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  1. Jethro


    Air, one of the most critical ingredience. It pays dividends to have some surrounding you at all times, LOL. Excellent shot.
  2. Jethro

    Water mountains.... yes..

    Here it is Howard Sem, hope you don't mind me posting your picture directly. Though I cannot help with the OP's issue, I don't have the products mentioned.
  3. Jethro

    Help Please Difficult FSX Problem

    Hello Rick, Not saying I have an answer for your issue or even if I have (un)-said software, but support people often solve unknown issues by asking questions throughout the thread in order to nail down a potential solution. Please help them with important answers to help yourself. Totally agree with Bob, Charlie and Paul, it is very difficult to jump in with a possible solution, if the software isn't identified. Perhaps the problem is elemental and another user might have some practical clues, but without additional info we are all just grasping in the dark. If indeed the developers of the software have been very fourth coming and helpful, there should be no issue in providing the software name and its purpose within the sim, preserving their reputation in good standing (name the software in complimentary terms). Not only might there be a solution for you, but who knows if someone else may benefit from a elemental solution where something very simple may be at cause.
  4. Jethro

    RAM Tune

    Hi williebarry1, Rhett is quite right, your Mobo user manual will have all the setup information you need. Depending on your CPU this board can utilise up to 3866 Mhz (O.C) RAM modules. If your Corsair Dominator Platinum 32 GB(2x16GB) DDR4 3200MHz are on the QVL list (See user Guide) then great, otherwise use MEM OK button on the motherboard to configure for use. I have an older Asus board (Z78 Expert) with a "MEM OK" button for such situations where the RAM is not being properly configured per the QVL. I run 16Gb / 2400Mhz - 2x8 - DDR3 - dual channel, that is 1200Mhz a piece using X.M.P. These must occupy the correct slots on the board. It is important to read the manual to determine which DRAM slot/s to use for single and dual channel, Maximum memory frequency is also dependant on the CPU. You have a "MEM OK" button just above the "Q LED Indicators" LED's, which serves as a means of enabling/testing/configuring RAM modules where they may not be recognised for initialisation /automatic configuration by the boards QVL list. Pressing this button at a certain time during post runs a diagnostic where the module/s will be configured for use. Also when your RAM has been configured for use you will then be able to select an X.M.P (Extreme Memory Profile) in bios. TUF Z270 MARK 2: General design Overview: Specification User Manual, bios & quick start guide - Download/s: you've most likely still got a hard copy of the user guide, bios and quickstart guide in the packaging box or literature bundle supplied by your system builder.
  5. Considering your old E3DPro was just old but not malfunctioning, and new is just new and therefore better tighter. What about plugging your original E3DPro back in, see if it is properly detected and working in FSX, then plug your new one in (same USB port) see if the results have improved, it wouldn't be the first time new hardware has had an electronic component failure.
  6. Jethro

    Passengers lying about weight

    Would the explosive residue test cover the argument had with the cab driver over the fare to the airport still lingering in you mind as you check-in, or the exorbitant long term parking charges or the burrito had for lunch. These can leave a lingering explosive effect! In some instances a burrito lunch can be as dangerous in confined spaces. There might not even be a detectable residue. Ha Ha Ha
  7. Jethro

    Passengers lying about weight

    So I guess we could make the boarding gate smaller, anyone who can't get through the gate may need to fly as cargo. Wow these people are smartly dressed for travelling, not a grumpy face to be seen all relaxed and well catered, not so much these days both in travel wear and demeanour, and look at the space you could tie 2 cats together tail to tail and still have room to swing. Soon we'll all be stacked in the cargo hold or cabin space converted to cargo, after a thorough probing, ID scan and knockout injection. I'll bet they didn't need to check in 3hrs before boarding or risk being bumped for over booked flight.
  8. Hello Patricio, I don't have a "Gladiator stick" but I do own a "Logitech E3DPro" this is how I calibrate outside the ingame settings (Win7 OS), it should work also for your Gladiator Stick (basically same for Win10). Ingame Controller settings will also allow access to the Controller Calibration wizard. Open "Devices & Printers" from windows start menu, or OS ControlPanel locate "Devices & Printers" Locate your "Controller" ie; (Logitech E3DPro) or (Gladiator MKII) Highlight and right click the icon. Select "Game Controller Settings" from the popup. A panel "Game Controller Settings" will open. Hold down your CTRL+Shift keyboard keys simultaneously, then... click on the "Properties" button. A new panel will open "Game Controller Calibration" on its settings tab. Click the Calibration button and follow the instructions in the "wizard" till calibration is complete. Of course you can open the Test tab to check the calibration is set. But please click the "Apply" button once finished then the OK button to close the panels. Opening the "Game Controller Settings" panel without ("CTRL+ Shift" > Properties button) will only show the Controller Test panel. Ingame Controller settings however: should open the Controller settings calibration panel. Here's a few pics in sequence.
  9. No cigar for me then.
  10. Just a thought, this may be a by-product of the type of Detail1.bmp (Global Semitransparent BumpMap) you are using. \Scenery\World\Texture If you are using REX textures try a different Detail1.bmp they are often darker than the default one and will affect the grass or dirt runway surface where it doesn't affect a hard surface runway. If you are using Orbx there are a few possible Detail1.bmp's to select from I like the "Coarse" version myself, try to steer clear of "Grass" Detail1.bmp \ORBX\Scripts\Aero\Source
  11. Then you must be doing it wrong. Perhaps we need some screenies of what you are seeing in the upper filters value. Please take screenshots using your (PrtScn or Alt+PrtScn keys) to capture an image of your regedit panel, open at the Registry Key Charlie quoted above HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM \ControlSet001 \Control \Class\{4D36E967-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} . Make sure its the key quoted in UpperCase (Circled in Orange) as there is also a lowercase Key which is not the one we will be checking and altering. Then paste it to MS Paint save as Jpeg then upload and attach it in your reply. Also take a screenie of the Upper Filters dialog panel for that Key showing any Upper Filters that are not entered as PartMgr exactly as quoted. The word PartMgr is case sensitive. It is important that there only be one Value PartMgr entered in the Upper Filters section of the quoted Key. It is also important to restart your PC. If you have entered the correct value then once FSX starts you should see a request to activate Acceleration Pack, please have your 25 digit Acceleration Pack software key handy and activate AccPack online. Once activated you should not see the Error 80004005 dialog but a fully activated FSX+AccPack you should also accept the new controller Key mapping for use in missions and newly added aircraft.
  12. Hi Ziv, Yes I've seen the "Iris Dynamics Yoke" with magnetic Force Feedback, in some other YT videos, its past the kickstarter/development stage, the last vid was a fully functional production, ready for retail orders. According to some in a forum post I read recently the intended cost unfortunately blew out to way more than expected, but the finished unit looks and functions well in the video, (load/strain LED's to indicate forces being applied) fascinating to watch the yoke on autopilot turning to a bearing or reacting to turbulence, albeit without some of the proposed development features though I have not seen the current product or the features that stayed and those that were lost to make it reliable in a retail marketplace. It has slightly clumsy software implementation (I like simple Plug n Play driver setup and calibration). Although it looks very enticing the Canadian export and exchange rate would make it a rather expensive purchase given delivery lead time & exchange rate to Aussie$ - US$ and then the cost of P&H to Australia and any warranty / function issues that may arise. Maybe I'll just stick to my Joystick.
  13. If I could add 2 things here to what has already been written above, 1.) To mitigate the slewing or otherwise wild ride Ground handling and takeoff run, would be to set your Controller sensitivity sliders (full right) in FSX, the aircraft and controller inputs will be synchronised where input lag will not have you chasing the aircraft or external effects, also the visual model control surfaces will directly reflect your hardware controller inputs. 2.) If you have a Payware FSUIPC there is a setting to prevent wind turbulence on the ground, this will make it easier to keep your center while on takeoff, negatives will be simulated crosswind landing where crabbing will not be in effect. Only above a certain alt will turbulence and wind effects impact the model.
  14. Hello Ziv, I have a Logitech Force 3D Pro (not sure wether I'm lucky or cursed), quite a few years old now (8yrs) (heavily modified by myself internally to rectify broken potentiometer locators and gimbal bearings) I used some (RFID tag) metal strip to reline the gimbal bearings and some micro-screws and small gauge PVC tubing for the locators on the Pots. I don't believe Logitech make or sell them (F3DPro) anymore, there were quite a few manufacturing / reliability issues with the very delicate XY axis and twist handle pots, where the little plastic fingers would break off causing the pot to read only one direction of movement. I had 3 replacements before they refused to replace again. They (Logitech) must have chosen to dis-continue the (Force - F3DPro) in favour of the (Extreme - E3DPro) warranty returns may have killed the product line. My F3DPro prone to accidental damage and over use is then unplugged and returned to its retail box until next use. For this reason I am very careful with how often & aggressively I use my F3DPro, not even letting my young nephews use the Joystick, (but instead let them use a Wireless Xbox controller which I think is more familiar for them). They love to wrestle with each other and the controller to decide who has had a longer turn, I don't mind, they can't really harm the Xbox controller, and being wireless they can't rip out a USB lead. btw:- the MS wireless Xbox controller has "rumble" so there is some feedback though not Force Feedback. Unfortunately there aren't many offerings for FF Joysticks in 2018, an old preloved Wingman FF, Sidewinder FF2 from ebay if you dare, or a preloved LT F3DPro if you can find one in a useable state. The're not cheap either (some galactic prices are being asked by their owners). The next problem you face with a preloved older FF stick will be the driver availability for your OS and or USB / Serial connection to the PC, I don't believe any modern MOBO's have Serial ports on the IO back panel (F3DPro uses USB2.0), and obviously the FF stick must also come with a working reliable serviceable power adapter. (Its a crapshoot at best). A new Hotas Warthog might be your best bet (though not Force Feedback) spring return only, a well made and feature packed precision flight stick, but they are expensive. Or stick with your T.16000M The next level will obviously be a YOKO Force Feedback Yoke and pedals. LOL wish I had the finances for a YOKO FF yoke ( O'h well, I can dream!).
  15. Jethro

    Terrain Not Loading

    Hello LTCSZ, While it is fairly unusual for a virgin installation to "pause" loading at the terrain from the fly now screen, it should eventually resume loading. Have you waited for a full 100% or do you giveup thinking the scenario loading has stalled. Is your sim loading from HDD drive or SSD drive, if HDD drive it might be worthwhile to "Defrag the drive". Caveat: Do not Defrag an SSD drive. If defragging does not sort out the issue, perhaps you are loading into a heavy scenery or Airport, I would suggest selecting a more sparse location as a test, see if the loading behaviour is quicker. Also make sure your Antivirus program has excluded status for FSX.exe and the FSX folders from scanning, AV programs can and will scan each and every file requested by the sim potentially slowing loading operations. It is advisable also, to close any other competing programs that you will not need for Flightsimming, Your internet browser for example can un-necessarily consume processor cycles slowing the FSX loading operations. Hope that helps.