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  1. Hi Mokeiko, --When you do a complete uninstall of P3D ver. xx that install process will not uninstall any of your addons such as aircraft, gauges etc. You will have to uninstall that yourself if you have not already done so. --You also may need to go to Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming and delete what may still be in the Lockheed Martin folder if you have not already done so. I did a complete uninstall of P3D ver. 3 when I updated to version 5.1 a year ago. There was still the P3D ver. 3 folder in that previously mentioned Lockheed Martin Folder. I had to delete it as well. --You may also have to go to your registry and and make sure there is nothing there regarding your previous P3D 4.xx installation. --You may need to look in the Program Data (C drive on my computer) file as there is a Lockheed Martin folder there as well, if you have not already done so. I hop that some else can give you some helpful tips that I have not mentioned. Raymie
  2. I do appreciate the fact that AH has made their aircraft available for free download. For that reason, I have both the Sabreliner & the DC 3. At this point, I have hangered the Sabreliner and probably will do the same with the DC 3 as I enjoy Manfred Jahn's C 47. I guess all I can say is that I am glad that I did not purchase the Sabreliner & their DC 3, however I will try their Cessna 140. Raymie
  3. If you do not receive a helpful response soon, try sending Jean-Luc a "PM". Hope you get your problem resolved. Raymie
  4. Hi tennana, I suggest that you just simply go ahead and post your "simple problem" here in the RXP Support Forum. Just submit it in the appropriate category ("General", "X-Plane", "Flight Sim" or "Legacy). "Mr. Reality XP" (Jean-Luc) is good in keeping up with and responding to the posts. At times another flight simmer maybe able to help you resolve your problem or answer your question. Hope this helps, Raymie
  5. You can find the download link on the official Milviz Support Forum--Piper PA30 Support. You may have to contact Oisin Little (aka Osh) in order to give you access to the forum, specifically the Piper PA30 support forum, if you have not already. If you have not already done so you will need to submit proof of purchase to him. Raymie
  6. Hi John, Thanks for your helpful reply. Prior to my previous post, I did go to the Milviz support forum to make sure I had the right information regarding the updated P3D v 5 installer. I also saw the link to the autopilot patch is dead as I too tried it and found the same result as you noted. You are correct regarding how the Twin Comanche was originally equipped with the "old school" panel. Due to a significant request by fellow simmers, Milviz made the option available with a more modern panel layout which also included the GTN 750 & 650 option. That "modern panel" option could be selected via the MVAMS My initial installation of this aircraft was originally in P3D 3.4xx and at that time the MVAMS worked fine for me. However, once I updated to P3D 5.1 last year I could no longer get the MVAMS to work I would try the panel selections and other options but no changes to any of the Milviz aircraft I had in P3D 5xx. You are fortunate that MVAMS works for you. I am now trying to find a way to reinstall the GTN 750 & 650 option back into the panel without the usage of MVAMS. The difficult part for me is I am now using the Reality XP version of the 750 & 650 which is not supported by Milviz in their additional panel cfg. files included in the Twin Comanche aircraft folder. Finally, I was fortunate to be able to acquire the autopilot patch while it was still available via the support forum. Unfortunately, I may have lost that patch due to a previous storage HD that crashed sometime ago. Hope you are able to get a reply back from Osh for it seems like Milviz crew are not monitoring this support forum at AVSIM any more, or at least as much as they once did. Raymie
  7. The Twin Comanche installer has been updated for P3D v. 5 (v2.210803), unfortunately though, Milviz is only supporting MSFS 2020. I currently have it in P3D 5.3 Hotfix 2. As John has noted, the autopilot for the Twin Comanche has a bug; there was a patch to fix it but I do not know if it is still available. Also, the "Milviz Addon Management System" does not work with P3D version 5xx so you cannot custom configure the aircraft panel. Finally, I would agree with John regarding purchasing this aircraft. I strongly advise you first try to contact Oisin Little (aka "Osh") via his posted e-mail address: info@milviz.com regarding the issues raised. The only reason I have it installed is, the Twin Comanche is the aircraft I earned my multi-engine rating during the 1960's. Hope this helps, Raymie
  8. One of the reasons why I have not yet migrated to MSFS 2020 is due to no GTN 750 & 650 has been developed for that sim platform. Therefore, I will also "stay loyal to P3d" for that reason; I would also consider X-plane 12, if it becomes a reality, if the RXP 750 & 650 will be updated for that sim platform..
  9. Right after I updated to Hotfix 2, I had the same popup placard as you described. What I did was to remove any left over F1 GTN items from each addon aircraft, such as the F1 ini file and any F1 GTN command lines in the panel cfg. files. I have not had the popup placard since. However, I am not sure if this will resolve the problem for you, but you might want to give it a try. I am currently using the RXP version of both the GTN 750 & 650 units.
  10. I will be 72 this year and I too am at the point in my life that I am very well satisfied in staying with P3D v. 5xx. I have been doing flight simulation since MSFS 95 because as a real world licensed pilot, flying enough hours to remain current just got too expense for me. I have been through FS 95, 98, 2K, 2004 & FSX. Eventually I moved over to P3D 3.4xx and then a year ago to P3D 5.1 & now 5.3. With this latest version being very stable on my aging Jetline desktop, plus all of the great addon scenery & a\c that I enjoy, as Patco Lch note, "Time to just enjoy what I have".
  11. Hi Dave, I too had to leave the F1 GTN750 & 650 behind for the same reason--incompatibility and no longer updated to latest P3D 5.3 hotfix 2 In using the panel configuration tool to install the RXP GTN 750, you will need to install it where the F1 GTN 750 is already located.in the aircraft panel. If you're installing RXP's 750 into a Carenado aircraft that has the GNS 530, you will get the "hybrid" version as you called it. My understanding is the 530 bezel with the knobs is coded in the aircraft model so there is no real work around. If you have the GTN 750 screen showing, then you may need to "toggle" a 750 "popup". In most Carenado aircraft, the GNS 530 will toggle into a popup using your mouse pointer and clicking onto the 530. I hope someone else will chime in and possibly give you a better answer. You mentioned A2A as well. I just installed the RXP GTN 750 into several of my A2A aircraft that did have the F1 GTN750.
  12. I held off installing Hotfix 2 simply for that reason, hoping that update 1.26 would soon follow. I waited for 5-6 days afterward and with no update available, I went ahead and "pulled the trigger" in purchasing the RXP version of the GTN 750. I had no issues in purchasing, downloading and installing as all went well. The installation module for the RXP GTN gauge is pretty simple and straight forward and there are several helpful tutorials also available if needed; they can be found on the RXP forum here at AVSIM. Now I am ready to install Hotfix 2! Raymie
  13. I waited for about 5-6 days after HF 2 for a F1 update via their "Update Tool" but it never happened. I highly suspect that the Flight1 GTN 750 & 650 has finally come to the end of the road for hotfix updates. For that reason I have moved on to the RXP version and enjoy it a lot. It was an easy download and install. If you should do the same I highly advise you not to uninstall the Flight1 version. The RXP install module will replace the Flight1 version of either the GTN 750 or 650 that you currently have installed with the RXP version. Right now I am in the process of converting over to RXP in my installed addon aircraft. Also, from what it looks like there is great support for the RXP version as well and its right here at the AVSIM forum. Raymie
  14. Hi Bruce, Your situation is much different than mine. I only have P3D 5.3xx so I had to purchase the RXP GTN 750 as I do not have any plans in the near future to purchase MS2020.For me, the biggest advantage in going with the RXP unit is that it seems to be well supported if one needs the "technical help" and it looks like it will be around for awhile and updated when necessary. Raymie
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