Not completely clear how to assign a HW button/Knob to the Keys

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OK.. Since this was released on Monday I am not home... and can't install this until this weekend.. I have to settle for reading the document and get familiar with this GNS530

I see the section. "Custom Command".


for enter key, it says use command "ENT_1" (for the first unit) 

so in the ini file what would be the entry?


ini file entry

ALT+F1+Shift =  ENT_1 ?



and then using FSUIPC I assign "ALT+F1+Shift   to the button labeled ENT in my hw?



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Hi Manny, I'm sorry for missing the week-end deadline, but I can assure you we've been working full steam. There is just so much more than just the gauge files (manuals, installer, website, coupons etc...).

Nevertheless, it shall be clearer when opening the aforementioned keyboard shortcuts settings file: the file is automatically created when you open any GNS gauge. It is self-documented, with all possible keyboard commands already there waiting for assignment, and it looks like this:

CFLP_1 = 
VFLP_1 = 
CDI_1 = 
OBS_1 = 

As a matter of fact, should you are familiar with the older GNS, it is the very same, except command names have changed a little (the left side of the = ).

Please note the GNS V2 is now able to intercept default GPS commands. This mean should you have a hardware / gauge / module whatever program sending the standard FS SDK commands, such as "KEY_GPS_OBS_BUTTON" or "KEY_GPS_ENTER_BUTTON", then you can use this instead of the keyboard shortcuts.

There is an extra feature implemented with these keyboard shortcuts not yet documented (not in the manual), but I'll come back in more details later about this. In short, the FS 'commands' are usually sent just as an event like the "KEY_GPS_ENTER_BUTTON" above.

But the FS command system also sends a parameter with these commands. It is of no use with the GPS buttons, but it is of use with the levers for example, in order to set the percentage of displacement. What the GNS V2 do is intercepting this valid parameter (usually developers pass '0' for these commands), in order to make it a modifier for the   "GPS_xxx" commands. It interprets the parameter as a bit-field, that is each binary digit of the value represents a specific modifier:

  • bit1: command to GPS unit #2 if set, to GPS unit #1 if clear.
  • bit2: press
  • bit3: release 

For example sending the ENT key press event to GPS#2:


with 3 = bit1 (1) + bit2 (2)


Sending the ENT key release event to GPS#2:


with 5 = bit1 (1) + bit3 (4)


Sending the ENT key press-release event to GPS#2:




This is a very powerful system to interconnect the GNS V2 with any third party hardware, module, gauge.

I'd guess any third-party tool able to send commands to FS is also able to associate a parameter (otherwise they won't be able to send commands for all the levers).



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Thank you Jean-Luc

Looking forward to use my GPS (hw) with this... 


Once I get it up running.. I'll post my settings and photographs.

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I can't wait seeing your setup in action!

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