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  1. I Googled "Amerika Bomber" and yes, according to several articles, word not allowed wanted a bomber that had the range to fly to New York city from Germany, bomb the city and return to Germany.It was on the drawing board and it looks like three were produced, however, thankfully the war ended before mass production took place.
  2. I have the P3D v.3xx version of the B 350i. I cannot answer your first question as I am not experiencing either one of those problems. Your last situation, in the realism section, try turning down both the P-factor and Torque sliders to zero setting. If you "PM" me your e-mail address I can send you via dropbox, Bill's mod (v. 1.0) he did that improved the flight characteristics of this a\c. You can look at the B350i mod v.1,0 topic for its description.
  3. Thanks for your helpful reply. Did exactly as you noted, was able to get to the download--started to download and afterwards the dreaded "error" placard indicated my MS C++ Runtime was out of date. Clicked the link to install the updated runtime, rebooted my computer. I went through the download process and same error came up again. I had this same problem some time ago when updating my Flight1 GTN 750\650. At that time I had to redo the runtime update multiple times via the MS link before it finally worked. Probably will pass on this freebee as I don't want to hassel the repeated runtime update as everything is currently working well for my flightsim.. Thanks again, Raymie
  4. I tried to get this free download, went through the Flight1 Purchasing Agent, when I selected their "free" 182T Skylane for P3D, it took me to the checkout where I was suppose give my credit card information as though I was making a purchase. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Raymie
  5. Will the Cessna 414 be available for P3D version 3 once it is available for purchase?
  6. On the official Orbx forum there was a download link for Central version 3. It has been a while so I cannot remember under what topic it was located. You may want to try the Central verse 3 topic or version 4 topic. I am sure if you posted your request on their forum someone "official" could direct you to the download link.
  7. Along with the helpful information given to you by Mace, you may want to send Bert Pieke a "PM" with your questions. He is a very helpful and knowledgeable resource regarding what you can do and how to do so along with what cannot be done to customize an a\c panel. Bert is a member of the Avsim forum and you can click onto his avatar and send Bert a PM that way.
  8. The only C 337 Skymaster that I know of is one that Carenado produced some years ago and then updated. There may be others out there as freeware or payware. You may want to post your questions on the Carenado Support Forum (Commercial Support Forums hosted by Avsim) either under the C 337 topic or the General topic. From what I understand and that is limited, you may be limited to what you can do in customizing a panel to simulate your real world Skymaster. The limitations are in the area of modeling, which only Carenado can do. You may also want to check out the products page on Carenado's website to see what their Skymaster looks like. Many simmers in the past have liked that aircraft.
  9. Thanks Bill. Carenado has corrected their products page for this aircraft. The "Requirements" tab now notes P3D v.4 (or higher); initially it noted both P3D v, 3 or v. 4 which was not what the Special Features section stated as I noted above..
  10. Does anyone know if this bizjet works in P3D v. 3.4xx?? On Carenado's website it states the following (on both the home page and under the products tab): Under the "Special Features" heading, it states this aircraft is for P3D v. 4.4 and up, while under the "Requirements" tab it notes P3D v. 3 or v. 4. Thanks! Raymie
  11. raymie


    Hi Roger, I hope Bert will respond to your most recent post as he is very knowledgeable about gauge placements. From what I understand, the 2D navstax display would be a "Pop Up" display radio stack (Shift + a numeric value). The 3D display would be the radio stack modeled into the cockpit panel. For this to take place Carenado would have to offer a "installer" to install the Navstax 3D radio panel--such as they do with the Flight1 GTN 750. Milviz offers a Navstax installer for their Cessna 310R Redux model. If you have other vendor addon aircraft such as the one mentioned from Milviz, you could install the Navstax as a 3D display if they offer the installer option for it--the Carenado aircraft such as the Baron 58, you would have to use it as a 2D Pop-up. I do not have Navstax so I can not tell you what it is like. Hope this helps, Raymie
  12. raymie


    That will give him a "Pop-Up" window which is probably the only way to make this work? If so, can he then just use gauge03=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio ADF, 0, 142 from this radio stack panel? Just curious about this as I would like to somehow put an ADF into the equation as well.
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