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The week from hell

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So Guys
Last weekend i had the problems with sim connect which were covered

Having played with this for days i decided to re installed win 10 and start again. During the install the system kept stalling so i thought i may have an issue with the SSD so i swapped it out for a new seagate HSSD 1 tb dive.
this has arrived today and i quickly popped it in and started the install.

I got to my new desktop and started to load chrome, and a the current nvidia drivers when the system froze. Since then i have been unable to reboot the system. Keeps getting stuck on the spinning dots on the winds screen. System repair fails to resolve too. Any thoughts? Clearly its not a HDD failure given that is new, and all the fans in case are running - including the case fan so the temps should be ok although i cant check.

how do i do a component check or resolve this? I get a sense this could be an expensive week!!


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Hi Daz,

Sorry to be reading about your continued issues.  Have you checked to ensure that all the hardware is seated properly and the inside of the case is dust free? Wonder if it could be a video card issue, it must be a few years old by now.  Try booting into safe mode and see if you can install the driver that keeps failing.  Those are a few things that I could think of, hopefully someone with more knowledge will come along and give you a better answer.

Hang in there, you will get it fixed.


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Where did this copy of windows come from? Did you let windows update and get the latest drivers after the reinstall? Did you save or delete your files? You might have to let it use Edge (yuk) at first, just to get everything loaded. There is no complete reinstall of windows anymore. To start with a fresh copy of W10 you have to download an ISO of your version from Microsoft. I've done this and it actually works.

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Thanks for your help both

It looks like the GTX 970 is playing some sort of role. 
I have taken it out and all works fine. Put it back in and the monitor drops out during boot up.
i have got back in on safe mode and installed the new Nvidia drivers and nothing!
Safe mode is the only entry - Or not using the card and sitting on the mobo graphics. Any thoughts?


I have stayed on edge as suggested and all is stable either on the mobo graphics or in safe mode. The second i go near a reboot in normal mode connected to the gtx then the monitor drops out.

I have started with  a fresh copy of win10 on a usb and installed from there

Hope thats enough info for you to help.

Oh - I have had a good hoover around aswell. No obvious board damage and not much dust. Did it a couple of months ago so realatively clean at this point.

Bloody thing!


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Looks like it's the 970. But to be sure, there are several things to try:

1. A different gpu. it would point to the card slot if a second gpu doesn't work.

2. How is the monitor connected? If there are adapters, try different ones. Or a different port. Swap cables. 

3. Try VGA if you are using HDMI.

4. As a last resort, try a different monitor. A TV, maybe.

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