Mass export all scenery.cfg entries to add-on xml folders at once, somehow? Addon manager

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I know the tool has the ability to import into a scenery.cfg file which is great.. but i was doing more experimenting and wanted to get all my scenery.cfg entries into add-on xml files and folders at once if possible.. its a bit tedious to go through hundreds, one by one giving names hitting the button :)

Is there any easy way to do this?

Thanks in advance

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I have thought about that for a while, but I am still not sure how it is supposed to work. The program cannot know how you want to distribute your scenery.cfg entries into XML configuration files. I have read somewhere that there is a limit to how many add-on.xml files there can be, so simply assigning one to each scenery.cfg entry won't work. Besides, often sceneries consist of more than one element - the logic probably can't figure that out.

This is not really a technological problem, programming it is easy enough. This is an issue of handling, of user interaction. I don't think that an algorithm can replace you as the deciding factor where every scenery element has to go. At the very least you would be presented with a very large and rather complex dialog, where you have to make those decisions. I am not sure that this is really worth the effort, it would be just another way of donig it - probably not really easier or faster.

Best regards

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