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I have just flown to EGVP in the UK using Little Navmap for flight planning.  I noticed that runways 35/17 at EGVP are identified 180 degs out i.e. runway 35 identified as 17 and visa versa.

I have used fsAerodata to update the P3dv4 navigation data to AIRAC 1710 so not sure where the fault lies.

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Here's what fsaerodata shows for the entry for EGVP:

A;EGVP;MIDDLE WALLOP;51.149358;-1.57025;297;3000;0;3800;;;;;;;4713010789;;

But if you are only using the stock EGVP, it is considerably different than that in ADE:

ID	Heading	Length Feet	Width Feet	Surface	Cross Wind	Comments
02/20	017.0	2400.0	30.0	DIRT	No	
08/26	077.0	2400.0	30.0	DIRT	No	
13/31	127.0	2400.0	30.0	DIRT	No	

In Little NavMap, what is displayed as the source file for the airport data? Do you have any 3rd party versions of EGVP installed? In any case, it's probably not an fsaerodata issue as that only updates SIDs, STARs, comms, approaches, waypoints and navaids. EGVP has no SIDs and STARs.

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Jay, thanks for your reply

In the past prior to P3Dv4 I've always used UK2000 airfields and never had any problems, but with P3Dv4 I'm currently only using ORBX EU England which appears to modify most of the airfields so this may be the cause of the problem.  I pointed out to ORBX that EGKK Gatwick currently has 08L/26R as an active runway which it isn't in the RL, but they have just updated EU England to version 1.60 which still has 08L/26R as an active runway ??   I have no expert knowledge of airfield design or AFCAD but I think they may need to revisit the airfields within EU England.

I have just updated the Scenery Library in Littlenav Map (after fsAerodata and EU England updates)  and EGVP is showing 17/35 the wrong way round i.e. 17 label at the south of the runway and the other runway is 09/27 which is labelled correctly ?

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Each ORBX region has so many added airports that a few errors slip by. Most of the errors that I've encountered are orphaned taxiway links. The good news is they quickly fix what's wrong if a user can  demonstrate the problem. Or alternatively, editing the faulty airport with ADE does the trick.

The stock EGVP has only one runway that even remotely matches the real world airport, so with all the work needed to create the airport from scratch, ORBX could have flipped  the heading of 17 and 35. Although with ADE that's pretty hard to do.

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Hi Glen,

can you compare what LNM shows and what P3D shows on the map for EGVP?

I'd guess they both show the same error. It is unlikely that LNM has a bug that swaps runway names for only some airports. Weird things can always happen, but this is unlikely.

I've seen a lot of bugs in the source data like negated magnetic declination, runways pointing to the wrong direction and other strange things. Usually easy to fix with ADE.


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