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  1. raymie

    How to add simulated turbo in cfg?

    Below is a copied section from Carenado's Barron 58 that has been configured for turbocharged engines.. The highlighted are the essential areas to change in order to achieve a "turbo" aircraft engine. The manifold pressure parameters and critical altitude may differ for your application--however this should get you started. You will find the "GeneralEngineData" in the aircraft cfg. file. [GeneralEngineData] engine_type = 0 Engine.0 = -1.7, -5.2, 0.0 Engine.1 = -1.7, 5.2, 0.0 fuel_flow_scalar= 0.70 min_throttle_limit = 0.0 [piston_engine] power_scalar = 1.05 cylinder_displacement= 91.7 compression_ratio= 8.0 number_of_cylinders= 6 max_rated_rpm= 2700.0 max_rated_hp= 325.0 fuel_metering_type= 0 cooling_type= 0 normalized_starter_torque= 0.3 turbocharged= 1 (a non turbocharged aircraft would have a "0" ) max_design_mp= 39.5 min_design_mp= 1.0 critical_altitude= 18000.0 emergency_boost_type= 0 emergency_boost_mp_offset= 0.0 emergency_boost_gain_offset= 0.0 fuel_air_auto_mixture= 0 auto_ignition= 0 max_rpm_mechanical_efficiency_scalar= 1.0 idle_rpm_mechanical_efficiency_scalar= 1.0 max_rpm_friction_scalar= 1.0 idle_rpm_friction_scalar= 1.0
  2. raymie

    Proline 21 Avionics?

    I will try to answer your question the best I can from my own experience. I have found the F1 GTN 750 & 650 pretty easy on FPS. This was several years ago when I had an older i7 950 Alienware computer and used FSX Gold Edition. At that time I had several of Carenado's "Glass Panel" business jets (EMB 505 Phenom 300 & H850XP) with Bert Pieke's GTN 750 mod installed. I found the GTN 750 a lot easier on Frame Rates especially with Orbx PNW region and specifically in the Seattle area--a lot better frame rates than the "stock" Garmin 1000. Due to the many negative comments I read about Carenado's FMC and their Proline 21, I would not have purchased these two Carenado aircraft if not for Bert's GTN 750 Mod. Currently I have an 18 mo. old Jetline computer with an i7 6700 and a GTX 1070 video card and I am using P3D 3.4xx (32bit) that allows me to have the scenery sliders set much higher than my older Alienware. Even with that, I have no frame rate issues with the GTN 750 installed, such as noted before as a mod in Carenado Glass Cockpit business jets (i.e. Phenom 300). You are using P3D v 4 (64bit) and your upgraded system may even have more "horse power" than my older Jetline. If that's the case, you should have no frame rate issues with the GTN750. I would highly recommend that you save your dimes, nickels and whatever extra change you have and put that aside for a future F1 GTN 750 purchase if you cannot afford both 750 & 650. I would recommend that you "PM" Bert Pieke for his advice. He is a very helpful individual and well versed on this topic, more so than me. Hope this helps Raymie
  3. raymie

    Should I get the 690B?

    I am currently using P3D 3.4xx and have the 690B with Bill's mods installed. Big improvement over the "Stock" Carenado version.
  4. raymie

    RealAir Duke B60 Coming To v4

    Thanks Sean for making the the Piston Duke available for P3D. Now I can enjoy both Turbine and Piston Duke's along with the Legacy--three aircraft I dearly missed after leaving FSX for P3D.
  5. raymie

    Made the Switch from FSX, now What?

    You probably are quite aware of this major difference--FSX is 32 bit and P3D v 4 is 64 bit. Follow the good advice given here and go to the developer's forums to see what you must do to be able to use your favorite addons in the P3D v 4 environment.
  6. raymie

    Cockpit layout questions

    "MH" = "Manifold Heat" probably the same as "carb heat" "OC" = "Oil Cooler" (probably not modeled by Carenado) Carenado is well known for not providing very much helpful information regarding aircraft systems and cockpit layout. Hope this helps.
  7. raymie

    GTN 750 will not turn on.

    I too have Avast Antivirus as well--It does not like the GTN750-650 and gives off "false positives". I have placed a Scan Exclusion for my main flight sim folder to resolve that and other potential false positive issues.If I suspect any potential virus in a flightsim download, I scan that download item first before incorporating it. False positives have been a big complaint over at the Flight1 forum--the GTN & GNS program developers have communicated this to the main antivirus developers with out any success. That's why Flight1 highly recommends our antivirus program(s) be turned off first prior to downloading and installing their purchased items.
  8. raymie

    GTN 750 will not turn on.

    Do you have the Flight1 GTN750 installed in any of your other flightsim aircraft? If so, is it working okay in the other aircraft? If the GTN 750 is working okay in your other aircraft but not in the A2A C 172, then you may need to go to the A2A forum and post your issue there.
  9. raymie

    LH/RH Fluor Switches?

    I believe Whamil77 is correct in noting it is florescent lighting. A2A does a really good job on florescent cockpit lighting for their B17G and I believe their P51D Mustang.Unfortunately not so for Carenado--eye candy only.
  10. raymie

    How many computers?

    At times payware developers will have within their terms of usage and agreement what you can and cannot do. This is normally found prior to the installation process--you must first click on "Agree" in order to initiate the install. Not sure if Carenado does this or not as I never had this issue. I my flightsim (P3D) is on one computer.
  11. It sounds like you are up and running again without any further CTD's? You may want to check with Milviz on their official website to see if their weather radar is compatible with P3D 4.3.
  12. raymie

    Update 1.1

    That's pretty much what I expected--If we want a Beech 18 that must be flown by the book with all of the electrical & engine systems working, then we have to hope that A2A will one day offer this wonderful aircraft. Will purchase and be thankful again for individuals like you and other who make available their suggested changes to the cfg. and air files.
  13. raymie

    Update 1.1

    Thanks for the notice--how about the flight dynamics? Did this patch fix improve them? Were the sounds improved any or must we use our own supplemental sounds? I have been waiting for a patch before I pull the so-called purchase trigger. Raymie
  14. raymie

    Poor sounds and flight model?

    Thanks for sharing with us your comments regarding Carenado's Beech 18D along with the pics. Appreciate it much! I will eventually purchase this latest product from Carenado, but not until I see what they have done to fix the mentioned bugs.
  15. raymie

    Poor sounds and flight model?

    Appreciate having a "real world" pilot with real life flight experience in this type of aircraft. I have approximately 3-4 hours of "right" seat time in the Beech 18 but that was about 50 yrs ago. That is a key reason why I would like to purchase this aircraft for my flightsim hangar. It may be very helpful once you have a few "sim" hours in this aircraft to provide us with a short review based on your own flight experience--other pilots have done this sort of thing for us and it can be very helpful, such as you noted regarding fuel burn for specific power settings. Beta version--others have made that very same comment regarding Carenado aircraft in general. How could real Beech pilots miss these discrepancies? Thanks!