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  1. Have not yet installed this recent update, so am I to use the "new sequence" as you noted?? Or, am I to use the initial sequence, Client, Content, Scenery? Is the new sequence of installation a recommended fix only for this texture problem the OP has experienced? Thanks, Raymie
  2. Hi Bert, Found it in the Appdata as you noted. Apparently items such as this one does not get overwritten when doing updates. Also, thanks again for your update tip as deleting the shader folder is not mentioned in the "Updating Prepar 3D v5" instructions found on the Lockheed Martin site,. Ray
  3. Hi Bert, Thanks for your helpful update installation "tip". This will be my first P3D update install, so when you mention to "delete the Shaders" is that the same as the "Shaders HLSL" folder in the main P3D directory? Ray
  4. I had Version 2.x of the Lear 25 in P3D 3.4; when I installed P3D 5.1, I was able to repurchase Version 3.0 at the "Upgrade" price. Overall I have enjoyed both FSW's Lear 35 & Xtreme Prototypes Lear 25 equally and both aircraft can be a handful to fly at times. What I do not like about Version 3.0 is how it installs into the flightsim main "Airplanes" Folder--three separate Lear 25 aircraft folders, "Retrofitted", "GTN" & "GTN 2". In my opinion,this makes the aircraft selection process pretty redundant especially with the amount of the same Lear 25 aircraft textures available x's 3 in the P3D Aircraft Selection Menu. I really wish the developer would have offered something similar to the Milviz "MVAMS" or the A2A config. exe. Thus,you have one Lear25 aircraft folder and the ability to configure the cockpit with one of the three different options offered by the developer.
  5. Hi Slayer68, That would be great if you were able to update the 310R installer to V5. I did experience the same as you noted regarding the MVAMS--it did not read my settings for V5. For me, the 310R worked fine except I did not have any cockpit lighting--could not fly it at night. If you are able to update the 310R installer and it works fine, maybe you could also give it a try for both the "Twinkie" and Bobcat as well as I also miss those aircraft. I was able to get my multi-engine rating in the Twin Comanche during the late 1960's.
  6. I had updated from P3D 3.4xx to version 5.1--MVAMS did not recognize P3D 5.1; also, I was able to install the C 310R Redux into version 5.1 by "fooling" the installer. The 310R did work however unfortunately the cockpit lighting did not. I sure miss the 310R. "Twinkie" and the Bobcat as well. Hope that one day they will be updated to P3D 5.1 Raymie
  7. Years ago Manfred Jahn did a L1249A for FS09 and FSX and I believe it has a VC. You might check Avsim or Flightsim's Library or SimOuthouse as well. Raymie
  8. If my memory serves me well, I have read past posts regarding similar lighting issues. I believe Carenado's panel and cabin lighting is coded into the aircraft "model" itself. For that reason there is nothing you can do to change the cockpit\cabin lighting. This has been a complaint of many other simmers like yourself. Possibly, the only thing you might be able to do is to re-work the lighting texture(s) if you have that ability and texture editing programs.. If you receive no other timely responses to your question, I suggest you "PM" Bert Pieke regarding this. He normally is really good in responding and knowledgeable as well. Raymie
  9. I left P3D ver. 3.4xx behind for version 5.1 + the hotfix. My video resolution is 1920x1080 and I have a GTX 1070 with 8GB of Vram. So far I have only had one CTD and that was due to a freeware addon aircraft that was not 5.1 compatible. Even in EA I only use at the most 3.5 GB of Vram in the more dense Orbx scenery areas like KSEA. Most of my sliders are to the right yet I realize that my 5+ yr. old Jetline desktop has its limits and I have to respect that and not push the limits. At this point in time, I am glad I chose to go with 5.1 rather than P3D 4.5. It is interesting to read through the different comments regarding some have had CTD's with 5.1 for whatever reasons while others such as myself have not.
  10. Hi Rick, For P3D installation, according to Carenado's product page on their website, this aircraft the Cessna XL560 only works in P3D 4.4 (and up). If you have installed it in P3D 3.4 it will not work. The only 32bit sim this aircraft will work in is FSX & FSX-Steam. You probably will need to contact Carenado to let them know this and see if you can either get an exchange or a refund. Good luck, Raymie PS: You may want to try selecting FSX option on the installer, then redirect the installation path to your P3D ver.3.4. Not sure if that will work or not, but its worth a try.
  11. I do not have this aircraft so I cannot give you any helpful advice regarding it. However, if you have not submitted a "Support Ticket" then give it a shot and do so. Since it is a very recent purchase, you may even ask for a refund if you do not receive a satisfactory support response that resolves your problem. Hopefully, someone else that has purchased this aircraft may be able to help you further.
  12. I am currently running P3D v. 5.1 hf 1 on an older Jetline system. I have a Nvidia GTX 1070 with 8GB of Vram and am able to run the sim fine even with some of the sliders pretty far to the right. I do not run a 4K resolution and that seems to be the saving grace for me. I am using Orbx scenery addons and most of my a/c addons are not complex study level. My CPU is a i-7 6700K OC to 4.6GHz with 16GB of sys. Ram. I do have P3D installed on a M,2 Samsung SSD. Even with "EA" enabled for the most part I am registering 3.1 to 3.5 usage of Vram and 30FPS locked in. In dense scenery areas like KSEA and poor weather (IFR) FPS drops and Vram usage goes up some but not anywhere into potential OOM country and sim is still flyable. Hope this helps, Raymie
  13. Hi Ceebee58 I notice that this is your first post and you're a new member. For that reason, I want to welcome you to the Avsim Forum. You should find a lot of helpful advice for any future questions you may have. I noticed you have purchased FSX Steam Edition so I am assuming that your question is focused on that sim's future. I had the "boxed" edition of FSX Gold so I am not familiar with the Steam edition. If you are happy with the Steam edition fior now, and not planning to purchase any more new (recently developed) addons, then stay where you are until MSFS 2020 "matures". I personally believe that FSX boxed and Steam's future will be short-lived as many commercial developers have moved on to X-plane, P3D 4 & 5 and now MSF2020. Also, as you may well know, 64 bit sim programs have their advantage primarily no "OOM's". Regarding your experience with P3D v.5, I recently left P3D 3.4xx for ver. 5.1 hf 1. You did not mention what video card you are using. I have an older Jetline sys. with a i7-6700K OC 4.6GHz, 16GB of Ram and an older GTX 1070 with 8GB of vram. I do not use 4k resolution and am able to run P3D v 5.1 fine with Orbx scenery. Once MSFS 2020 matures, I will probably will go that direction with my sim experience Hope this helps!.
  14. I am currently using a 5+ year old Jetline system as my flightsim computer: i7 6700K OC to 4.6 and a GTX 1070 with 8GB of Vram, 16GB of sys. ram. I have P3D 5.1 hf 1 installed on a Samsung 970 EVO M.2 SSD (my D drive) and Win 10 OS. Even though I am not able to have all of my "sliders" completely maxed out, I am really enjoying version 5.1 (having left behind P3D 3.4). I have all of my Orbx scenery installed but no True Earth. I have had "EA" enabled but do not like how it looks so I fly with it disabled &.I do miss my Rex 4 cloud textures. I am using an older Samsung flat screen monitor so I do use a 4K resolution setting and have my FPS set at "30". My Vram usage has been anywhere from 2.8 to 3.8 depending on location, weather settings (I do not have Active Sky) and type of aircraft I have selected. My hangar is primarily GA, some business jets and older warbirds, nothing too complex or study level. So anyone out there that is still somewhat hesitant in purchasing P3D 5.1 due to having an older system, do not let that stop you from going to version 5.1. I am hoping that in time LM will have the EA bugs resolved. Finally, I probably will in time purchase and install MSFS 2020, but for now, I am waiting to do so until that sim matures and more of my favorite addons will be available for it as well,
  15. Hi Chris, As Bill well noted there are some unfortunate system issues that can be frustrating especially for what you are looking for in preparation for your Class D sim time. One other thing to be aware of is due to this aircraft being a "glass cockpit" some in the sim community have complained about FPS hit depending where one is located in their sim flight. If you have a pretty high end computer you may not find that a problem. You might try doing a Google search for YouTube reviews on this Carenado aircraft. I believe one individual that has done quite a few reviews is FS Mania.(I think that's correct) and the review may help you even further.
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