of activating the "Gear Horn" (approx. reading of 71.6 on the Turbine Gauges) the left engine Prop Lever automatically goes into the Feathered Position. The right engine Prop Lever remains at the RPM setting to which I have previously set it. At this time--Left engine Torque reading is "1338" while the Right Engine Torque Reading is "0154". The Left RPM gauge reads approx. 900 while the Right RPM gauge reads 1850. Also, when experiencing this situation, I noticed the "Right" Ignition Light is illuminated on the light ann. panel but not the Left Ignition Light. At this reduced power setting--If I try to advance the Left Prop Lever--it automatically returns to the "Feathered" position. The only way I can get the Left Prop Lever to advance and stay is to increase the throttles.This problem makes landing this modified aircraft an interesting challenge. --Also, I am experiencing this same problem when shutting down the engines. With the Mixture Levers at Full Lean, the engines shut down as normal, however, the Left Engine Prop Lever automatically goes into full feathered position. The Right Engine Prop Lever does not move unless I use the proper key stroke to move it--or do so via my mouse. Again, maybe I am missing something in the check list procedure that is causing this--maybe something extra that was added via this mod that the stock B200 does not have? I am really enjoying this modified King Air and hopefully someone can help me get this issue resolved. Thanks PS: I am using P3D version 3.4xx and Windows 10 with the latest Spring update.
  12. I have had the same experience as Stew! I cannot explain it any better than he did. Thanks Stew.
  13. Bill (Whamil77) has done a mod for the C90GTX model as well. If you are interested in receiving that one, then mouse click on his Avatar (Whamil77) and send Bill a "PM" requesting it. His mods really bring to life the reality of these aircraft and how they should be flown, as much as possible within the limitations of our flightsim environment. Bill noted within the installation instructions for the C90B mod. ". . . I highly encourage you to go through the included checklists to manually start, takeoff, fly, land and shutdown the airplane until you become more familiar with it." You may need to go through the startup checklist again, step by step--maybe you're missing a step and that's why you are still seeing the noted annunciation lights. I must confess, I have not yet gone "Cold and Dark" so I cannot help you any further than this. Maybe someone else will respond and give you more info. to help you.
  14. You're welcome and glad you have it resolved. Since you also have the C90GTX version, if you are not aware of it, I believe Bill also did a mod for it as well.
  15. I am using P3D 3.4xx and Whamil77's mod is working fine for me. From the description you have given--you may want to check two items to make sure they're done properly. On the install instructions--Step #4. Make sure you copied and pasted the correct MDL file into the new King Air C90B aircraft model folder. If you did not, it may cause the problem you are describing. Also, from the install instructions--Step #5--make sure you copy and paste all of the contents from the texture common folder in the original C90B into the modified King Air texture common folder. Be sure to follow Bill's instructions to a tee--regarding overwrite warning. I cannot think of any other possible fixes for the problems you described. Maybe someone else or Bill himself will read your post and help you further. I know you have followed the install instructions twice--however sometimes you may still have missed one key part. That has happened to me in the past. Hope you get this resolved as Bill's mod for this King Air really makes the aircraft enjoyable to fly and experience.