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  1. I have both the C90GTX and the B350i with the the Flight1 GTN750 integration mods. If you want a more modern glass cockpit then these are your go to aircraft. The 750 mods make them a lot easier and more pleasing for me to virtually fly rather than Carenado's version of the FMC and their navgraph. If you want longer range and faster cruise--the B350i is your choice--the C90GTX is great for shorter range flights. If you rather go "Old School" the C90 or B200 by Carenado is the way to go as Flight1's Super King Air has the G1000 upgraded cockpit and their own FMC. One of our fellow simmers, Whamil77 has made available some mods for both of the 90GTX & 350i making their flight characteristics more real world like. For the B350i, Whamil77 has done a "Blackhawk" engine upgrade plus several other mods, making it a better aircraft all around (you can check out the 350i forum for a good description of his mod). He also has done some mods for the "Stock" version of the 350i. I believe he has something in the works for Carenado's B200 as well. I had Flight1's B200 Super King Air in FSX Boxed edition. It really is the best all around--have not purchased it for P3D. As mentioned earlier, if you have version 4 of P3D, you will have to wait until it is upgraded for that version. Hope this helps!
  2. Sorry to read you're having CTD trouble--if you cannot find any helpful advice here, you may want to try posting on the CTD forum. Do you have AppCrash? That can be a helpful tool in isolating what the problem source is for your CTD issue. Have you checked your Windows Event log?
  3. I too am enjoying both the C90 GTX and the 350i so much more now that your mods have been installed. A mod "in the works" for the B200 --now that really sounds great. Will your mod be similar to Flight1's Super King Air B200? It is modeled with the Blackhawk XP52, the modified PT6A-52 engines. I had this aircraft installed in FSX and enjoyed a lot. It had great performance and climb rate. Again, thanks for sharing your work with us.
  4. Now you know why many of us fellow simmers are greatly indebted to the very talented and knowledgeable individuals who have spent their own time in providing us with their GTN 750 modification for Carenado aircraft equipped with the Proline system..
  5. Forgot to mention--once you choose an option, then you must click the "Apply" tab and then the Okay" tab for the change to take affect.
  6. So far I have not had any problems with Windows updates as you mention with your fan control. Mine has been flight sim programs past and present. In case you may not know you can control how Window Updates are installed. This is what I discovered while reading a post on another forum and what I did to stop the Win 10 updates: --Control Panel --Click on Administrative Tools --Click on "Services"--scroll down the long list of services until you find "Window Updates" --Double click (left click) on Window Updates. You will see "Windows Update Properties (Local Computer) --Click on "Start Up" then you will see different options that will allow you to control Window Updates (Manual, Automatic [delayed start], Automatic and Disabled). At first I clicked on "Disabled", then rolled back to the previous version (1703) when 1709 was causing problems with 32 bit flight sims. The "Disabled" mode prevented any further automatic attempt to update my desktop to 1709. --Once I read on this and other forums that MS got their act together and Fall Creator (1709) was no longer creating errors or CTD's for flight sims, I finally reset the above to "Automatic" especially in light of the most recent reports of viruses and bad guys trying to hack into computers (desktops, laptops and smart phones).
  7. You may want to check out the "Phenom 300 Tutorial and More" post just before your "First Jet" post. Apparently one of the forum members put together a tutorial that you might find helpful in light of this issue. You might try contacting FSMania in light of your picture to see what he did that you might not be doing. I am sorry to say, Carenado's version of the Proline system has been more of a source of frustration than a joy for many flight-simmers. I enjoy this aircraft primarily due to the GTN750 modification made available for us to use.
  8. With both fear and trembling I too finally broke down and enabled "automatic" updates for Windows 10--I now have 1709 with OS Build 16299.125. Did a test flight earlier this morning with P3D v. 3.4xx and so far all is fine. I am hoping it stays that way.
  9. Good for you! Enjoy your first personal virtual jet and the hours of learning & flying enjoyment that comes with it. Once you become proficient with this one, I would recommend you try one of the Lear Jets mentioned earlier. Both are great in their own way and will challenge your piloting skills even more as they are "Old School" flying with the ability of updating to GTN 750. I enjoy them both.
  10. Welcome, Regarding the Carenado Phenom 300-- Bert Pieke has done a modification that allows you to install the GTN 750-it works great with this aircraft. You may want to send him a "PM" and get his opinion regarding your question as well as his mod if you plan to purchase this a\c.. I personally do not find this aircraft all that difficult to fly (do not know how it compares to the Premier)--I guess it depends on what type of GA flying you do--if they're more complex single and twin-engine types, you may not have much difficulty. Something to get use to is the time it takes for a jet engine to spool up to full power. You may want to take a look at some YouTube videos regarding this a\c by Carenado, prior to purchase. I believe FSMania may have done a review video on this aircraft.
  11. Thanks for sharing with us the two mods for this aircraft. Happy New Year!
  12. Great! Now I have to remember which hangar I placed the 350i in!
  13. If this mod could be incorporated into the 350, I just might send it to the maintenance shop to have it installed!
  14. Glad that you were able to get your problem resolved. If you have not already, I suggest downloading the Avsim CTD guide on the CTD forum. If you should have any future problems (errors and CTD's) it is a wealth of helpful information for us to use in troubleshooting problems within our flightsim environment. It has helped me. The price is great--it's free!
  15. Thanks Bill for your helpful reply. Will do as you noted. Have a Merry Christmas!