Finished 4 tiles around Warsaw, Poland, at z;17/19/2

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First flight...WOW!  Took a three minute take-off and climb out of EPWA to test the efficacy of my generation.


Will post a series of shots around the city shortly....will be in the Screenshot Forum, soon...

The tiles were generated via "PL": National geographical institute of Poland

Whereby I can usually generate a tile on my system resources at about 20-25 minutes per tile on data-source 'average', but ...... by using PL as the data source, it took over 2 hours per tile!  Was it worth the time to generate....absolutely in my opinion.   Very happy with the visual results, and generated at:  zl17/19/2.

Screenshots, as soon as I can take off, and start snapping them....



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11 minutes ago, tonywob said:

Mitch, add this to it. It should give you a very accurate overlay (including landmarks).

Hopefully it's not too heavy, but do let me know how you get on.

Hi Tony...actually you were typing this, I was sending out W2XP_Europe and my European Libraries to my Desktop, for when I took off, on the first flight, I had the four tiles at the top...and got only the virgin, actual sat captures. They were superb in detail....buildings, infrastructure, that had depth-of-mind-of-the-eye (my word set) that I wanted to see that with no overlay. So...that is what I am waiting for right now....for my kick-outs to make it to the transfer on my Desktop. I want to capture the actual ortho for everybody to view and judge, then I will overlay as with your suggestion, etc.

Thanks for your interest. oh took me more than two hours per tile!!!!!!   Very slow seek and composition for  PL!

My first 3 minute test flight...had my eye, saying to the mind....glad you did it! LOLOLOLOL

Will post shortly....

POST EDIT:  Tony...btw...even with all my European overlay on my second run...when I brought the 4 tiles down to where my other Ortho4XP reside in my Custom Scenery.cfg file...I still was running at an amazing 28-33 FPS!  I am so impressed with XP11, running on my longer-in-the-tooth CPU (i7-975 Extreme)!!!!  I guess the EVGA GTX1070 FTW doesn't hurt

POST EDIT 2:  "Ok Tony, am downloading your Poland Pro as I type this...and will have that in a series for you to see, ASAP.  Thanks again, for ALL the great work you have so GENEROUSLY offered to the community. Very much appreciated by myself, and all!"



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