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  1. Yes, thank you for your helpful explanation on this topic!
  2. I have just finished a short flight in the "Original" Milviz C 310R. When I initiated my descent from cruise altitude, reduction of throttles (MP) brought about a reduction in "engine" sound. When I leveled off, increased throttles (MP) resulted in increased "engine" sound. I am assuming "engine" sound would be combustion\exhaust noise. This repeated itself as I continued to make my descent and then final approach to my destination airport. Once on final, prop levers pushed full forward did not result in the increased prop pitch sound that one now hears in the Redux version. So if I understand some of the conversations here regarding this--then the sound package of the "Original" version is not accurate?? If that's the case, and it could be, then maybe that's why some of us are thinking there's a problem with the "Redux" version engine sounds of this wonderful aircraft. That was my initial response during my first flight of the Redux version, "hum, this does not sound right" because I was so use to the sound\throttle response of the original version. And by the way, I still enjoy both of these versions of this wonderful twin Cessna done by Milviz.
  3. I have noticed the same regarding engine sound and manifold pressure (throttle) adjustments. Decrease in throttle does not bring a decrease in engine sound (i.e. reduction in manifold setting during descent or on approach to slow down indicated airspeed). On final approach prop adjustment to full pitch brings an increased pitch sound as that should be. Any clarification would be appreciated. I too am enjoying the Redux version a lot. The autopilot is a learning curve somewhat but getting use to it.
  4. Cessna 310R Redux

    I currently have the "Redux" version installed in P3D v. 3.4xx. From what I read on the official Milviz forum, I can also install the original version of the Milviz C 310R without any conflict or overwrites? Also, thanks for already answering my second question, MVAMS will adjust both the old and new as needed.
  5. New 310R from Milviz

    I second that! A B-55 Redux would be great as well. Hope it become a reality.
  6. Thanks for your helpful replies regarding this. I did go to the "Official" Milviz website. Another individual experienced the same thing as I did regarding the download e-mail link. The official reply to this individual's post was an expectation for the Redux version to be available by the end of the weekend. I assume that will be this coming week. Sure looking forward to this updated version as I have enjoyed their 310R for some time now. Thanks again, Raymie
  7. Sorry, but I am still somewhat confused. I currently have the "original" Milviz Cessna 310R that I have enjoyed for these last few years. Earlier this week I received an e-mail with a direct link to the latest update to this original version. Also, in this e-mail is the 50% promo code for the Redux version--use the code at purchase and receive a reduced price. I clicked on the link which took me to the Milviz website and specifically to the Redux version of the C310R. However I cannot purchase it yet, apparently the Redux version is not yet available to purchase, at least from the Milviz website. My question and confusion is--how did you take the "smaller discount and download it . . . ." That tells me you must have purchased the Redux version of this wonderful aircraft by Milviz. Thanks, Raymie
  8. C90B Mod

    And I wholeheartedly agree as well--thank you Bill for your mods! They're greatly appreciated and so is all the research and work you do to make these mods a reality.
  9. Baron 58 and 58TC Mod v1.0

    Thanks Bill for all the work you have accomplished via your mods--I have been enjoying the fruits of your labor and looking forward to receiving your mod for Carenado's Baron.
  10. Cessna 340 Makeover V1.0

    The installation instructions call for setting up a "yoke button" to disconnect the autopilot as well as setting up a yoke command for nose up and nose down trim via FSUIPC "macros" that Bill included in this modification. For that reason, I believe you will need the "payware" version as this seems to go beyond the freeware version's limitation.I used the freeware version for a few years & just purchased the "registered" version of FSUIPC via Simmarket. If you rather not purchase the registered version, you may simply try Bill's mod for this aircraft since it is free. It may work fine--other than not being able to "enjoy the full benefits of the modification" as noted in Bill's installation instructions. Hope this helps!
  11. I too am very thankful for all of Bill's mods and the work he has done to make them available to us. Each mod has made a big improvement in these aircraft.
  12. Cessna 340 Makeover V1.0

    Received it and thank you very much!
  13. Cessna 340 Makeover V1.0

    Thanks Bill for your modifications on this older Carenado aircraft. Will have to dig it out of my hangar when your mods are made available.
  14. Hi Erik, If you have not already done so, I would suggest posting your CTD issue in the Avsim CTD and Prepar3D forums as well as keeping an eye out on the LM forums. There is also a CTD guide that can be downloaded--that link is located in the Avsim CTD forum. I believe Jim Young may have put that guide together and I have found it to be a helpful resource and it may be worth looking into. Good luck in resolving your problem.
  15. newbie needs help please

    Along with giving us as much detail as possible, as previously suggested, have you taken a look at Windows Event Viewer to see if any of the crash details are given? Also, how about "App Crash"? If so please post that info as well There are some very knowledgeable individuals that can possibly help you if they have more information. Have you taken a look at the Avsim CTD Guide found here in this CTD forum? It too is a very helpful resource. Hang in there, most if not all of us know your frustration as many of us have experienced the dreaded CTD's in our flight sims.