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  1. raymie

    Golden Eagle

    Thank you very much for sharing with us your great looking repaints of this aircraft. Enjoy them a lot!
  2. raymie

    Start up tutorial please

    If I should use the Ground Power Unit to aid engine start, must I still first turn on both batteries and the three generators as well? I looked for this in the Falcon manual but could not find anything mentioned about start up using the GPU. Thanks!
  3. raymie

    GTN750 Integration WIP

    I also want to thank you for your effort in providing a potential GTN 750 modification. This is great news and I may now consider purchasing Carenado's version of this business jet.
  4. raymie

    Falcon FA50 EX is out

    That's a very good idea, however, from what I have read in the past Carenado does not read this forum nor interact with it. It would be best to compile a "bug" list and send it to Carenado via their "Official" support ticket system.
  5. I had the T\O Config light illuminate--the reason why it did in my case, take off elevator trim was not set properly--noticed that right away and once properly trimmed the warning light went off. Raymie
  6. Pascal, Regarding your TCAS issue (red & green colored arcs): Go to the "TACAS control head" on the center pedestal--on the left side of the control head there is a control knob--set it for either TA\RA or TA only. You can find an explanation of these modes in the Falcon 50 manual by Flysimware-- "Pedestal #5" pp. 32-33 and pg. 34 #5b. Hope this helps, Raymie
  7. Hi Al (ark), Yes, I meant the yellow TCAS indicator as you described it. I will look for the TCAS control on the center counsel. Thanks Raymie
  8. Regarding the TCAS-- is it suppose to be illuminated all the time? I hear no sound but it remains illuminated. I am using the current updated version of this aircraft in P3D v. 3.4xx. On the previous version, the TCAS also stayed illuminated. Thank, Raymie
  9. raymie

    More G1000 nonsense from Carenado

    Sorry, it has been some time ago so I cannot put my finger on any quotes However, I do remember that some posters have noted that Carenado does not monitor this forum--their Facebook page is the only source they do keep tabs on. If that is correct, I suspect they do not monitor this forum because it is an "unofficial" one ("User to User Support Forum"). For any "technical" support on their payware products, you must submit a support ticket from their website. .
  10. raymie

    More G1000 nonsense from Carenado

    If memory serves me correctly, I believe it will be available only for version 4.
  11. Thanks for sharing the developer's comments. That;s helpful information regarding my decision to purchase KSBA and possibly what to expect without having the region installed. At least there will be no surprises if one sees any "anomalies".
  12. Thanks! I will take a look at his video to understand this topic better.
  13. Thanks Simicro for sharing that. I went back to the Orbx Direct website and here is what they say: Prerequisite Products You require at least one of the following products to use KSBA Santa Barbara Municipal Airport, and they listed NA SoCal. It's a bit confusing in light of the fact that region is not essential according to your experience and others as well. Again, thanks for sharing your experience. I am hoping that by Christmas if Orbx has a sale, Santa Barbara will be somewhat discounted.
  14. Thanks for your helpful replies--I am hesitant to purchase the SoCal region specifically for the reason of being a performance hog.
  15. Can anyone Confirm from their own experience that KSBA does work without NA SoCal? I would like to eventually purchase this airport but Orbx notes that SoCal region is required. I too have Global & LC. Thanks