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  1. I don't think there's anything to be concerned about. Nobody will or can have the same Username as another in the same database. It is my understanding, having created and later changed my account username at various sites. When you create an account or change your display name (Username), the database for that site or forum will check first whether it can offer your selection of characters or wording. If what you have typed as your unique user is already in use by another member then it will reject until sufficient difference between what exists in the database and your unique username are met. There can only be one unique username for each member account. This is later confirmed by email when your user account credential needs to be confirmed, (or if changed), usually when receiving the email addressed to the account creator, you would need to visit a confirmation link (usually for a set time period) sent by the admin bot or account manager to your email address when setting up the account. What is unclear about when a user creates a username, that is lets say, a real name (which may be valid and available, and processed to formally create that account), and another user wishes to use his/her own real name (which is spelled exactly the same as an account that already exists), it might not be available to the second person unless a character variation was used. If the first person then changes their username does that mean it then becomes available to the second user, or unavailable forever to any other user than the first person to create an account with that name and spelling.
  2. He has just 3 mins to unload the contraband and be back in the sky.
  3. You may need both in the USA where guns settle arguments, ( Just being real here) the preppers will jealously guard their perceived safety and survival booty. When economies/trade will inevitably collapse the virus won't matter. We'll just wait and see how the selfish prioritise the bubble of individual protection over the potential risk of viral contamination. Suspicion is a poisonous state of mind where fearful people can be unpredictable.
  4. Acadacka ACDC Thunderstruck got me in the right frame, had me in the turn all the way, just waiting for a wingtip strike. He certainly raised off the seat an inch or two kahonies of steel.
  5. Hello Bruce, On your ASUS motherboard, there should be a (MemOK button). This can be used where RAM modules don't specifically meet the QVL as tested by the manufacturer. But you should be able to purchase a suitable RAM kit of a known manufacturer as close as possible to those on the QVL list for your MOBO that meets your requirements. If the RAM has difficulty (during post), that is when to use the MemOK button, it will bypass all QVL bios tests, and allow use of your chosen RAM. The PC will respond by cycling at POST about 6 times before passing POST for the first time after non-QVL RAM is installed, and thereafter POST successfully to the OS. You may then enter BIOS to select any available XMP profile or setup for overclocking. QVL tested products will have such things as XMP profiles readily available, non-QVL may only present one XMP profile. QVL testing allows the bios to set the modules power, capacity, XMP, timings as detected during POST.
  6. Or should this be DX12, (typo I suspect) Win7 does support DX11, but I guess since Win10 is the only future supported OS MSFS will naturally require the latest DirectX support and the hardware to match. Win10 is the only path.
  7. Ever so slightly off topic, please forgive me. Anyone still own a Logitech Force 3D Pro Joystick, is it still functioning. I have one and use it on rare occasions but the pots have some very delicate gimbal locators which can sometimes break off, making the stick unable to sense full travel L/R Dn/Up. I had 3 RMA's before the last one for this reason, perhaps that's why Logitech no longer make them. I have made some mods to the pots so they will not break the little plastic fingers. I wouldn't say its the best FF stick at all, too much jerking and jittering around the null zone.
  8. Something to do with Crash damage enabled maybe. And possibly rejoining the flight at an FSUIPC savepoint. The flight and aircraft state are in a Crash loop. I've never seen props vanish after a crash like this though. Have you tried starting a new flight different location without Crash Detection enabled, and spawn the Beech Baron B-58 at the apron or active runway.
  9. Hi NavyAce, Yes, apart from the Download basic (readme text) the user placement is fairly sketchy on details. From your description above, you are not far off the mark, indeed opening the FSmap prior to placement should give you waypoints and a rough idea of your intended placement on the map. Perhaps this may help..., (with regards the error message) there is a pre-requisite software requirement for Lamont Clarke's - "AI Carriers 2" you must have Java JRE 1.5 as a minimum Java version. I have been routinely updating Oracle Java 32bit for a long time into Win7 currently Version 8 231 (Build 1.8.0_231-B11), check your JRE Java is installed (latest version).
  10. Hi, I use FSX + Accpack DVD version, but essentially they should appear the same as SE. Does your Missions Panel resemble the picture below. Have you selected in the All Categories sections " (All Categories) & (All Skill Levels)" your list of mission types should be well populated in the scroll list. I can't think of anything else, other than the Missions folder being empty that would prevent the displayed missions list.
  11. Hi KFXE, What if you just reset/reloaded the aircraft, instead of reloading/resetting the flight. Reset the "engine fire failure" first by unchecking that option, then the "reset failures" button then OK to exit back to sim. The FSX Failure system does not automatically clear. Then perform an Aircraft reload. When the aircraft is reloaded it should return with all conditions restored as before the engine fire. You could also just reselect the Aircraft from the Aircraft selection window. I have my Aircraft reload toggle (Keyboard keys) for testing A2A 3D light positions, mapped to "Ctrl+Shift+R" in FSX Controls > Buttons and Keys tab > look for "Aircraft (Reload)" assign a key combo, maybe use Ctrl+Shift+R to perform this function. I agree with spokes2112, the bottle fire system is a one use/refill deal. Normally engines would not restart once used, but its a simulation so a reset should allow engine restart.
  12. Hi Andy, Not quite sure what the OP means yet, I'm only going on the above statement. I know he said "fire suppression" but then describes the engine start panel in the CRJ700 overhead. The CRJ700 has some sloppy click functions, but... I'm willing to admit that I may be way off track.
  13. Hi KFXE, Do you mean the "lit" stop buttons in the picture (green arrows), (2D panel overhead). There's a little trick to unlight/reset these. The other buttons will un-light with just one click but the stop buttons need some coaxing. For the Start L & R / IGN & APU start/stop, occasionally these buttons need a little longer with the left mouse click to alter condition, but generally a slightly longer click-time will extinguish the light. You need to move your mouse pointer over the lit button until the tooltip says "Engine 1 or Engine 2 Starter (Off)" displaying the Mouse-hand, then with left mouse-click over the lit button move your mouse-hand to the right, into the area of the blue spot on my picture or just beyond the white vertical line where the hand becomes a pointer, then release the left mouse button, the light will extinguish for the chosen button. You will also see the button change to depressed state.
  14. FS20=Farm Simulator, too funny I have a hobby farm, am I a Real farmer or Simulated farmer.
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