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September the 1st the leaves in Prepar3D changed to Autumn. This seems early. I live in the Midwest and leaves are still green. At least until late September. I know the weather influences when leaves change. It would be nice if a developer could figure out the changing of the seasons in the sim according to location and date. Kind of like a combination of downloading current weather and landclass. Would it be possible to adjust the timing of the seasons? What say you.

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Hi Bill,

Seasons are hardcoded in the ...\Prepar3D vx\Scenery\Base\Scenery\seasons.bgl file: they change at midnight at the end of a month and do not change over the course of a month. Someone clever enough could change the season.bgl file, but seasonal changes will always take effect at midnight at the end of a month. So the season can be made to change on the 1 of September or the 1st of October but not on, let's say, the 21st of September.


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From a programming perspective (and I happen to be a programmer - for a bank though- go easy please), this wouldn't be to hard to achieve in their code base, at a minimum adjust it a little more regionally depending how far North you are.   Here in Chicago it still looks like Summer is in full swing right now and it will until the end of September.  From Lockheed Martin's standpoint, I'd even call it "low hanging fruit".  Easy change, nice results.  Programmers love low hanging fruit.

Mark Trainer



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Orbx regions already include a custom seasons file. So it can be done.....

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