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  1. I don't think there's anything to be concerned about. Nobody will or can have the same Username as another in the same database. It is my understanding, having created and later changed my account username at various sites. When you create an account or change your display name (Username), the database for that site or forum will check first whether it can offer your selection of characters or wording. If what you have typed as your unique user is already in use by another member then it will reject until sufficient difference between what exists in the database and your unique username are met. There can only be one unique username for each member account. This is later confirmed by email when your user account credential needs to be confirmed, (or if changed), usually when receiving the email addressed to the account creator, you would need to visit a confirmation link (usually for a set time period) sent by the admin bot or account manager to your email address when setting up the account. What is unclear about when a user creates a username, that is lets say, a real name (which may be valid and available, and processed to formally create that account), and another user wishes to use his/her own real name (which is spelled exactly the same as an account that already exists), it might not be available to the second person unless a character variation was used. If the first person then changes their username does that mean it then becomes available to the second user, or unavailable forever to any other user than the first person to create an account with that name and spelling.
  2. He has just 3 mins to unload the contraband and be back in the sky.
  3. You may need both in the USA where guns settle arguments, ( Just being real here) the preppers will jealously guard their perceived safety and survival booty. When economies/trade will inevitably collapse the virus won't matter. We'll just wait and see how the selfish prioritise the bubble of individual protection over the potential risk of viral contamination. Suspicion is a poisonous state of mind where fearful people can be unpredictable.
  4. Acadacka ACDC Thunderstruck got me in the right frame, had me in the turn all the way, just waiting for a wingtip strike. He certainly raised off the seat an inch or two kahonies of steel.
  5. Hello Bruce, On your ASUS motherboard, there should be a (MemOK button). This can be used where RAM modules don't specifically meet the QVL as tested by the manufacturer. But you should be able to purchase a suitable RAM kit of a known manufacturer as close as possible to those on the QVL list for your MOBO that meets your requirements. If the RAM has difficulty (during post), that is when to use the MemOK button, it will bypass all QVL bios tests, and allow use of your chosen RAM. The PC will respond by cycling at POST about 6 times before passing POST for the first time after non-QVL RAM is installed, and thereafter POST successfully to the OS. You may then enter BIOS to select any available XMP profile or setup for overclocking. QVL tested products will have such things as XMP profiles readily available, non-QVL may only present one XMP profile. QVL testing allows the bios to set the modules power, capacity, XMP, timings as detected during POST.
  6. Or should this be DX12, (typo I suspect) Win7 does support DX11, but I guess since Win10 is the only future supported OS MSFS will naturally require the latest DirectX support and the hardware to match. Win10 is the only path.
  7. Ever so slightly off topic, please forgive me. Anyone still own a Logitech Force 3D Pro Joystick, is it still functioning. I have one and use it on rare occasions but the pots have some very delicate gimbal locators which can sometimes break off, making the stick unable to sense full travel L/R Dn/Up. I had 3 RMA's before the last one for this reason, perhaps that's why Logitech no longer make them. I have made some mods to the pots so they will not break the little plastic fingers. I wouldn't say its the best FF stick at all, too much jerking and jittering around the null zone.
  8. Something to do with Crash damage enabled maybe. And possibly rejoining the flight at an FSUIPC savepoint. The flight and aircraft state are in a Crash loop. I've never seen props vanish after a crash like this though. Have you tried starting a new flight different location without Crash Detection enabled, and spawn the Beech Baron B-58 at the apron or active runway.
  9. Hi NavyAce, Yes, apart from the Download basic (readme text) the user placement is fairly sketchy on details. From your description above, you are not far off the mark, indeed opening the FSmap prior to placement should give you waypoints and a rough idea of your intended placement on the map. Perhaps this may help..., (with regards the error message) there is a pre-requisite software requirement for Lamont Clarke's - "AI Carriers 2" you must have Java JRE 1.5 as a minimum Java version. I have been routinely updating Oracle Java 32bit for a long time into Win7 currently Version 8 231 (Build 1.8.0_231-B11), check your JRE Java is installed (latest version).
  10. Hi, I use FSX + Accpack DVD version, but essentially they should appear the same as SE. Does your Missions Panel resemble the picture below. Have you selected in the All Categories sections " (All Categories) & (All Skill Levels)" your list of mission types should be well populated in the scroll list. I can't think of anything else, other than the Missions folder being empty that would prevent the displayed missions list.
  11. Hi KFXE, What if you just reset/reloaded the aircraft, instead of reloading/resetting the flight. Reset the "engine fire failure" first by unchecking that option, then the "reset failures" button then OK to exit back to sim. The FSX Failure system does not automatically clear. Then perform an Aircraft reload. When the aircraft is reloaded it should return with all conditions restored as before the engine fire. You could also just reselect the Aircraft from the Aircraft selection window. I have my Aircraft reload toggle (Keyboard keys) for testing A2A 3D light positions, mapped to "Ctrl+Shift+R" in FSX Controls > Buttons and Keys tab > look for "Aircraft (Reload)" assign a key combo, maybe use Ctrl+Shift+R to perform this function. I agree with spokes2112, the bottle fire system is a one use/refill deal. Normally engines would not restart once used, but its a simulation so a reset should allow engine restart.
  12. Hi Andy, Not quite sure what the OP means yet, I'm only going on the above statement. I know he said "fire suppression" but then describes the engine start panel in the CRJ700 overhead. The CRJ700 has some sloppy click functions, but... I'm willing to admit that I may be way off track.
  13. Hi KFXE, Do you mean the "lit" stop buttons in the picture (green arrows), (2D panel overhead). There's a little trick to unlight/reset these. The other buttons will un-light with just one click but the stop buttons need some coaxing. For the Start L & R / IGN & APU start/stop, occasionally these buttons need a little longer with the left mouse click to alter condition, but generally a slightly longer click-time will extinguish the light. You need to move your mouse pointer over the lit button until the tooltip says "Engine 1 or Engine 2 Starter (Off)" displaying the Mouse-hand, then with left mouse-click over the lit button move your mouse-hand to the right, into the area of the blue spot on my picture or just beyond the white vertical line where the hand becomes a pointer, then release the left mouse button, the light will extinguish for the chosen button. You will also see the button change to depressed state.
  14. FS20=Farm Simulator, too funny I have a hobby farm, am I a Real farmer or Simulated farmer.
  15. All that picture needs is a happy boiling frog. I'm only 25% real, 75% wood, sometimes my nose grows, and the strings are really getting in the way of my PC flight controls. Regards Pinocchio.
  16. Best then to follow Jim Young's advice above, and head over to Wilco Publishing via the links provided, they may have some answers for your Download. As indicated by Jim, the product may not work in FSX:SE, but would however work in a MS FSX boxed version. Wilco would be able to resolve your query.
  17. Hello Rob, I'm not suggesting this is exactly what is happening in your case, I don't even know much about the Wilco 737 Evo or if you have it on DVD/CD installation disk, or just a Download package. But read on if you are interested in One small issue that had me stumped for a short while trying to install an older CD installation for FS2004 maybe even pertinent to Older CD installed FSX products. Tell you an interesting story, recently I reinstalled FS2004 out of a desire to compare with FSX along with reinstating all the FS2004 CD/DVD software titles I had purchased over the years, (very nostalgic) most were ok but a 4Disk FSCENE FS Terrain boxed set refused to install, I checked the surface of Disk 1 and noticed the surface had a foggy smear, so gave it a gentle polish until the foggy blemish disappeared, it still refused to install but all folders were readable and demo material was also readable/installable, in my frustration I resigned that the disk was damaged beyond repair for what ever reason. Still not giving up at this point I headed over to Justflight and sure enough there was my answer. Solved the problem on my own, with a little research and the good work from JustFlight, after downloading a tool from their website to switch an OS service back on for Justflight's older CD Installed Products. This is related to older FS2004 software supplied on CD by JustFlight, it could also be the case for other vendor products on CD/DVD. Commendations to JustFlight Staff for recognizing the problem and providing a simple solution. Turns out that a SecureDisk facility normally enabled in Vista / Win7 / 8 / 8.1 has been nobbled by a particular MicroSoft KB security update, effectively switching off the service as default for OS SECDRV.SYS so that DVD/CD's that require SecureDisk / SafeDisk Enabled in order to proceed with install of the main Software title are prevented from doing so until the service is started and SECDRV is ON. After running the tool, switching the service ON, Disk1 installed the software without a hitch, continuing on flawlessly to Disk 2 3 &4, after which the tool enables you to switch the service back to OFF, obviously for system security per the KB security update causing the issue in the first place. One thing to remember with the SECDRV.SYS service, is that it nolonger exists within the Win10 OS environment, so the tool will not work under Win10 because the Service does not exist. If this were the case where I was not trying to install under Win 7 but into Win10 I would not have continued access to install the product even though the Disks were operational and perfectly capable of un-errored install.
  18. Hi Noel, Just interested following your thread. Custom loops tend to be trickey, not really something that should be attempted if you aren't aware of all the pitfalls, Dismantling Fan cooler heatsink from Graphics cards and mounting Water block thermocouple, Cutting and bending tube, mounting and priming the pump, reservoir and system. Though if done right can be a really beneficial cooling solution. More of an enthusiast level skill, than a simple purchase or easy install. There aren't any made to measure custom loops, because everyone's hardware is slightly different. (One size does not fit all). There will be different obstacles to consider but can be overcome with a little forward planning. Cost of custom loop is also a consideration not taken lightly, that seems to be the best case for AIO's (CPU cooling only) where it is still water cooling but a fraction of the cost. If you were keen you could AIO your Graphics card separately if you can find the right mounting for the extra RAD & Fans. If there was however, a custom loop made on the provision that you selected the required Case, Motherboard, CPU, Graphics Card, thermocouples, reservoir, fittings and other hardware did not interfere with Pump & Mounting location and radiator fan combo, and the tubes and thermo coupling blocks were unimpeded and routed exactly as cut to measure, then it would be simple. Then there's the maintenance, good clean cooling fluid with no bacterial growth, and constantly monitoring for potential leaks. (Cycles of heat expansion and cooling contraction can loosen fixtures gradually). Less headaches with aircooling, cost effective, NH-D14 or NH-D15 / NH-D15s offset Twintower, your HAF X942 laughs at the pewney size of these monster coolers. And Bob seems to fare quite well, temperatures not withstanding, his 9900K seems cool enough @ 5Ghz
  19. Are these possibly "Swarm Clouds" in FSX Shaders FSX root folder \FSX\ShadersHLSL\misc There is a fix for these errant "Swarm Clouds" popcorn clouds that flicker in and out of cirrus layers. https://www.simforums.com/Forums/how-to-get-rid-of-annoying-flashing-clouds_topic24830.html I haven't found a fix yet for those massive atmospheric Cumulus clouds sitting on the ground at higher altitude locations.
  20. Hi Noel, I would not know what MOBO, CPU Cooling solution, hardware spec to recommend these days, my rig is 2014 era, and may never be replaced. But.... I have the same Case (HAF-X 942) with a Noctua Twin Tower cooler (NH-D15) there's plenty of room width-wise to offset the first fan above the Ram Slots for over height Ram heatsinks, and still have 10-15mm between the side panel and cooler fans. I would venture to say one of the biggest cases you will find. The HAF-X-942 was built for some of the biggest motherboards (ATX formfactors) with plenty of room at the top and bottom of the case. Also can accommodate some of the longest Graphics cards. Only downside is USB3.0 Front ports that are not on the Motherboard back panel ports, there is a purpose made cable/connector for this which you should still have in your kit of spare parts unless you have already installed it for your current setup. (Onboard USB3.0 is very much standard these days) as this case was introduced in the early days of USB3.0 that was the solution. Your Noctua cooler is more than likely an AIO killer, but that's just my opinion. Not much can go wrong with performance air cooling solutions. The cutout for Motherboard CPU heatsink back/bracket is not positioned very well, perhaps it would have been depending on MOBO's of the era, don't know about the alignment for todays MOBO offerings, but its not a biggie imho. Another positive for the HAF-X-942 is the 2 Hotswap SATA bays. And of course the legendary airflow characteristics and massive fans (superb cooling). Some say the case is ugly and excessive, but it performs its job magnificently as I'm sure you know. "Tech - j e s u s Steve of Gamers Nexus" did a retro look back on this Case mid 2018 to see how it fared compared to 2018-2019 offerings, and while it has its faults it did exceptionally well, however not so modern looking, some of us don't care for puke RGB lights & fans or tempered glass. Cooling Performance is the key, then avert your eyes from her rugged exterior. Here's some pics of my rig. I've filled in the front bezel to smooth out the aggressive plastic, it was an external dust collector.
  21. Looks like John has a link to the Nova download packages, you may not need any further assistance. Nothing shared thus far, Ernie grab the files from Flightsim Must Have Files linked by John above. Oh btw, the files your after 029 are in novatx1.zip & 046 are in novatx2.zip
  22. The Importance of Being Ernest "to quote Oscar Wilde", in all matters, I have them saved ( nova029.bmp nova029_lm.bmp nova046.bmp nova046_lm.bmp). I saved these Nova packs in Ernest (pardon my play on words) a long while ago, perhaps not so silly saving old stuff after all. Ye ask and ye shall receive. I'll PM you.
  23. Hi Dave, Sorry to say this is not necessarily a PMDG issue, I've had the same thing happen to me also, quite a few times lately I am not using any PMDG aircraft. I don't yet know what is causing the screen freeze Black full screen (sound continuing) but am looking into it. There is nothing new in my FSX Sim, hardware is operating normally after several checks, temps are normal, I suspect a .net issue with 4.8 which could be causing the problem but as yet cannot tell. I was experimenting with additional monitors where I had issues with (EMB Shader enhancement) it clearly does not like running with 2 monitors. Single monitor EMB behaves properly, so that may be the cause of my own screen freeze. One thing I have tried which seems to at least get back into the sim (without exiting or rebooting), is to first press keyboard "p" key to Pause the sim, then Alt+Enter to exit FullScreen into Windowed mode even though the screen is black, then wait a few moments for the Windowed screen to redraw, it should come back as though nothing had happened. Don't be surprised if your desktop needs to redraw as well, you can continue in Windowed Mode or press Alt+Enter to re-enter Full Screen, un-Pause the FSX and continue flying.
  24. My guess is that you are running FSX Acceleration DVD install, and you have not been successful activating Acceleration Pack, the consequence is that you are still in the 30min AccPack Demo mode. Many Win10 users have experienced this issue, you must make a small correction in the System Registry. You may have missed the error dialog with ERROR CODE: 1-80004005 when FSX exited without warning. You will need to open Regedit and navigate to this Key {4D36E967-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} to change the "UpperFilters" Value to PartMgr ( the word PartMgr is spelling specific and case sensitive, there should be no other value present in the UpperFilters edit dialog, yours might be currently showing a 0 value or some other word) Navigate the Registry using the below Path, when you have found the Key double click UpperFilters and change the Value as described then click ok to close the dialog. Close Regedit start your FSX sim, have your PC connected to the internet and your 25 Digit Acceleration Activation code handy, follow the prompts to activate AccelerationPack online. > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > Class > {4D36E967-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
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