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  1. Thanks for sharing the developer's comments. That;s helpful information regarding my decision to purchase KSBA and possibly what to expect without having the region installed. At least there will be no surprises if one sees any "anomalies".
  2. Thanks! I will take a look at his video to understand this topic better.
  3. Thanks Simicro for sharing that. I went back to the Orbx Direct website and here is what they say: Prerequisite Products You require at least one of the following products to use KSBA Santa Barbara Municipal Airport, and they listed NA SoCal. It's a bit confusing in light of the fact that region is not essential according to your experience and others as well. Again, thanks for sharing your experience. I am hoping that by Christmas if Orbx has a sale, Santa Barbara will be somewhat discounted.
  4. Thanks for your helpful replies--I am hesitant to purchase the SoCal region specifically for the reason of being a performance hog.
  5. Can anyone Confirm from their own experience that KSBA does work without NA SoCal? I would like to eventually purchase this airport but Orbx notes that SoCal region is required. I too have Global & LC. Thanks
  6. raymie

    Questions on OrbX sales

    I too have several of the Global products. The Pacific Northwest Region was my very first region I purchased from Orbx and then some of their local airports for that region. The reason for doing so is due to doing all of my real world flight training in that region (the greater Puget Sound) during the 1960's. However, if you would be interested in expanding your flightsim "horizons", I would suggest the possibility of purchasing two other regions-- The Northern & Central Rockies. That would give you an opportunity to purchase some neat local airports such as Bonners Ferry, and Felts Field in Spokane (my home now) along with Bozeman Yellowstone Int, Idaho Falls and Jackson. Lovely scenery and other neat smaller local airports as well. My last purchase for the PNW region was Pearson right along the Columbia River on the Vancouver side.
  7. raymie

    Milviz PA-30 Twin Comanche

    I enjoy "old school" airborne navigation (VOR-VOR, sectional charts and NDB) as that is what I trained with in flight school back in the 1960's. However, I do enjoy using the GTN 750 and you can do VOR navigation as well as GPS. It also makes holding patterns much easier!!. Glad that Milviz and other Payware aircraft vendors give us an option regarding radio & navigation equipment I am not familiar with Navstax.
  8. If you can swing it, you may want to seriously go with P3D v. 4 due to it being a 64 bit platform. From what I read, the 64 bit environment has pretty much eliminated the dreaded "OOM's" that one experiences in 32 bit flightsims. Also, it may only be a matter of time that many payware developers will no longer be supporting 32 bit and if they do, it may only be FSX. I do not know if you can experience better FPS with P3D v. 4. I am sure someone else can comment on that. I still use P3D v. 3.4xx and for now I am happy with it. However, in the near future I will most likely be moving over to a 64 bit flightsim. Currently, I am using a nearly 2 yr. old Jetline built computer-- Intel 6700, 16 GB of ram. a GTX 1070 video card, 800 watt psu, 500 GB SSD & 1 TB HD.& a DVD drive. It works well for me.
  9. raymie

    P3D V4 Crashing every flight

    Does your Windows Event Viewer indicate any possible cause for your CTD's? Do you have AppCrash? If so, does that give you any clues for why your sim is crashing? You may need to provide more details such as your system specs, scenery addon(s), your sim settings (sliders maxed??). Does your CTD's happen in other areas of the world in which you fly? How about other aircraft in your sim? Finally, there is a Avsim Crash To Desk Top Guide that you can download--it is compromised of very helpful information that can in many cases resolves these frustrating problems. Hope others will be able to help you further. Wish you well in getting your problem resolved.
  10. raymie

    Twin Comanche Imminent ?

    Wow! I have downloaded and installed two great updates in one day--the Alternative Panel for the Twinkie and the updated FDE for the B-55. Thank you to all who were involved in making these available. It's almost like Christmas right after Halloween😊 Enjoying both.
  11. Thanks! Looking forward to trying this one out.
  12. Are these updated files for both B-55 models? If not, which one does the files apply to? Thanks
  13. Go to the official Milviz website. --Support Forums --B-55 Support Forum --Under the "Topics" Section you will find "Flight Dynamics Update November 2018" (second down from the top). Mouse click on that. --Within the Attachment box you will find the download link. Mouse click on that link and you're home. Hope this helps.
  14. He can set you up so that you have access to the official support forum. Just need to send him a proof of purchase. That's what I did when I purchased the Twin Comanche.
  15. Just go to the "Official" B-55 support forum on the Milviz forum website. You can download the FDE update there.