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  I run FSX Steam  and have the AI2 carriers installed .

Can Anyone help me with the procedure for getting my VRS Superbug onto a carrier to start flight ops.

Thank you

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Hello Hop,

Timely that you should ask this question, as I have only just finished re-installing the AI carrier stuff into my FSX-A Deluxe Gold" to get some landable carriers with steam launch catapults and retrieval traps. Most if not all of these freeware addons require FSX Acceleration (which I assume is the same for FSX:SE which includes Acceleration)

I don't have the VRS superbug, though it is immaterial to getting everything else to display as you like and ready to launch. The basics of a Catapult launch I imagine would be the same for any mil jet capable of launch/retrieval on a carrier deck.

The basics in FSX - Cat launch

  • Spawn your aircraft or slew to the deck
  • Taxi your aircraft to a Cat track 1, 2, or 3, located from starboard to port (right to left)
  • Line-up nose wheel within inches of the flashing white light (on cat launch block/shuttle)
  • Extend the nose-wheel-Launch-bar Shift+U
  • Attach aircraft to the cat block for takeoff assist Shift+I (aircraft may squat or pull into position when engaged)
  • The Deflection shield will raise behind the aircraft
  • Set Flap's 1 position
  • Raise your throttles/engine thrust (No need for excessive thrust, as you will be thrown off the ship by the catapult anyway)
  • Press Shift+Spacebar to initiate the launch press Shift+U after launch to raise the launch bar before raising the gear if not retracted automatically) 

Wire Retrieval

  • Configure your aircraft for Carrier landing (Grab that ball)
  • Press Shift+Q to lower the Tail Hook or select the handle or button on the instrument panel.
  • Line-up with meatball and aim for the LZ, use your indicator red/green arrows and yellow Donut for the correct approach speed and AOA (Angle Of Attack)
  • Grab a wire (any one will do) as you touchdown, you'll know you have when you lurch forward and down and hear the engines whistle and the steam blast and tire smoke past your canopy.

I use Dino Cataneo's freeware (F-14D, T-45 Goshawk, F-35 Lightning II, S-3B Viking) although many of the saved "carrier tracks" will load with a default FSX "FA-18 Hornet"  which you can swap for your VRS Superbug after loading.

I have also installed a freeware to load my Dino Cataneo jets on the deck of Javier Fernandez FSX Acceleration USS Nimitz and Eisenhower, using the tool within FSX tools menu to select & place a carrier anywhere around the world. It all seems to work just fine, one might even say impressive for freeware. I have also installed Freeware VEH Clemenceau. The fidelity/ Quality of Javier and Sylvain's carriers are amazing, runway lights, meatball, moving deck operation, under deck ops, steam cat,  moving launch deflector shield, catch wires, AI movement ancillary ships and support craft - helos and other boats. Your in for a real High Definition treat. 
You can have the ship positioned static or set it on a moving straight path using the "aicarriers2r2" FSX menu tool (a menu window will give options to choose for ship type, position, orientation).

Each zip download has extensive install instructions, please read them, making sure you place the files exactly where they are needed. They also list the complimentary ship, scenery, and AI aircraft. (launching from steam cat will be awesome with the Superbug though if you're using the Superbug - you will have your hands full catching a wire, things happen real quick - but that's where the fun really starts, getting that perfect trap as the sun goes down.

The files you will need are: Available here at AVSIM or Flightsim - you may need to google Clemenceau if you want it, as I think its on a French website. (for the highly detailed ships) you have these installed already if you have installed Javier Fernandez pack. 

Sylvain Parouty's  for the Clemenceau

Carrier Tracks Volume 1&2  This will give you some pre-configured flights from the deck. selected from the FSX Load panel Listed under "Carriers". (You will need to locate all .bgls within the extracted pack copy past to the correct folder per the enclosed instructions, doing the same for the saved flights (.FSSAVE .WX .Flt)

The final and most important 2 Packages for selecting and positioning a carrier you choose are:

The 2 packages have exe installers (you can allow the default location or browse to a folder outside your OS protected folders or your can browse to your sim drive root folder where the "aicarriers2" installer will create the Directory (this is where I chose to install - G:\AICarriers on my dedicated FSX drive) the update "aicarriers2r2" will find this directory and overwrite with additional & updated components.  and the update  installing these will give you a selectable and positional carrier anywhere around the world (Selectable from the FSX tools menu "AI carriers" all you need to do is to already have your "VRS Superbug" aircraft/livery selected and positioned using (slew - "Y" key) in the direction and location that you wish the ship to be. It is best also to give yourself about 60 to 70 feet aircraft altitude prior to positioning, so that you won't be below deck when the Carrier spawns. ( although you can always catch the automatic aircraft elevator at the (starboard stern) 

As I don't have the Superbug, I sure hope that's what you needed, as I have no special pointers for the VRS Superbug and its included modelling features switches and handling.

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There is a more comprehensive solution, again, as Jethro pointed out, not confined to the Superbug. Check out FSX@War Carrier and Convoy Planner, CCP.

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